Memory Improvement Fun And Games: Mark Channon Talks About How To Remember Anything

Portrait of Memory Expert Mark Channon

In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Grand Master of Memory Mark Channon talks about memory improvement from his perspective as an actor, personal trainer and game show host creator.

As you can already tell, Mark has an incredible background that brings special qualities to his status as a memory expert and trainer.

As the author of How to Remember Anything, Channon takes the value he has for you one step further.

In this epic memory improvement book, Channon presents us with stimulating ideas and actionable techniques you can get started using right away.

And in this interview, Mark demonstrates just how profound his “Total Memory Blueprint” will be for you.

Click play above to listen and you’ll learn:

* How to build your memory skill set, even if you’re a busy person.

* How to memorize the streets of London using a Memory Palace, a bit of 21st Century technology and a memory technique Mark calls mnemonic chaining.

* How to create powerful reference stories that you can refer to months and years later to recall information.

* Exactly how it feels to compete in the World Memory Championships.

* How to deal with the occasional “effort” involved in the fun and games of using memory techniques by discovering your purpose.

* How to develop concentration, even if your brain is busy as a beaver.

* How to let go of your inhibitions and remember more without even using any memory techniques whatsoever.

* The secrets of being present and active listening and the three levels of communication to focus on.

* How to memorize lines for a Stephen Spielberg audition when the film in a foreign language – even if you’ve never learned a word of that language before!

* The best mindset to develop for memorizing long texts or monologues verbatim.

* How to create visual (and yet invisible) cue cards. Use these during a presentation to recall a memorized speech without taking yourself out of the moment. This is great for people who “skip a beat” while searching through Memory Palaces. It’s also great for people with aphantasia.

* What you can learn about mnemonics from Iron Man in the Avengers.

* How to use relaxation to create focus and energy without putting yourself to sleep.

* How to harness the power of “tiny habits” to be more present, remember more information and deal with information overload.

* How to use memory techniques to get tips if you work at a bar or restaurant and one crazy party trick that will amaze your friends – and make them wonder if they can trust you!

* The importance of incorporating the fun of play into your memory improvement efforts.

* Why you should focus on memorizing “anything” rather than “everything.”

* … and much, much more.

Amazing Clip From the Pilot Of Mark Channon’s Memory Masters

Mini-MMM Review Of Mark Channon’s How To Remember Anything

As you know, books on memory skills are a dime a dozen. And few are memorable.

But what makes Mark Channon’s treatise and training on the art of memory so unique is its blend of unique ideas and Channon’s emphasis on sharing the sources of his learning and inspiration.

And you’ll want to be following up on many of those sources. Ranging from training for actors to ideas drawn from psychologists, Channon not only helps you take control of your memory. You learn to take control of many other aspects of your life too, including better note-taking.

How to Remember Anything highlights the paradox of memory. It is both absolutely central, yet at the same time, peripheral to much that we do with it.

Channon talks about the power of forgetting – or at least allowing ourselves to align so completely with the present that the ego steps out of the way. And when that happens, you can let memory fulfill its natural role of providing exactly what we need at exactly the right time.

Channon compliments the book with brain science, but not to the point of overwhelm. He has many stoic secrets you’ll benefit from.

If you’re interested in how and why the brain works, Mark’s book presents a snackable primer and all the resources you could ask for if you want to explore further.

Each chapter of the book is well-structured and the exercises pack a punch. Many have value apart from raw memorization as well. You can use them to learn more, develop creativity, think critically at a higher level and elevate your communication style.

In sum, How to Remember Anything gives particular understandings of the classic memory techniques that will widen your perspective of how they can be used.

And there is plenty more for those interested in memory improvement that you won’t encounter in other books on mnemonics, so be sure to check this one out.

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