Our community believes that the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass is one of the best memory improvement courses out there. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

On this page you’ll find just some our community’s success stories… in the words of those who have experienced the powerful transformation only a thorough memory improve course can bring.

Very Helpful & Easy to Follow

Liliane Vu Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Testimonial“I can proudly say that joining your Masterclass is one of the most judicious decisions I have made.

The information and lessons provided in your course were very helpful and easy to follow.

Thank you once again.”

– Liliane Vu


Praise from a 3x World Memory Champion

Alex Mullen MMM Testimonial

“Anthony is doing great work when it comes to making memory techniques and Memory Palaces accessible to the masses. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone teaching vocabulary acquisition more effectively and extensively.”

Alex Mullen, 3x World Memory Champion, medical professional and student of Chinese



Sheer Inspiration!

“This course is FULL of excellent ideas, understanding, training help and sheer inspiration. Thank you so much!”

– Martha Stowes

Years of Tears and Pain Eliminated

Jeannie Koh Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

“The Magnetic Memory Method using Memory Palaces has been a delightful journey.

After an initial couple of months of learning this approach, I have found memorising anything to be much less painful, and much more enduring over time.

I learnt the ancient Koine Greek through brute force rote learning that took years of tears and pain. I now remember whole chunks of passages in this old language, and words of another language I’m learning with such ease that I often think it can’t be this easy.

The ‘work’ has been to calm my anxieties and temptation to go down the brute force, and the effort to move towards creating memorable images which are tied to images and locations I already know.

I found it helpful to sign up for the private Facebook access and access to the MMM Memory Dojo. Implementing the approaches takes a bit of guidance and Anthony is a very attentive, wise, and effective guide and teacher. So any personal guidance by him I found very helpful. I am very grateful to him.”

– Jeannie Koh

Changing Lives

Lambert postcard testimonial for Anthony Metivier and Magnetic Memory Method

“Hello from NYC, Dr. Metivier! Just wanted to sincerely thank you for your work – it is changing lives. Talk soon!”

– Jeremy Lambert

Master Dense Subjects

Robert Spraggs MMM Testimonial

“I take a large course load (31 hours per trimester, 93 hours a year) and it was difficult to manage all the material and stay sane.

Now I enjoy studying and learning new material. It is pretty awesome. I really enjoy this. The Magnetic Memory Method makes learning not suck.

Found some love of learning in very dense subjects. It is beautiful. My ability to create new images with densely encoded material and my ability to recall the information without struggling at all has improved.

Below is some motivation. I feel like I am bragging but I hope it isn’t received that way. It is me saying thanks for making things better and easier.

Robert Spraggs scores on Neuroanatomy Exam
Robert Spraggs Neuroanatomy score after the MMM Masterclass compared to class average

Do. It. As. Soon. As. Possible.

No matter where you are what situation you are in, the MMM Masterclass makes learning easier.”

– Robert Spraggs

One Month of Vocabulary Memorized In A Single Day!

“Although I consider myself to have a pretty good memory, I have struggled so much with Russian vocabulary over the past two years.

Dr. Metivier is correct when he says saying that there are better ways of learning vocabulary than rote memorization. I learned my vocabulary list for the whole month in one day! I am very excited about this method , and I am going to share it with Russian class tonight.

Anthony’s teaching is fun, with a lively approach to learning.

There are a lot of details and additional resources are noted throughout. There are also free worksheets to help you build your Memory Palace, and Dr. Metivier welcomes questions and answers them promptly.

To paraphrase Dr. Metivier, “when we memorize, we learn, and when we learn we are fully alive.”

Lisa Martin

I Needed Instant Recall… And I Got It!

Stephen Blatt Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review“I worked with Anthony Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Method when I was studying for my ophthalmology board exam, a huge career mile marker and one that was making me fearful and anxious.

I needed to have instant recall over a high volume of complex information, and I wanted to optimize my memory in order to have the best chance of performing at my best come exam day.

MMM was a great fit for me. The exercises were easy and fast to go through, and actually quite enjoyable.

While I didn’t apply the methods to every topic I needed to learn, I would use them to get myself unstuck when a particular topic or piece of information was especially difficult for me. Much to my delight, the MMM approach created a glide-path for absorbing and recalling the most difficult information.

When exam day arrived, I went in with confidence and was able to easily retrieve the information that I had encoded into my long-term memory thanks to MMM. I am very happy to report that I passed the exam, and I am grateful to Anthony and MMM for the role they played in my success.”

– Stephen A. Blatt, MD; Board-certified ophthalmologist and Clinical assistant professor of ophthalmology

How Lee Escobar Memorized Almost 200 Names…


In this video testimonial, Lee expresses his gratitude for Anthony and the Magnetic Memory Method. One of his biggest goals was to be able to remember the names of the 100-300 people he meets at seminars every week.

He says, “If you’re looking to take your Memory Palaces and your memory techniques to the next level, Anthony is the guy.”

The “Limitless Pill”

Andy Valdez Magnetic Memory Method Review Portrait“I’ve been loving the program and can tell you really know your stuff. There’s wisdom in the simplicity of your answers and your Cognitive Overload avoidance strategies.

I can tell you’ve put great effort into making the video courses and am thankful for that because it works.

Just the other night I was able to memorize 100 numbers total, in about two hours! If you had asked me to do that before learning the techniques I’d never be able to do that! Hell, I’d laugh at the thought, especially considering how hard it is to remember numbers in the first place.

I really wish I knew about you and your system years ago.

Do you know how much easier school would’ve been? How many more names I would have remembered? How many people would have been impressed by my knowledge on various subjects, or personal interests? How many more interesting points and conversations I could’ve shared at social gatherings from books, or anything else I had learned, and actually remembered? (I can go on forever, trust me.)

It’s like taking the limitless pill….but no pill required. Put frankly, if you’re someone reading this and debating whether or not you should invest in this program, ask yourself this question, ‘Can I really afford to not have these skill sets?’”

– Andy Valdez

Worth 10x and More!

“It’s funny now in retrospect. A memory training I put off getting because of perceived drudgery, has instead revealed itself to be a book I simply cannot do without. This MMM is worth ten times the price and more.”

– Trevallion

Practical Memory Techniques

Barbara Oakley author of Mindshift Magnetic Memory Method“I’ve personally found some of Anthony Metivier’s memory tips to be extremely useful when I’m looking to memorize anything from foreign words to personal names, to equations.

He has some of the most specific, practically useful techniques around.”

– Barbara Oakley; Bestselling author of A Mind For Numbers, Mindshift and the world’s most highly attended online course, ‘Learning How to Learn’

“Anthony Metivier is a Warrior of the Mind!” – Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan with butterfly artwork by Anthony Metivier
Tony Buzan with Butterfly Memory Palace by Anthony Metivier

Passed The Royal College Physicians Exam

Hugh Jones Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review Photo“I’m writing to say thank you. Your memory techniques helped me pass the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians exams, and so get the job I dreamed of!

I always enjoy the inspiring podcast and am enjoying having a mastermind course to work through to really step up my memory, which is much more fulfilling than the TV I was watching before.

I’ve been very busy with work starting my new job as a Neurology Teaching Registrar, but do use the techniques regularly still.

I always tell every student I meet about memorisation methods. Today I’m reading your Spanish learning book.”

– Hugh Jones

I Am Struggling To Believe This

“I have built the 26 memory palaces over the past week with 40 – 50 locations per site. I’ve worked through your book and find it amazing that I can memorise a pack of cards and recite them back… I am struggling to believe this.

I was I a meeting today with 20 people I have never met before, and I used the first 20 stations of the memory palace I built for the card memory exercise to remember names.

I have always struggled with names before but I managed today to get this right. It felt good.

So far this process has been both successful for me and a huge amount of fun. I just thought I would write a short note, therefore, to thank you for your book and emails.”

– Stephen Bell


Laura Roy MMM Masterclass Review Testimonial“Your courses are really amazing. What I have learned has changed my life!

I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am able to remember things now.

I’ve learned to remember names/faces. Anatomy I never thought I could master has become fun and easy, I can make complicated recipes off the top of my head, I can memorize a deck of cards (which I thought would just be good practice, but has turned out to be fun in itself and also a powerful tool for learning other things), and so much more.”

– Laura Roy

Med School Mnemonic Success

In this video testimonial, Joe talks about his experience with med school and how the Magnetic Memory Method helped him overcome learning burnout during his first year of studies.

He says, “I would pay ten times” the cost of the masterclass. “It is night and day now. The time invested for the return is just insane.”

Difficult Exam Passed With Ease!

Michael Wild sent this video to share how he passed a very difficult exam using the Magnetic Memory Method.

If you’d like similar results, it’s just a matter of learning the techniques and putting them into action.

Great Idea

“I have no idea how someone comes up with an idea like this!”

– Jinni1

The MMM Increases The Value Of Other Courses!

Portrait of Jamie Stone for Magnetic Memory Method Review“I’ve been using the Magnetic Memory Method recently to help me remember points from Vanessa Van Edwards ‘Power of Body Language’ and ‘Master Your People Skills’ course on Creative Live.

It’s a lot of useful material that I don’t want to forget.

Using the MMM to put key points into long term memory, I feel that I am actually getting my money’s worth now when I take courses like these.

– Jamie Stone


Able to Remember Anything I Put My Mind To

“This is the little old lady from Yakima, WA, yes, complete with the tennis shoes from Pasadena. The information I was able to use from your posts has changed my life. From being lucky to remember my name to being able to remember anything I put my mind to.

At first it took three months to memorize three verses. This season, only a couple of weeks and sometimes only one week to remember the verses and, I still remember exactly where I ‘put’ the ones from last year!

The most important change I think is that I see myself as able where before there was no way I had anything close to ‘Yes, I can.” Thank you so much!”

– J Jordan

Sail Through Tests And Exams

Wrenn Slocum Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Portrait“I surprised myself by enjoying the exercises in the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass. By doing well in them, my self-image of having a lousy memory is improving.

I had to take a memory test as part of an insurance application. I put my Memory Palace to work and sailed through it.

Then, last year I traveled through Turkey. Before leaving I made a list of 24 words I wanted to know in Turkish, including the vocabulary I would need to navigate my dietary restrictions, how to ask for directions and polite phrases.

I used the memory palace technique to memorize them easily despite having a very poor history of learning languages previously.

It was so helpful to me, and I became a hero to my companions. I wish I had taken your course years ago when I was living overseas and struggling to learn the language. If a poor memory is causing you problems, this course will give you the tools to conquer the problems.”

– Wrenn Slocum

250 Greek Words And Still Improving

“I have struggled with memorizing detailed information for as long as I can remember.

I didn’t really care all that much until I was in college and took two classes that were ALL about memorizing the small details: astronomy and biblical archaeology. I struggled because in my majors (history and biblical studies) I would often write papers that were based on my interpretation and impressions on ancient sources, not my memorization of a lot of material.

This made me realize that if I wanted to pursue graduate studies in ancient history and the Biblical studies, I needed to improve my memorization skills. I had heard of memory palaces from a professor who used it, but couldn’t find a systematic approach to it with detailed help.

I felt like I needed help because I was going to take an intensive Greek class (which was going to be full of memorization of vocabulary, paradigms, and grammar) and was afraid I was not going to be able to absorb the information accurately and quickly enough, so I started to google people who taught how to use memory palaces, and I found Anthony Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Method.

I found his material to be helpful, but I was skeptical of actually buying the course. But, I decided to give it a try and see what happened.

What happened is that I could memorize detailed information (such as vocabulary and verb/noun endings) much better!

I began watching the videos, doing the exercises, and found out that there were Greek words that I had tried to memorize through rote memorization for weeks that simply did not stick, I could now memorize in an afternoon without too much difficulty. I began my Greek course and spent a few hours a day memorizing vocabulary and verb and noun endings by using memory palaces.

I was frankly amazed at how effective it was. I now know around 250 words, dozens of verb and noun endings, and am still improving. I am still just beginning to learn how effective and useful this method is, and know there are many techniques and nuances that I can learn to improve my memorization of ancient languages.

This excites me because I now feel like I actually could pursue further graduate studies and teach these topics which I love, perhaps even from memory!

To anyone who wants to improve their memorization skills, I would definitely recommend they use memory palaces, and I have found no better person to teach the method than Anthony Metivier.”

– Albert

James Gerwing Breaks Two Canadian Memory Records & WINS The 2019 Canadian Memory Championships!

Portrait of 2019 Canadian Memory Champion James Gerwing Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review“About 5 years ago, I began taking your online course and then went into some memory competitions.

I am the 4 time, current, undefeated (and record holder) of the Alberta memory championships. Even better; I just won the 2019 Canadian Memory Championships (AND the first ever pan-provincial championship).

I had been banging things into the void of my memory for decades. You have revived, and revived in me, the concept that where there is a will, there is a way.

Since signing up for your Masterclass I have taken a Latin course at the University of Alberta and scored above 90% (that is not common territory for me). Thanks for your input.”

Listen to a tips-laden discussion of how the MMM was part of this win.

– James Gerwing

Portrait of XJ BaoMemory Beats Dyslexia

Like most people, I always thought I had bad memory, and I got nervous when having to recall things from memory. I was rebellious as a kid and refused to memorize things in school while growing up.

Later, I understood it was because I had some much fear with using memory, I would rather fail upfront any memorization task.

Related to this fear, I had slight dyslexia and read very slowly all my life. I took my “bad memory” for granted but thought maybe I could improve my reading speed by learning and practicing new techniques.

While researching and taking some initial lessons on improving reading speed, I encountered your Magnetic Memory Method classes by chance.

Long story short, within a week of taking the Master Class, I was able to remember lots of things.

For example, I was able to memorize various alphabets and access them in any order and randomly. I was able to memorize all 26 mile-time numbers of a marathon while completing the run.

This was amazing because these numbers are extremely boring and similar and sometimes repeating, something like 9:45, 9:54, 9:17, 8:52…. This list of things I remembered goes on but currently mostly limited to items of less than 30.

Now I am planning to take on bigger tasks such as remember names of long list of songs, periodic table, deck of cards, etc. I have no doubt I can remember them.

By the way, I also appreciate your book recommendations!

– XJ Bao


In this video testimonial, Patrick talks about his great experience with the Magnetic Memory Method course, including the extra support once you finish.

He says, “it’s a fantastic value for the money. I highly recommend it to anybody.”

Works With Even The Heaviest Learning Material

Randall Garing Magnetic Memory Method Review“Your material helped me just complete a graduate level pathophysiology course (98.3% class grade!).

This is a great success, even though the work and detail is very heavy.

In my experience, using MP’s guarantee that I will memorize every detail I want to memorize. That’s one reason why I use them.”

– Randall Garing



Examples by the Ton!

“Anthony lays out a whole system with absolutely tons of examples to get you used to it.”

– Jack Toleman

Memory Skills That Eluded Me For Years Are Now Mine!

David Curtis Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial photo“At first, I struggled to understand that there is no ‘one’ method that fits all, and that all methods have their place.

I’d have to say that I now have a more relaxed, confident, and patient attitude toward learning within the windows of time I have to study.

I now remember precise fractions of partial and whole ounces (combined) for mixing cocktails with proper glassware, mixing method, and garnishing. It may seem small, but it has eluded me for 40 years since I began tending bar in 1980.

The Magnetic Memory Method combined with the further reading recommended by Dr. Anthony Metivier has changed my entire approach toward learning and teaching in a very powerful and positive way.

My profound thanks for selflessly sharing your techniques, experiences, knowledge, and a huge amount of personal time to help guide in very effective ways so many others thirsty to learn, and hopefully pass along what they’ve learned to future generations.”

– David Curtis, Bartender and Instructor

A Mentor I Wish I Had Back in the Day

“Great episode as almost always! Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!

You are like a mentor to me. A mentor I always wished to have back in the days. Thank you.”

– Daniel Goodson

Felix Rodriguez portraitA Tip On Reusing Memory Palaces

I want to express my gratitude for your course. I can really see that you and your team have taken the time to develop a very complete and well designed course. It not only answers every question that anyone can come up with, but also offers information that complements your knowledge for exploiting MPs in the very best ways.

By the way, the most important question I had was if we can use the same MPs for different topics, and after you said that it’s possible to do it, the explanation just came to me… Is just like when people visit your house!

You do different kind of things, experience different kind of emotions and even is the same house, you get to remember very vividly the different experiences. I hope this words may be helpful.

So far I’m taking it slowly and enjoying every piece of new information you offer in your course.

For my visualizations, I’m practicing by observing people when walking on the street (no more than 1 seconds) and pretending the police is looking for that person, so I need to describe person’s look and the outfit, and then, for example, if I said that the suspect was wearing a sweater, I get asked “What color was the sweater?”.

Again, thanks for your dedication and for helping this world to be a better place by explaining such a technique.

– Felix Rodriguez

Business Applications For Real-World Success

Timo Hahn MMM Testimonial photo“As an Online-Strategy-Consultant, Anthony’s techniques really help me to plan my client’s online success.

I use the same technique that Anthony structured his PHD with. I summarize every concept, idea and learning on flash cards. When I outline a strategy I arrange those concepts according to my clients needs.

This helps me come up with an individual and solid strategy literally in minutes and I outline the plans from there.

I’ve even used this approach to help me work with the municipal utilities cities, including Augsburg in Germany.”

– Timo Hahn

I Wake Up Each Morning Excited!

“It is amazing how many Spanish words I am learning with ease after going through this course.

After sharing with family friends the number of words I am memorizing every day, the first response is generally unbelief. Though I have a ways to go, when we are out in the Latino community, my friends and family are asking me for assistance.

I actually wake up each morning excited about picking up and memorizing new words from a Spanish Dictionary! Who gets excited about going through a dictionary?

Anthony, you are my hero!!!

– James Lewis

Perfect For Masons

John Jones Magnetic Memory Method Review“My memory journey began on September 1st, 2016. Although I had learned mnemonics in college earning my first degree, I had no idea what was possible until I enrolled in the Magnetic Memory Master Class in 2019.

Since this time, I have committed pages of information into memory using the Magnetic Memory Method.

As a Pastor, I have been able to commit passages of scripture to memory. As a Master Mason, a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Mason, and a Knight Templar with the York Rite, I have been able to commit many items to memory. Masonry being a philosophy, I use the working tools of the Fraternity to improve myself.

I highly recommend Dr. Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Method to anyone who is looking to improve their memory and has a deep desire to remember what they have learned.

– John C. Jones

Samuel’s Success With Difficult Hindi Language And Names

In this video testimonial, Sam shares his gratitude for how much Anthony has shared with his students and connected with them beyond the course material.

He says, “I came here at the end of January on an experiment with extended services, learning Hindi and their alphabet (dozens and dozens and dozens of names).”

Would You Also Like To Experience Maximum Memory Improvement? 

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Image

If so, then you are invited to join these Magnetic Memory Method Family members in the MMM Masterclass now.

The FAQ Section Is Awesome

Helena Choo Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass review portrait“The Masterclass is awesome! I have completed 3 courses so far… (masterplan, Numbers, and poetry). I’m SUPER interested taking the in the deck of cards course which I will tackle after I memorize the Book of Psalms!

I think it has great content and it is easy to navigate within the site.

I love the content in the FAQ page. There are sooo many gems in there. Thank you so much for adding this section!

I can’t wait to finish the remaining courses in there! As soon as I complete my first goal of memorizing the book of Psalms I will keep on going on to the other courses!”

– Helena Choo

New Layers of Understanding

“I’ve used different mnemonic devices before, and I like how this one adds a new layer. It takes a good amount of work up front, but helps in the long run.”

– Luke Creighton

Recommended to Anyone

Fran Davey MMM Masterclass review picture“Anthony is such a gifted teacher with incredible insights into the world of memory training and learning that you just won’t find anywhere else.

I recommend his study hacks to anyone who not only wants to improve their memory but their general quality of life.”

– Fran Davey




The Foundations to Achieving Anything in Life

“I am so excited about this stuff. I have read so many books and watched so many lectures for years and they were all just the same old regurgitated ways of remembering peoples names and the order of playing cards which unless your going to set a memory championship as you aim in life I find it very frustrating.

If these techniques can be used for Mathematics and Languages then I believe that these are the foundations to achieving anything in life since these are both the fundamental communications methods for Humanity and its interaction with Nature.”

– EyeInTheSky

Back To My Old Self!

Linda Myers Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review Portrait“You have changed my life!!

I am back to my old self of studying and learning on a daily basis. But with your techniques it is more fun and all around better.

Right now I have 10 different Memory Palaces I am actively engaged in. 6 of them (for Spanish words). I find it easier (as a beginner) to have multiple Memory Palaces of 10 – 12 items each. I also have one with 17 items to stretch my skills.

I have referred you to 4 people. I hope they follow up!”

– Linda Myers

Tremendous Help

“I have read and put into practice the ideas in this book. The ideas presented are not your normal for memorizing vocabulary.

That is why the book is good. It presents several DIFFERENT ideas to you that are possible for everyone, if given the time and effort.

Don’t dismiss this memory training. If you have struggled with memorizing vocabulary in the past this book will give you several suggestions that will help you tremendously.”

– S. Moore

1000 Words In 6 Weeks!

Eldon Clem Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial“I have successfully learned 1,000 vocabulary words in a little more than 6 weeks, using your method.

This is the most incredible method I have used yet.

Thank you so much for teaching & coaching this.”

– Dr. Eldon Clem



Memory Training: A Family Affair!

Yes, you can use Memory Palaces and associated memory techniques together as a couple. As you can see, it’s highly recommended!

In this video testimonial, Mr. and Mrs. Caponpon express how much the Magnetic Memory Method has helped them with not only memorization but also language learning.

They say, “it really helped us a lot in terms of memorizing a huge amount of information and it really helps to recall things much easier. I can sense of lot of improvement in the way I think, and also my imagination gets much sharper.”


10 Elements In Just A Few Minutes

Picture of Mohammad Kolia with his Magnetic Memory Method cup“The Magnetic Memory Method has been a transformational method of learning new information.

I taught it to my niece and nephew, who are both 9 years old and they learnt the first 10 elements of the periodic table within a few minutes. My niece was so excited she went to school and recited them to her teacher, who in turn, was so impressed she awarded her a gold star!

I’d like to add, my niece, doesn’t even know what elements are, and this was completely new to her. She now wants to learn the rest of the periodic table!

Great stuff, Anthony. Keep it up!

– Mohammad Kolia

Fascinating & Fun

“This concept is fascinating and much more fun that just learning a rote method. I am using this method and sticking with it in other areas of learning as well. Recommend this memory training for those who want to learn any language!”


Success With Memorizing Karate Kata, Math and Language Learning (Even With Low No Visualization Abilities)

Katharina Luft Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review“Although I’ve studied maths, IT and economics and never stopped learning all kinds of topics, I always had the feeling I was not using all parts of my brain efficiently enough.

I had read about memory techniques before and tried them out, but as I really have no visual skills in the narrow sense, I always ended up frustrated very soon without getting better at all.

This changed only when I found Anthony’s MMM by accident. He does not only explain his techniques in detail step by step but also never forgets to motivate his members and get them to just DOING it!

It is really important that he talks a lot about the problems people usually have with memory palaces at the beginning of using them and helps overcoming these.

Following Anthony’s instructions, I searched for a motivating project to try out memory palaces. So I tried it out on Karate Katas (these are combinations of karate techniques you have to perform for all different belt exams).

Before using the MMM, I struggled. I mixed them up and could not remember what technique when to use and when to shout and so on.

But putting the first four katas in memory palaces was very easy and a lot of fun. And the most amazing for me was that using the MMM, I was suddenly able to do the katas backwards! I am going to show how to use the MMM to my karate students in our sports club, too.

As I had such great success with this project in the first place, I also tried the MMM for figures/maths and quickly learned some important birthdates of celebrities just to try how it works.

Working out the major method based on Anthonys examples was also a lot of fun. (The first time I tried the major method 2 years ago, but it felt only like work and didn’t motivate me to use it for more than two passwords).

Now I was really a big fan of the MMM and wanted to go further.

I started to try working on my English (a second language for me) vocabulary. For 20 years I hadn’t worked on expending my English vocabulary as it was no fun, even though I like learning foreign languages and also use English a lot at work. I just wasn’t able to remember new vocabulary.

But now I always try to do five words a day in my spare time. As a working mother with not much silent time, it’s great because the words really stick and I love wandering around in my memory palaces doing Recall Rehearsal every time I wait for a bus/train or my kids or before going to sleep.

Sounds weird: but this way of learning is fun and also kind of meditation to relax after work and I don’t need to motivate me separately to do it.

So: If I can do it without seeing any pictures in my mind at all, you can do it, too!

It will change your way of thinking, and give you a boost of fantasy by the way. Such a pity that I can’t show Anthonys videos to my children and all german students as they don’t know enough English!

In his masterclass Anthony takes you by the hand. You only have to throw all your doubts overboard and give it a try.

Thank you so much Anthony for sharing all your methods in such great detail combined with your special and positive way of thinking! I wish you all the best to spread your teaching as far as you can!!”

– Katharina Luft

Impressed With Your Methods

“22 years ago I fell 25 feet and damaged the short term memory portion of my brain. The last 4 years I have been dealing with a spinal cord injury that I am taking meds for that effect my memory even worse.

I have spent the last 3 days researching memory and I am impressed with your methods. Thank you for the videos you have put out there.

It all makes so much sense and your teaching method is so clear.

– Idaho Linger

Great Breakthroughs

Rob Melucci MMM Masterclass review portrait“Lately I have had some GREAT breakthroughs!

My outlook on life is changing. I am a fighter now!”

– Rob Melucci





58 Years Old And Memorizing 100 Words A Day

“I waited to write my review until I’d had a chance to put Metivier’s technique to the test—about 6 weeks after I read it.

I sure am glad I found this book—not just for memorizing French words, but for everything I want to remember!

Unlike so many books about memory tricks or memory palaces, Metivier actually explains, meticulously, just how to go about building Memory Palaces and filling them up with the French words (or words of any language that uses the Roman alphabet) you want to remember.

Anthony tells you what preparation steps are necessary, gives examples of the kind of vivid imagery you’re going to use, and even suggests a schedule in which you devote one day a month to each of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

I’m 58 years old, learning French with an aim to be reasonably fluent in a year: thanks to this technique, I feel confident I can do it. I’m memorizing around 100 words a day now, and it’s fun, too!”

– Fiona

Progress Oriented

Colm Gallaghar Portrait Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial“When I use the Magnetic Memory Method, information sticks. When I try to do it alone (without the techniques Anthony teaches), it’s gone.

You would spend more money on one monthly payment of a car and get nothing from it.

But once you learn from Anthony, you grow long after the money has left your account. I’m still growing and it’s FREE now.

Plus, Anthony shows great interest in your progress. His teaching is too good not to share.

– Colm Gallagher

Memorize a Deck of Cards!

In this video testimonial, Maze expresses that the best way to share his gratitude is to demonstrate the deck of cards he just memorized (blindfolded).

He says, “I’m very happy that I’ve decided to join.”

The Best Course I Have Ever Experienced

Paul Pfister MMM Review photo“I want to thank you for putting all of this together as a course!

There is no way that I would have gotten all those little gems by continuing down the path of self-learning I was on.

I knew about the techniques, and I had a couple of memory palaces. I even clocked a below 2 minute time on memorizing a deck of cards BEFORE I started Magnetic Memory.

But the amount of fine-tuning that I got from the material so far is just incredible. The Visualizing Mastery mini-course was golden!

Tony Buzan said memory championships are more a test of creativity than a test of memory, and any visualization is creativity. Well done, that was the best course on creativity I have ever experienced.

– Paul Pfister

Fills In The Gaps

“I have read the works of Harry Lorayne, Dominic O’Brian and Tony Buzan, and finally, Anthony Metivier was able to fill in the gaps I had been missing.”

– Jessica S

Frees Up Brain Space For International Pilot

Roger Gilles Magnetic Memory Method Review photo“I always thought I had a terrible memory and had to work hard going over and over my books, manuals and notes before anything really ‘stuck’ …finding the Magnetic Memory Method has helped me enormously with retention, recall and above all confidence.

The biggest thing for me is that now I have a proper strategy in place.

My depth of knowledge in my field has improved enormously so far, learning and retaining new facts and information has become ‘fun’ and I continue to develop a much deeper understanding of the complex systems involved in my career and with this comes better coordination, confidence and skill!

Developing a deeper knowledge of complex systems (and being able to recall them quickly) needed in my job has freed up a lot of ‘brain space’ to allow for quicker ‘decision making’ skills.

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass has so many benefits helping one to grow and develop the memory and the mind and along with this much more confidence in whatever you want or need to turn your mind to.

It will save you hours and hours of ‘wasted‘ studying and reading, and you’ll see results in your own personal growth and development after day one.

Anthony Metivier is a godsend, the teacher you never had, the teacher you wish you had met years ago. I am personally very grateful for the journey so far! Thank you!”

– Roger Gilles

A Thought-Leader in Mnemonic Advancement

“I am convinced you are a thought-leader and significant influencer in mnemonic advancement.

What I particularly appreciate about you is your ‘powerful humility;’ you walk the talk, and you talk the walk. You bring dynamic techniques to SIP the mnemonic practice.

I agree fully with you that ‘location-based mnemonics’ is the most accurate; and as Lynne Kelly has shown us, these locations can be Aboriginal memory treks, Amerindian medicine blankets, African lukasas, or proto-Celtic henges.

The locations can be in the mind or on the Earth. They can be in stories, poems and songs of old, like the Elder Edda; or new, like Leonard Cohen’s Suzanne (‘She shows you where to look among the garbage and the flowers’) or Eminem’s 8 Mile Road in Detroit (‘Time for me to just stand up and travel new land/Time for me to just take matters into my own hands’).

Thank you as ever Anthony for your luxuriantly copious work as we gratefully SIP our memory palace TEA (Trustfully Engage & Advance).”

– J A McCarney

96 Thai Words Memorized

Jay Candiloro Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial Portrait“I struggled with remembering vocabulary. I’m learning the Thai language and words were not sticking in my long term memory.

Repeating words over and over again was only a tiny bit successful so i wanted to find something better. I was always getting frustrated when I couldn’t remember a certain word.

Now I’m so confident in remembering any word I’ve learnt.

This is because I have put the word or phrase somewhere in my memory palace instead of not having a place to search for it. Even if I don’t remember exactly the meaning of the word at first, the images that I create are that strong that I get there eventually.

After reviewing my memory palaces a couple of times I feel so confident in never forgetting a single word. I’ve only been doing this for about 5 weeks and I’ve already learnt 96 Thai words which seemed impossible before I started.

Joining the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass gives you back the confidence in your memory.”

– Jay Candiloro

You Have Nothing To Lose

“Anthony has opened my eyes to a whole new way of learning. I am 73 and thought that my memory was not up to learning a new language.

However, Anthony’s emails have kindled a new interest. I find that the ongoing support is invaluable in so many areas of my life the ability to remember phone numbers shopping lists etc. is an added bonus.

I encourage everybody to give this system a try you have nothing to lose.”

– Tassie


Alex Lane Magnetic Memory Method Testimonials Photo“There is no adequate way I can explain why that move was worth every penny to me.

For one thing, Anthony’s been using these techniques for some time, so he could instantly address any question I came up with. For another thing, Anthony doesn’t try to make ‘one size fit all,’ so he often comes up with multiple ways to address issues.

When Anthony announced that he was bringing back his Platinum program and the opportunity for one-on-one coaching, I didn’t hesitate.

Every minute with him is packed with information (and I’m impatiently waiting for my next session!)”

– Alex Lane

Useful For The Law

In this video testimonial, Gareth shares his experience of attending the one-day in-person Magnetic Memory Method training, and how he intends to use the method to help him with language learning and the law.

Overwhelm Reduced

Maricella Griffith MMM Testimonial Portrait“I feel less overwhelmed. This is because I feel inspired and am better able to find the information in my mind.

If you follow Anthony’s tips, it will be the very best thing you’ve ever done in your life.

The program works!”

– Maricella Griffith


Very Do-able

“This works and is very do-able.”

– Kathleen Poole

I’d Love To Thank You In Person!

Jessica Villanueva Magnetic Memory Method Review“As always, I am glad and overflowing with gratitude to the Magnetic Memory Method.

For example, the meditation audios are extremely powerful. I always listen to them until I fall asleep at night. I noticed that they helped me recall my dreams more vividly. They also eased my anxiety.

You enabled me to see life in a different spectrum. I’d love to thank you in person.”

– Jessica Villanueva



Your Techniques Were So Very Helpful

“With your incredible help, I’ve been able to memorize the Greek alphabet (words and symbols) front words and backwards in about 3 or 4 total hours of work.

I was very worried as I tackled this project, but your techniques were so very helpful.”

– Kevin Wax



Engages Your Spatial Memory

“The most detailed and thorough book on memory palaces that I have read. It goes into great depth outlining how to use memory palaces to memorize German vocabulary.

I’ve been at an impasse with gaining proficiency with German, mainly because I could not remember vocabulary. I’ve tried many different ways to memorize vocabulary with little luck. The book also has a couple good appendices with resources for memory and language learning.

Anthony gives a method for remembering language vocabulary. You have to implement these methods to get anything out of this. This is not the mnemonic method. This uses Memory Palaces which has the advantage of engaging your spatial memory.

I think this great, especially for the price. Also Anthony is very accessible and is willing to answer questions and take suggestions.”

– Stormcoder

140 Muscles Memorized!

Yuko Niizeki MMM Testimonial Photo“I am studying to become a bodyworker in Japan and had an exam on origins and insertions of 140 muscles, in Japanese.

Even though I speak the language I never went to school in Japan and my kanji skills are that of a 4th grader and these medical terms are a challenge even to read.

Naturally I failed the first time round trying to learn the traditional way of repetitions.

With your advice I made a few Memory Palaces and numbered them up to 140. I assigned a famous person to each bone. I chose objects for each direction like superior/inferior, posterior/interior, front/back etc. and added some action.

I was able to memorize them all, something that felt almost impossible when I first started studying.

Thank you so much. I owe my success to your method.”

– Yuko Niizeki

Thorough Explanations!

In this video testimonial, Lee expresses his gratitude for the Magnetic Memory Method and wishes he had discovered it earlier in life.

He says, “I can’t rate it highly enough, to be honest. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ll continue to be using these techniques for the foreseeable future.”

Would You Also Like To Experience Maximum Memory Improvement? 

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Image

If so, then you are invited to join these Magnetic Memory Method Family members in the MMM Masterclass now.

250 Japanese Words In 2 Months With Multiple Pronunciations

Portrait of Sunil Khatri for Memory Palace Mastery interview on Magnetic Memory Method Podcast“I completed 250 kanji in 2 months. These include the Chinese and Japanese readings, average 3 different pronunciations for each kanji.

I also added a vocabulary of about 750 words – the vocab is a combination of the different individual kanji put together to make up the different words.

I’m now able to read (and write) basic words and sentences in Kanji and can read simple ads on TV and around Tokyo on trains and in magazines and newspapers.

The Memory Palace for Kanji allows me to recall the individual kanji and be able to read and write the kanji in the proper stroke order and then another memory palace is used for the vocabulary which references the Chinese or Japanese sayings for the words with multiple kanji.

I’ve started working on the next 250 which I also hope to finish in the next two months. This will put me at a 3rd-grade reading and writing level.”

– Sunil Khatri (A real Japanese Memory Palace Master!)

Fun, Powerful (and Often Magical)

“It works! A fun and powerful way to remember. Recalling stuff with this method is often magical. The more you use it the more confidence you have in your own ability and the less stress you feel.”

– Sean Cunningham

Solid Information And Tools

“I have completed several memory courses and have had varying degrees of success.

However, Anthony gives some detailed advice and training tips, that have made memorization, languages in particular, a lot clearer to me.

For myself, he has filled in the blanks so to speak and he has provided some solid information and tools, that have allowed me to take my language studies to a much higher level.

Not to mention the fact, that I am now able to expedite the whole process.”

– Mike Newton

An Awesome Way to Remember Basically Anything!

“I like the way you introduce the concept of the ‘Memory Palace’ and guide people through the process of creating one, you did a great job. What an awesome way to remember… basically anything!

Gracias, y que tengas un gran dia!”

– Adrian D

Anthony Goes The Extra Mile

Leon MacFayden MMM Testimonial Picture“The Magnetic Memory Method has completely changed my approach to learning.

Whether it is studying foreign languages or memorising the key points of books or courses, it helps with any learning project. I now believe there is no such thing as a bad memory, only bad techniques.

To add to this amazing course, its creator, Anthony Metivier is on hand ALWAYS if you have any problems or questions.

As well as a teacher, he is also like a friend and I honestly have never met a teacher that will go the extra mile to help his students like Anthony.

His personal attention alone is worth the price of both the MMM and the Mastermind. He not only knows his stuff, but is able to communicate it in a way that is easy to understand.

I will be using these methods for the rest of my life. This course makes learning fun and the possibilities are endless.”

– Leon MacFayden

I May Even Be Able To Write A Novel With This

“I have only gotten to lecture 12. And I am finding memory palaces that will be wonderful.

My house wasn’t very good but my job a super center of a company that is bigger than some small countries is amazing. At the service area I have thought of over 26 sub Memory Palaces…

All in all I think this course is not only going to help me memorize places, but ideas as well. I may even be able to write a novel with this system…

If that happens it would be priceless….”

– Amanda Humes

Memorize Books & Develop Your Mind

Jonathan Levi Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial“I’ve known Anthony for a long time, and in that time, I have watched him transform himself and his life literally 180 degrees. If you apply even a fraction of the wisdom he has gained by learning how he mastered his personal life, this might be the most important program you’ve ever taken.”

– Jonathan Levi.

An Eye-Opening Experience

In this video testimonial, Katey talks about the in-person Magnetic Memory Method training and a few of the things she found profound about the experience.

She says, “I feel like I can go home and really put everything into practice, and make a real change in the way I learn vocabulary for a foreign language.”

Now I’m Meditating Too

Jeff Jansson Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Testimonial“I just wanted to thank you for the course! I found great value in it. I found your meditation practices very useful. I actually decided to learn more about meditation after listening to those audio files.

I have made a lot of progress using this meditation technique to improve my spatial awareness and to see things clearer!”

– Jeff Jansson

Difficult To Believe BUT Easy To Do

“I memorised my first pack of shuffled cards in less than a week, I did not believe that it would be as easy as it was. I have almost finished my 26 memory palaces. The task of creating the memory palaces and the memorisation process in general has a great positive effect on how you feel.”

– Kevin McG

Anxiety And Mental Chatter Reduced!

Daniella Lopez Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review“I finally started the class and want to share with you that I am so pleased with this investment!

It’s so beneficial learning from someone who has been there and done all the heavy lifting before me and who is actively engaged in helping others.

The downloadable MP3s really help if my laptop is not around or if I’m commuting. I am currently working on a better draft of my first Memory Palace, based on the apartment I’m living in at the moment, and am looking forward to putting the skills into use for my upcoming summer term beginning on the 13th.

I am taking an audiology course which I have heard is very dense and will be a perfect way to try out these new techniques to train my mind.

Another benefit I see from this course, and maybe this is a bit outside of your direct realm as a memory teacher, is that it has helped me direct my anxiety better. I am usually a bit of an anxious person – not always suffering, but just someone with a very chatty mind, I’m always thinking, and being able to direct this energy in a productive way is very appealing to me.

I already feel like there is more purpose to my mind’s chatter in that it is productively trying to create something instead of being more of a stalled car.

I’m focusing on capturing appealing things in art and things around me to stock up my creativity vault for mnemonic usage. I’m still in a very beginning stage of making a palace and memorizing things but am excited to commit to be in the 10% you mention who stick with the practice and grow to see results.

Since I’m still in the beginning and haven’t taken full advantage of everything on the portal, I don’t have other feedback about improving anything or ideas for other topics but will reach out if/when I think of something helpful or interesting.

Thank you for your course and your podcast! I admire your dedication and your genuine care for helping others.

I feel like a sapling looking up to a tree!”

– Daniella Lopez

Listen Again and Again

“Great resource! Thank you so much, I have to listen again and again. Actually this podcast is very useful for me to learn about focus and English also.”

– Kani Poly

Inspiration for Years to Come

Mark Hilder Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial PhotoThe Masterclass contains an incredible amount of material that will inspire you for years to come.

I bought the Masterclass mainly to help me learn languages. I have previously used techniques such as flashcards to help me learn words and phrases.

The huge advantage of the Magnetic Memory Method is that the word or phrase will be anchored in your brain immediately and there is no need to spend 30 minutes a day going through flashcards.

This is great if you want to spend your precious language learning time speaking, listening or reading.

The MMM takes a bit of time to set-up but is well worth the initial time investment. I really recommend learning useful phrases with the method because you can then use them with your language partner and get positive feed-back.

I’m learning Chinese and I think without the MMM it would have taken me a long time to establish any kind of vocabulary.”

– Mark Hilder

A Modern Synthesized Approach

“I have read a few books on memory training, and what I liked about Anthony Metivier’s course here is that he has studied a number of the classic memory systems and synthesized a modern approach.

He gives good examples and his ideas of using Excel spreadsheets to help assist in organizing the memorization process is very helpful.

Of course, as with any activity, you only get out of it what you put into it, but Anthony is so enthusiastic and persuasive that I felt inspired to learn to stick to a daily study routine and indeed learn memorize vocab.”

– Chris Guthrey

A Wise Investment Is An Understatement

David S Matthew Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review Portrait“I first came to the Magnetic Memory Method during law school. My good friend and mentor Chris Bell recommend it as a smart way to stand out in my highly competitive classes.

I was not disappointed with the results. Calling the MMM a wise investment is a severe understatement.

Mr. Metivier teaches his extraordinary effective method with crystal clarity in just a few short hours.

Furthermore, after using it to succeed in school, I’ve found the magnetic memory method so flexible that it could be applied to pretty much anything else I’ve need to learn.

Since graduating, I’ve used the MMM to:

  1. Pass the Bar and become a licensed attorney
  2. Acquire several more professional certifications
  3. Learn Spanish (Muy bien!)

Chris and didn’t really hang out much after school, but several months ago we finally managed to catch up over drinks. We’re both doing exceptionally well in our professional and personal lives. Thanks, Anthony!”

– David S. Matthew

Paul Deery’s Path to Memorizing 100 Digits of Pi

In this video testimonial, Paul talks about his experience of the in-person Magnetic Memory Method training, as a long-time student of Anthony’s.

He says, “Anthony has a gift for simplifying complex concepts, and I feel that I’ve really come away today with practical skills that I can now use effectively.”

In this video testimonial, Paul demonstrates his ability to recite 100 digits of Pi from memory.

Laid Back But Also “Laser Targeted”

Claudio Cuel Testimonial Portrait“The biggest thing for me is that all the information you give and your style and your teaching is so grounded.

You convey the feeling that nothing can be done wrong. Just relax and start. If you make a mistake, learn from it, improve it.

It’s that laid back attitude but with the laser targeted important stuff you convey.

Also, you don’t teach just the mnemonics. You teach so much more between the lines. That’s just great.

– Claudio Cuel

Solid Information

“Nicely organized and gives multiple strategies for memorizing names and facts . No grandiose claims, just solid information.”

– Kathleen Byrne

A Perfect Place to Start

Brad Patterson Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Review“While looking for a starting point in esoteric studies, I wondered constantly where to start.

I soon stumbled across Anthony’s take on memory techniques when looking up Giordano Bruno – what a perfect place to start – memory.

Anthony’s ‘StudyHacks’ course, podcast, YouTube streams, and his well-chosen recommendations have finally started me off on the right path!

Furthermore, as I continue on, it has become clear that not only do I have his recordings and classes at my disposal, but a teacher who makes himself available to respond to questions I may have.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for a starting point in whatever studies one might be pursuing – thank you, Anthony!”

– Brad Patterson


“Finally, something I’ve been looking for. I was doing it wrong. I was using brain app games and nothing has improved!

I will try your tips. Thank you so much for this.”

– Kei Chan


Barry Kurtz Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial“I recently studied and completed the Master Plan section of the Magnetic Memory Method Master Class.

I doubted at first how quickly I could apply the techniques, yet I am practicing as I go. I have already doubled my comfort level and effectiveness. I try to use the methods in a practical manner every day.

Anthony teaches clear, usable, and actionable techniques from his heart.

If you make the personal investment as I have, the methods should ‘click’ in a short period of time. I am certain the Magnetic Memory Method will help improve your business and everyday life.

I am loving the course, recently finished the ‘Names and Faces’ section, and look forward to working through the remaining instruction. The work is rewarding.”

– Barry Kurtz

Missing Pieces Came Together

“I have been using this method for learning German for the last while. I read books written by Harry Lorayne, Joshua Foer, Kevin Trudeau etc. I could not get it working.

Since I came across this method all missing pieces came together. I am able to memorize around 300-400 words per month.

I am very sorry that I have not used mnemonics techniques before. The concept is simple but method is only hard to begin with.

I guarantee, if you persist for one month it would hugely pay off. Great method!!!

– D. Stojanovic

Also Works For Memorizing Sports Moves!

Ivar Haukelidsaeter MMM Testimonial portrait“Thank you for fantastic lessons in the MMM Masterclass. I’m now able to make proper Memory Palaces and using your KAVE COGS has changed the game for me.

I’m now able to memorize much faster and with greater recall than before. Your online masterclass and podcast keeps me inspired every day.

I also wanted to tell you that I have implemented some memorizing to accelerate learning in a activity that’s new to me.

I recently started playing under water rugby, which if you google it, there is very little description of the gameplay, and very little on different tactics. Any information regarding play, and a single players role in the game, is best learned from other more experienced players.

Doing as you have taught me, I focused on preparation, and I have one Memory Palace for each position I can play. Being prepared like this, I memorize each tips given by more experienced players, during the games and after them.

It is simply amazing how much it improves my learning in the sport, because I can review all the tips during gameplay and adjust my play thereafter. Today I have nearly 200 Memory Palaces, and more keep popping in to my mind.

The possibilities seem endless. Once again you have guided me on to a path that works wonders for my Memory Palace practice.

Thank you again for these wonderful tools, and for being such a magnetic figure in the memory community. Your work is truly inspiring. Best wishes!”

– Ivar Haukelidsæter

Memorize Scripture Easily!

In this video testimonial, Mike joins Anthony on the Magnetic Memory Method podcast to talk about how he memorized 66 Psalms with the method.

He says, “one of the things that has struck me is I never had an idea that I’d be able to memorize that many chapters, that much text. It was a big goal. That was just amazing.”

Download Mike’s scripture success story here, or explore how to memorize scripture further with this tutorial (that also shows how to memorize verse numbers).

At 53 I am More Confident Than I Have Been for Many Years

Mike McCollum Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass review photo“I was using memory techniques for training purposes while completing a course. But I did not create the Memory Palace journeys as you teach the first time around.

However, the second time I did follow your advice. Now I know that leaving your core advice ‘until later’ was sheer folly.

Please let folks know that dry theory and hands on labs can be memorized and you can take it with you because it’s all in your mind.

But you need to create the Memory Palaces and journeys at the time when you learn them. Don’t wait till later or you’ll regret it!

Everything will be much easier to master now because I stumbled upon the MMM Masterclass.

At 53 I am more confident than I have been for many years. I cannot thank you enough for your course material and for the information that you have made available to me.”

– Mike McCollum

My Fluency Has Gone Way Up

“I started using your system last January and love it. My fluency has gone way up. But most importantly, my confidence has risen because of what you talk about in your newsletters. I have your daily emails to thank.”

– Matthew

200 Words In Just 10 Days

Amanda Markham Portrait for Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial“I went from understanding only half of what I was hearing, to knowing 70% of what was being said in a very short time.

I’ve been very happy with using this method to increase my vocab. In only ten days, I was able to add 200 new words – which is a phenomenal result!

Once you’ve sorted the basics, it’s really only a few minutes a day to walk through your new words to keep them fresh.”

– Amanda Markham


You Are Santa Claus for Me

“It is very useful and super fantastic article. I love it.

I was not able to remember facts, history dates, and one word answers. I am doing graduation. This article will always help me lifetime specially in national level examination. I am Indian.

And I want to say a great thank you. At this moment, you are really a Santa Claus for me, who fulfil my wish! Thank you so much sir…!

– Neha

Flawless on the First Attempt

Jared Russell MMM Testimonial“A big thank you! I have a big exam coming up that requires me to memorise a number of lists and the thought of simply using brute force repetition was discouraging and unmotivating.

The other day I thought I’d look into alternative memory techniques and I came across your videos.

On my first attempt I was able to map out and recall 17 items flawlessly, and then 22 items for a second list with ease.

This is truly empowering stuff and I’m just getting started. I look forward to fine tuning my skill set further.”

– Jared Russell

Specific Principles You Can Apply Anywhere

“I’ve been pretty disappointed with most ‘self-help’ materials, as they usually end up giving you nothing more than anecdotes that would only work if you somehow ended up in the EXACT situation as the person in their story.

This course is different–you get specific principles that can be applied anywhere and any time. The course is well-presented and interesting.”

– Michael Gerity

You Just Changed My Life Forever

Julio Hahn MMM Testimonial“First of all I want to thank you for creating this amazing program; I just adopted you as my Master Guru in this amazing Magnetic Memory Method marathon journey!

In the past few weeks, I have identified a good 51 potential Memory Palaces, I started working in constructing in detail two of them and to filling them with famous people that I didn’t know their names in the past so I can practice the magnetic modes in identifying each character by relating them with the location.

In two weeks, I was able to memorize more than 200 new actors whose I’m planning to use to memorize new knowledge in the future. I think that by doing this, I will have ready not only specific locations but also good action characters to do something with the new information to come.

I’m very excited! Being honest, sometimes I struggle finding good modes for gustatory and olfactory example visualizations to magnetize the names in the locations, but I’m doing good progress.

I also want to mention that I’m following your suggestion to recite the new characters in my mind before going to sleep and before waking up from bed. So I’m able to relax myself, have a nice sleep and also energize my brain to be ready to start the day!

There’s a lot more that is currently happening; I don’t know exactly what is going to happen in the future, but I’m pretty sure you just changed my life forever!

I think you are just providing me with something I was looking for so many time ago!”

– Julio Hahn

Massive Success Memorizing Pharmaceutical Terminology

In this video testimonial, Iustinian tells the story of what brought him to the Magnetic Memory Method. He was frustrated with all the other resources he found online because they were full of memory tips and tricks rather than an organized method.

He says, after being able to recite an entire class lecture backwards and forwards, “that really makes me amazed, and everyone around me because I was able to compact such a dense amount of information.” He also goes on to talk about the support Anthony provides to his students, recognizing that, “Nobody out there is gonna invest so much time and effort with the passion that Anthony does.”

Would You Also Like To Experience Maximum Memory Improvement? 

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass Image

If so, then you are invited to join these Magnetic Memory Method Family members in the MMM Masterclass now.

My Mind Feels Clearer, Sharper, and Faster

Anne Paulsen MMM Testimonial“After completing the MMM Masterclass, my mind feels clearer, sharper and works faster.

Mastering what was previously a black box to me is such a relief. This gives me confidence.

I personally love the structured, academic and scientific approach, which encourages to adopt the best from all worlds and Anthony is 100% honest that this is not rocket science.

It is simply practice with the right tools. I also find the personal contact with Anthony makes this program extremely good.”

– Anne Paulsen

Truly Gifted Teacher

“I have love for this man. He is a truly gifted teacher.”

– R Two

Provides Discipline And Guidance

“I have personally went on from forgetting to memorizing 3000 Words and two, information dense books in just a span of one month!

Yes, it’s possible with just a little bit of discipline and right guidance which, without a shade of doubt, MMM provides.

This method is really good. And Anthony is really there for you.

I mean that he is answering once and over your questions. Within 24hrs he advises you and guides you to achieve your aim.

And there are extras within that you find out day by day. I am very satisfied.”

– Josep Carrion

The Real Deal

“This is seriously the real deal. No clickbait, it actually works. It’s not just for memorizing shopping lists (but you can still do that) and phone numbers.

This is an incredible practical method for improving your memory.

– Rhyse Thompson

I Enjoy This!

“My overall impression of the Masterclass is growing by day. But at first, I was a little skeptical.

What I very quickly began to discover on going through the Masterclass was how much more additional content there was. The tutorial seemed more like a kind of summary, with a few practical exercises.

The Masterclass is obviously your personally tailored creation, with very specific terminology and tips. I find that the Masterclass gives a lot more advice on how to specifically to get started, including several examples. I find these examples particularly helpful.

As a novice, seeing the techniques is one thing, but putting them into action is a little different. I find myself thinking ‘I’m just supposed to make a bunch of silly pictures in my head??’

The examples of Memory Palaces made by your students really help. It is great to see how different people bring a different flavor to the practice.

I especially like your four cars for memorizing a deck of cards–talk about creating a task specific memory palace; and I never would have thought to use a car. The exercises brought back so many memories, including names of actors, authors and favorite characters, family members, friends and teachers I had forgotten about, and all sorts of, what I hope will be, useful imagery. I couldn’t believe I had watched over 260 movies (probably much fewer than most people my age).

These projects have taken considerable time, but when completed, will be easy to maintain and develop. I have just begun the section on memorizing a deck of cards. While I’m still preparing my imagery for the deck, I used to techniques to recall some passwords I needed for a locker delivery.

For backup, I wrote the codes down, but I didn’t need them. I imagined walking up to the locker, the compartment opening, and a scene unfolding inside. As the locker opened I saw the severed arm of some scientist holding a VILE (85) of mysterious liquid and placing it into a miniature missile SILO (05). He then fired the vile of liquid at a distant battleSHIP (69). The code was, of course, 850569 (only a temporary code).

I enjoy what I have been doing. Recalling the past and creating the lists is a mix of work and fun. Creating the imagery is always fun.

I also enjoy the exercises of creating weird action sentences for imagery, both for memory and for writing/speaking practice. Imagery and action are so important for successful communication. I have made it a PRACTICE.

One other feature of the Masterclass, which is wonderful, is your feedback. It is really great to be able to have someone with experience look at your work and make some comments. Priceless, really.

You helped me to simplify both my memory palace and my goals, making them both easier to work with, and less daunting. When we are overwhelmed, we have a tendency to give up, and even fall into anxiety or depression. Simplifying is a great tool and lesson.

In short, I am enjoying the Masterclass, and I am seeing results. I wish these techniques were taught in school!

– John Lapham

Saved Me Sleepless Nights

“WOW I have never been so surprised learning French and Russian vocabulary in the past has been something I’ve had to pull late nights on but now now it works so well thankyou for sharing saved me sleepless nights. 🙂

Completely works for those doubting the process. Facing GCSEs just got a tad easier :)”

– Just a Vegan Teen

Now More Confident

“I’m a linguist in the military who was required to learn a very difficult Middle Eastern language within one year.

They sent me to specialized training, where native speakers provided an ‘immersion’-like environment and threw vocabulary lists at us every day for 10 months. We were then expected to pass a rigorous evaluation in order to pass the training.

If only I had had this course during those agonizing months, I would have not only passed with flying colors, but finished ahead of schedule!

I’m now confident to attempt even more languages, as well as further improve and develop my current language.”

– Jacqueline Wright

Remember Japanese Exactly How It’s Written

At first, I struggled with memorizing new words when I was learning new languages. I also had considerable amount of brain fog.

Jolita DanasieneAfter studying the course, my mind became clearer, better thinking patterns emerged, and I started learning new words much faster.

I have learned 20 new Japanese words in about an hour! That is pronunciation, meaning and the writing!!! This is amazing because there are some words that I was doodling for years and I still couldn’t remember how exactly they are written.

Now I can!

What are you waiting for? 🙂

– Jolita Danasiene

Remember Multiple Kinds Of Information Quickly

Joe KingThe MMM is insanely effective! For one I have been able to fit approximately 72 items in a typical 4 cornered room.

Among other achievements in the past month I have been able to:

– Memorize the Hiragana and the circle of fifths in a single day

– Memorize 100 words of Japanese the following day

– Memorize a deck of cards in an afternoon

– Commit to memory the key concepts of past notes I’ve taken and books I’ve read

– Learned how to use smaller structures as Memory Palaces. For instance, on the door of my bedroom I’ve been able to make use of 11 points(the door handle, the three hinges, the poster in the middle, the space below my poster, the four corners, and the top and bottom.

– Memorize various lines of literature, poetry, and famous quotes. Now my daily small talk is peppered with the ruminations of Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Jung, Goethe, and Dostoyevsky.

– Committed to memory a few dozen words of my South Sudan coworker’s dialect of KuKu in maybe half an hour. My coworkers were completely blown away and even asked if I had a photographic memory. My friend said that he had never seen anyone able to learn his language so quickly.

Currently I am using the MMM to learn blockchain, editing, digital marketing, and am even experimenting with using it to create meditation and visualization rituals. I am very excited to get into the dream recall module and have been using Anthony’s bonus sleep remedy to great effect for several weeks.

The effects are truly life changing. Make no mistake; this stuff WORKS. Imagine having a supercomputer between your ears that you can use to store and retrieve any information you want. With these principles properly applied you’ll be able to recall material faster than it would take you to search Google.

Active recall is said to be the #1 way to learn anything, well guess what? The MMM supercharges active recall process. Direct Practice + MMM = the ability to learn anything easily.

– Joe King

Fruitful And Fun!

Li MeiI am so happy to share this with you. I finally GET how to work a memory palace.

During our nursing lab exams, we have to do a hands on demonstration of a nursing procedure on a mannequin, incorporating our medical and pharmacological knowledge. I am usually confident with theory papers but this particular exam freaks me out the most because I am not confident with hands on activities and there are innumerable steps to remember to execute in the exact order.

Last semester, I tried what I thought was the memory palace technique. But instead of choosing a fixed location, I tried to anchor the information on different stations in the exam venue itself and the mannequin. When my nerves took over during the actual exam, all the information flew out of my head and it was an extremely unpleasant experience!

This time round, I decided to use a separate familiar location. I also drew an outline of the location on OneNote and cut and pasted relevant images on it to encode the information (pasted below). Then I did several rounds of mental rehearsal, walking through the palace and executing the steps.

I had the exam yesterday. As usual, I was all nerves beforehand. But during the exam itself, I could remember what to do and how to continue after each step and my confidence grew. By the time the exam ended, I was satisfied with my performance and so was the assessor!

Thank you, Anthony, for helping to make my learning fruitful and fun!

Li Mei

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