How To Stop Learning In Bits & Pieces So You Can Finally Start Enjoying Expert-Level Memory Skills

If you're anything like me, you face a variety of learning and memory challenges every day.

I got sick of forgetting day in and day out, constantly worrying that I would fail exams and wind up homeless on the streets.

This possibility haunted me so badly, I finally did something about it. I learned how to master my memory and discovered how to set up the game of learning properly, something never taught in schools.

To help others succeed, I've created a broad suite of memory training courses specifically designed to provide the specific improvement you’re looking for, and a holistic memory boost.

The memory skills I teach have helped me do everything from earn millions of views on a TEDx Talk delivered from memory to learning new languages in record time and completing my Ph.D. despite many health obstacles... the same obstacles that I used to fear would eventually ruin my life.

Thanks to what is now called "The Magnetic Memory Method," I have experienced only complete success and deep fulfilment in all aspects of my life.

Since I started teaching memory techniques in 2012, the way I use and teach memory techniques has helped thousands of others too. The results of my course participants inspire me even more than my own, and that's why I've worked so hard to create memory courses that enable you to...

  • Speak any language fluently.
  • Recall complicated formulas, math equations, or numbers.
  • Master the technical terms for your field of work or study… medicine and pharmacy, physics, chemistry, I.T., geology, history… you name it.
  • Recite poetry, jokes, and even long speeches word-for-word (zero mistakes).
  • Quickly absorb the most important ideas from books, textbooks, or lectures… (and being able to recall it all perfectly months later).
  • Never forget a name or face again (even if it's a complex name from a different language)… and remember what you talked about even years later.
  • And much, much, much more…

The Magnetic Memory Method course catalogue is updated frequently, so please check back often for special promotions and new ways to improve your memory.

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How to learn and memorize the vocabulary of any language
How to memorize names and faces

The Magnetic Memory Method Electronic Library

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Cover of The Memory Connection Ebook

If you have any questions about these memory improvement resources, feel free to get in touch or dive directly into the full Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

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