Every person faces a variety of learning and memory challenges every day. Anthony Metivier has created a broad suite of memory trainings specifically designed to provide the memory training you’re looking for. The catalogue is updated frequently, so please check back often for special promotions and new ways to improve your memory.

How to Remember Your Dreams Video Course
The Magnetic Memory Method is here for you to explore every possible aspect of memory - including answer your questions[...]
How to Memorize Math, Numbers, Simple Arithmetic and Equations
You're wasting time listening to the standard advice about learning math. You can't continue with "random acts of learning" as[...]
How To Memorize Names and Faces
Miserable, isn’t it? You just met someone two seconds ago and already you can’t remember their name. What if you[...]
How To Learn And Memorize Poetry
No skill impresses people more than being able to recite an entire poem off the top of your head. That's[...]
How To Learn And Memorize The Vocabulary Of Any Language
Despite many false beliefs that remembering vocabulary and phrases is the hardest part of learning a language, Anthony Metivier has[...]
The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan
Complete the Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan to embark on a no-holds-barred journey through everything you need to know about using[...]

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