MMMP 009: Memory Training Consumer Awareness Guide

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Memory Training Consumer Awareness GuideFor Episode 009 of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, I’ve created an audio presentation of my Memory Training Consumer Awareness Guide, which is also available as a PDF.

Mnemonics are fantastic, but many consumers have questions about the products available on the market, so if you’re hunting for a book, audio program or video course, be sure to listen to this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast in order to make the right decision.

You’ll hear:

* 3 costly misconceptions about your memory and memory training products.

* 3 recommendations to consider before investing any time or money in a memory training product.

* 14 questions you should ask each and every time you lay out your hard-earned cash.

Enjoy this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, get in contact with your questions and download the PDF.


4 Responses to " MMMP 009: Memory Training Consumer Awareness Guide "

  1. Nora Nelson says:

    Question #1:
    “Memory Myth”

    My mother had Alzheimer’s… therefore, we all worry we will have it as well.
    Also, everyone tells you when you get older your memory also goes so you are expecting that to happen.

    Question #2:
    It is more difficult for me to remember names as well as recall. The more I struggle to remember the worse it is. As soon as I stop struggling to remember it comes to me.
    Time frame to improve it would be ASAP, but Next Month is okay!

    I don’t have an action plan yet. I work full time and I am in the process of taking an investing course that I’m struggling learning the concepts. I really need more of a Steps process to follow and work it into my schedule. I am a Realtor and my time is not my own. I want to see improvement ASAP and am willing to do whatever I need to do to get there.

    Would like some direction to get the process started.

  2. Pelle Chamliden says:

    Hello there! Nice post as usual!

    I like the booklet about consumer awareness.

    I was one of the lucky ones that stumbled upon one of the books by Harry Lorayne I wasnt that old at the time I first read it, but it really had a huge impact on me.

    I realized that memorization itself wasnt about being a genious. It had simple principles and most of the times only constrainted by your own focus and imagination. Having a trained memory is about being able to coordinate your attention when you want/need it.

    My own experience is that often motivation, lack of motivation or feeling mentally drained (sleep depravation, long study sessions without pauses, stressful environment etc) in combination with weak or bad habits prevents you from tapping into the true powers of memorization and subject mastery.

    Learning how to memorize and work with learning has simple principles , but is still serious business. You have to make a real effort in doing the stuff in the ways the principles suggests.

    Even if not learning and using any of the mnemonic and learning principles works. The advantage in making a habit in using learning and mnemonic principles pays off in the long run….a LOT!

    My experience is that many, with potential needs to know and habituate the principles into their learning life fails to do that. Even if you litterally hand over all the needed information.

    I suspect it is similar behavior problem as in the needs and wants to improve the physical condition on long term basis. The principles are simple that case to. It needs to be implemented as a part of a lifestyle as a habit… and here I tend to see the similarities : “Wow that’s a cool stunt! but I can’t do it and I have no time for it”.

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