Want to Know Why This Guy Is Crying? 

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He’s crying because you suffer from poor memory.

Or better put, because you think you have a poor memory.


But This Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth!


The truth is that we all have wonderful memory abilities. We just need to discover and nurture them.

How? Through memory training, memory exercise and the best memory techniques in the world.

And because you’re here, you no longer have to believe the lies you’ve been telling yourself about your memory.

And you’re here because you no longer want to stand idly by as your memory limps along.

You no longer have to chase after silver bullets. You can leave the memory supplements behind and stop expecting miracles to fall from the sky.


You Want Solid Memory Training Based On
Techniques That Actually Work


By the time you’ve finished listening to every episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, reading posts like How to Memorize a Textbook and signing up for your free, Memory Improvement Kit, I won’t be crying anymore.

Magnetic Memory Method Free Memory Improvement Course


Because you’ll be well on your way towards unbelievable memory improvement.

But by now, you’re probably asking …


What Is the Magnetic Memory Method?


The Magnetic Memory Method is an elegant, effective and fun approach to using Memory Palaces, mnemonics and other memory techniques to store and retrieve foreign language vocabulary and virtually any kind of information you want to have on hand.

At any time.

At any place.

And under any circumstance.


Who Created the Magnetic Memory Method?

Dr. Anthony Metivier is an experienced memory expert, author, professor and memory improvement course creator. He has taught thousands of students in three different countries and worked as a memory coach and adviser to top ESL instructors and language school administrators around the world …

… blah blah blah …

Although all of that’s true, it’s also the boring, conservative way of putting it!

I’m actually a pretty normal guy, if also a bit of rebel in the world of mnemonics. I’ve gone against tradition in my exploration of mnemonics and developed entirely new approaches to memory techniques based on universal principles that have been poorly understood and under investigated.


My Memory Sucks!

Or at least, it used to be horrible!

In fact, I still have a terrible memory when I’m not using memory techniques. (All honest and ethical memory enthusiasts and experts will admit this, including one of my personal heroes, Harry Lorayne).

But since confronting my own negative beliefs about the quality and vigor of my memory (that’s step one), I’ve made huge advancements in my own ability to learn and memorize foreign language vocabulary,.

Not only that, but I’ve also memorized a ton of valuable information, including historical dates and facts, specialized terminology from fields such as law and medicine and music.

Having developed the Magnetic Memory Method, I have made it my mission to help others improve their memory abilities to the highest possible standard.


So Then Seriously … What is the Magnetic Memory Method?


The Magnetic Memory Method is a complete revision of the ancient Ars Memorativa, or Art of Memory. I developed it following years of research and experimentation with the standard methods known around the world.

The Magnetic Memory Method blends basic memorization techniques that have been taught for thousands of years with evolutionary new approaches to the mnemonics popularized in the 20th century by many memory masters.

There are loads of people who have written about mnemonics and I personally suggest that you read and study as much as you can from a lot of different people. But if you’re looking for the most cutting edge mental technology when it comes to elegant memorization strategies directed at helping you memorize specific kinds of information, you’re in the right place.

Why? Because the Magnetic Memory Method not only teaches you how to create an elegant and effective memory, but it also teaches you how to be creative in the first place.


The Magnetic Memory Method is About You


The Magnetic Memory Method teaches you how to use elements from your own life and the world you live in to build effective Memory Palace journeys – hundreds, if not thousands of them if you wish.

There is some controversy about just how much the human mind can hold and I certainly have my critics, but I believe that with enough realistic application and individual exploration of the Magnetic Memory Method you can readily memorize anything you want.

And I’m not talking about World Memory Championship type stuff – though it is super cool and I dig what these people can do.

I’m talking about improving your memory for everyday needs. I’m talking about useful information, such as what you need to know about memory to quickly learn a foreign language. This information will help you enjoy fluency as well as the benefits of bilingualism for your brain.

As a matter of fact, I specialize in memorizing foreign language vocabulary. You can use the Magnetic Memory Method for systematically memorizing anything. Above all, I’ll always be most passionate about memorizing foreign language vocabulary. I’ve worked hard at developing this approach. It works gangbusters and it’s an honor and privilege to offer it to the world.

Whether you’re interested in memorizing foreign languages or a theater play or music, let’s get started with some basics:


What Is A Memory Palace?


How to Memorize Things In Record Time Using These Time Management Tips


A Memory Palace is a mental construct used to store and retrieve information that you want to memorize. Although related to the world of mnemonics, Memory Palaces are much more powerful than any single mnemonic.

Why? Because all the other memory strategies that you could ever possibly hope to use can themselves be stored and used inside of Memory Palaces.

Typically Memory Palaces are based on real locations, such as your home, schools in which you have studied, places where you have worked, churches, movie theatres, etc.

There are countless options, and you can use literally any place with which you are familiar to memorize information. If you need more help, you can listen to this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method podcast about how to find Memory Palaces.


Why Not Get Out A Pen Or Pencil And Draw One Out Right Now?


Seriously – it’s easy!

The reason Memory Palaces work so well relies upon a peculiar phenomenon. The mind has an amazing ability to burn the layout of any building or location almost instantly into the brain. In essence, the human mind is a natural “mnemonic machine” when it comes to remembering locations.

As taught in the Magnetic Memory Method video courses, you can also build “Virtual Memory Palaces.” These mental constructs can be just effective so long as you follow the major Magnetic Memory principles. Anyone can experiment with using them and anyone can get great results.


What Can Memory Palaces Be Used For?


Anything you want to remember. However, the Magnetic Memory Method works especially well for memorizing foreign language vocabulary, names and faces, poetry, speeches and specialized terminology from professional fields like medicine and law. And of course, its precision-driven mnemonic principles help you memorize just about anything else too.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. These testimonials say it all.


How Can I Learn More?


Easy. Grab your free Memory Improvement Kit for mysterious and fascinating tips about using your mind to memorize anything. You can also grab one of my books. And if you want to throw a question past me, be sure to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing your stories of success and hope that you’ll pass these skills on to someone else. Remember:


The More You Learn, The More You Can Learn.
The Ability To Do That Must Be Shared.


So once you’ve learned how to improve your memory, pass the skills on. The world is counting on you!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Talk soon!



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