Anastasia Woolmer on Memorizing Movement and Mastering Recall

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Portrait of Anastasia Woolmer Memory Expert and Memory AthleteNo one has demonstrated the multi-sensory nature of memory techniques with as much grace as Anastasia Woolmer.

In fact, Anastasia has literally married memory training with physical activity.

This means that she’s released the Memory Palace journey and associated memory techniques from the mind.

One of those ways is through dance.

This is wonderful, because I’m asked frequently about how to memorize movement.

Although I’ve played around with it, finally our community has access to the processes by someone who has spent a great deal of time with this memory-movement skill.

It turns out there’s a lot to it – and some standards that already exist in dance.

To supplement the audio, you can check out a demonstration for yourself by watching Anastasia’s TEDx presentation. Then, dig into this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method and learn the “mnemonic logic” behind the movement.


As you can already tell, Anastasia reminds us that mental imagery is not just visual.

Indeed, the best memory strategies always encompass all our senses. The most solid and beneficial techniques incorporate all these senses into a unique and powerful tool that is universally accessible.

The Path Of A WorldClass Memory Expert and Memory Athlete

On top of being a self-taught, two-time Australian Memory Champion, Anastasia is a public speaker, memory coach, former professional dancer and contestant on Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders.

As the Australian Memory Champion, she was the first female to hold the title in the country. Anastasia set the record for the most binary digits remembered in five minutes at 360, the most numbers remembered in 15 minutes, 304, and the most consecutive spoken digits without an error, at a remarkable 86.

Anastasia and I discuss her path, and transformation, from a widely-held (and untrue) belief that her memory was fixed and could not be improved, into a history-making Australian memory champion. As we proceed, you’ll learn more about how she married ancient memory techniques to modern dance to create a method that truly worked for her.

And this podcast and her wisdom is not just for aspiring dancers or choreographers.

As Anastasia demonstrates during our chat, you don’t have to settle for rigid and inflexible learning techniques. You don’t have to be frustrated with attaining your learning goals. You are not tied down to any “right way” to do things.

In the world of dance, I believe this is called free-styling. You’re not bound by the choreography of what moves you should make. Listen to your body, all your senses, and make the journey, and the dance, your own!

Press play now and discover:

  • The two components necessary to be a “fit” human
  • How economics relates to memory improvement
  • The best way to deal with the “initial panic” of an influx of new information to be committed to memory
  • The benefit of memory exercise in a variety of environments, and why noisy surroundings can actually be great for memory training
  • The “trick” to multitasked focus, and a simple activity that anyone can do to strengthen that skill
  • The best method for recovering from memory mishaps, even in a public speaking setting
  • How to use the Method of Loci to memorize and deliver a speech
  • The similarities between writing a story and creating a Memory Palace journey
  • When you shouldn’t memorize anything verbatim (even if it seems like a good idea and you want to strive for perfection – hint: you shouldn’t!)
  • How learning more, more information, more skills, and taking on more hobbies, is an endless cycle, and why you want to be on it!
  • The secret dancers naturally utilize that you will want to always employ in learning new information
  • Why the best methods to memory improvement are multifaceted, multi-sensory, and completely inclusive and customizable, and why individuality is the most important facet of incorporating memory training into your life

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2 Responses to " Anastasia Woolmer on Memorizing Movement and Mastering Recall "

  1. Patricia says:


    She’s really something!

    What I find especially interesting for me is …she kind of took away my rigid way of finding images.

    There is no image police who arrests me when something pops up in my mind that works, but is in theory not the RIGHT image I SHOULD have chosen. If that makes sense…

    Big thumbs up ! Great addition to what I learned in MMM.

    Thanks a million to both Anthony and Anastasia

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