Your memory improvement questions are important and I can’t wait to receive yours.

And because I want your questions about memory training to be of the highest quality, please read the following page in detail. Watch the videos on memory techniques that pertain to you.


Because you’ll probably find the answers you’re looking for without have to wait for a response.

The most important thing?

Take action on the answers provided here. Memory techniques are primarily a self-study activity, and that means you experience memory improvement by learning and applying the ideas to your personal practice. Never forget:

Action = Results.

If you’ve gone through the MMM Memory Improvement Kit, let me know what you’ve done on your own.

Better yet, send me a pic of one of your Memory Palaces. I love seeing them and completing at least one Memory Palace is a huge part of the secret to success.


Again, it’s all about taking action. Memory techniques are learned by doing.

And each of these videos, based on questions from people around the world, are designed to help you take action with the techniques so you can get the results you seek.

Enjoy these trainings and I look forward to hearing from you very soon! 🙂


How Do I Use A Memory Palace For Learning A Foreign Language? 



English Isn’t My Mother Tongue.
Can I Still Use The Magnetic Memory Method For Language Learning?

The Magnetic Memory Method is poly-lingual. You can use it no matter what languages you speak. The more the merrier! 🙂


I recommend you also use The Freedom Journal for Language Learning to help you focus. After all, bilingualism makes for a better brain.

Which Language Should I Focus On In My Memory Palaces?

Intuitively, it would seem that you should use your mother tongue for your Memory Palaces, but that would be wrong – or at least, wildly inefficient. Here’s exactly why you should always use the language you’re studying when using the Magnetic Memory Method for language learning.



How Do I Record & Store My Memory Palaces?




Can I Reuse A Memory Palace?

Yes, but you might run into something called “The Ugly Sister Effect” or “ghosting. This written and audio tutorial will help you deal with the ghosts and Ugly Sisters and make them an asset instead of a problem.

You’ll find this video useful too:

How Do I Know How Many Magnetic Stations To Use
In A Memory Palace And How Do I Add More Stations
(With Notes On Memorizing Conjugations) 


For more ideas, here are 5 Memory Palace Examples To Improve Your Memory Training Practice.

How Can I Memorize An Entire Book? 


To be honest, I don’t recommend it. I suggest listening to this podcast episode on How to Memorize A Textbook and watching the following video instead and using a more realistic approach, one that will create new knowledge for you, rather than chew up tons of time for little or nothing.



Why Should I Bother Improving My Memory?


How Can I Remember My Passwords? 


What Memory Improvement Books Do You Recommend? 


Do You Have Any Testimonials? 


Yes, there are tons of testimonials on the Magnetic Memory Method Testimonials page. Here’s one of my favorites:



How Do I Use My Magnetic Memory Method
Memory Improvement Kit? 


Do You Offer Memory Improvement Coaching? 


How Do I Extend Or Make Changes To My Memory Palace? 


First, listen to this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast: How to Renovate A Memory Palace. Then watch this video:


How Do I Use Large Structures Like A University Campus To Make A Memory Palace?


How Do I Use Memory Techniques To
Remember Numbers And Equations? 


Everything begins and ends with the Major Method. Learn it, study these three most powerful memory techniques for memorizing numbers and make them a part of your daily life. You won’t regret it.



I Struggle With Concentration. Can You Help?




How Do I Find Time To Learn And Use All Of These Amazing Memory Techniques!?!




If these videos and links still haven’t addressed your concern or you’ve still got something tickling your brain about the Magnetic Memory Method, let me tell you that I’m …

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