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Memory Expert Nelson Dellis holding a copy of Memory SuperpowersMy biggest mistake as a kid was asking for cliche abilities like x-ray vision instead of the memory superpowers I really needed.

And if you made mistakes like that too, it probably isn’t your fault. After all, we’re taught to daydream about easy solutions far more than to enjoy deep training.

The question is…

Why is it that our global societies don’t prioritize learning to use our memories better at a younger age?

To help answer that, and help all of us correct course for the future, I sat down today with Nelson Dellis.

Nelson is a four-time US Memory Champion and Grandmaster of Memory. He is an author, world memory record holder, co-founder of the Memory League competition, and founder of the Alzheimer’s awareness charity Climb For Memory.

Today we discuss Nelson’s latest book, Memory Superpowers!: An Adventurous Guide to Remembering What You Don’t Want to Forget.

This excellent follow-up to Remember It! is geared towards helping younger students enhance their memorization skills.


In our conversation, we delve into the benefits memory training creates. These include:

  • Thinking freely through the lens of memory
  • Discarding the self-imposed filters we utilize in our daily lives to truly revolutionize our work
  • The joy of letting our imagination run wild and boundless

It’s been said that parents learn as much from their children as the child does from their parent along the journey of growing up and growing older…perhaps even those who aren’t parents can embrace those same lessons, viewing the world through the eyes of a child once again.

So if you’re searching for an out of the box way to grow your memory practice…

If you’re tired of the rules and the “shoulds” of how things should be done…

If you’re a student and think memory work is something only grownups with “bad memories” do…

Get this book, go through the interview and become the teacher of your children you need to be so you can learn from them a.s.a.p.

Ready to dive in? All you have to do is press play above and listen in as we explore:

  • The concept of “active” reading, and the more fitting title for anyone who turns the pages of a book
  • The importance of engagement and immersion in learning
  • How dialogue is an effective training method
  • Why creativity is crucial in memory work (and how anyone can be creative…yes, you!)
  • Perspective for memory training – because “easy and fun” is not always realistic
  • The usefulness of simplicity (back to basics using the alphabet) …and in contrast the case for the “complicated” modern video games as memory palace inspiration
  • The benefit of familiarity in constructing paths in The Journey Method
  • Possibilities for linking ancient memory practices with modern technology…benefits for the screen-oriented
  • An argument that mastery isn’t necessary for memorization, but instead, just the opposite! Yes, really!
  • The demonization of memorization in the educational system, and why we should be praising its virtues instead.

And so, so much more.

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