Memory Improvement Resources for Learning And Remembering

Powerful Memory Improvement Resources

Your first stop for memory improvement resources should be the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast on iTunes. You’ll benefit from listening to every episode. Or, if you prefer video, check out my YouTube Channel.

Next, if you don’t yet have a Major System, this full post teaches you how to memorize numbers.

Harry Lorayne on Memory Improvement

Harry Lorayne is one of the ultimate masters and a huge influence on my thinking.  The Memory Book: The Classic Guide to Improving Your Memory at Work, at School and at Play is a wonderful memorization resource.

Tony Buzan On Mind Maps and Memory

You’ll also want to read Tony Buzan. I recommend Use Your Perfect Memory. I’ve written a quick profile of Buzan and have met him personally. We spoke recently and you can listen in here.

I’ve also discussed combining mind maps with Memory Palaces with world mind mapping champion Phil Chambers.

Tony Buzan with Anthony Metivier and Phil Chambers at a ThinkBuzan memory improvement and brain exercise event

Joshua Foer’s Memory Method Journey

A recent memory book that has gotten everyone talking is Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything has an appearance by Tony Buzan that is a delight to read.

Both Buzan and Foer’s success with memorization skills is absolutely stunning. Some people say that this book is filled with too much theory, but it’s actually a compelling story of triumph from a person who doubted the most amazing memorization strategy ever invented and then used it to make magic. Yes, I’m talking about the Memory Palace.

Dominic O’Brien On Memory Techniques

Perhaps my favorite audio program is Dominic O’Brien’s Quantum Memory Power: Learn to Improve Your Memory. O’Brien narrates the book himself, making it a wonderful experience. His passion for memorization techniques really shines through. You can read the quick Magnetic Memory Method profile of O’Brien for more information.

The Dark Side of Memory Improvement?

You’ve probably seen Kevin Trudeau hawking his products on late night television infomercials. Don’t groan when I mention him, however, and don’t let talk of him being a scam artist turn you away. His Mega Memory is one of the best memory products I’ve ever encountered, particularly for memorizing a deck of cards. The dude talks a lot, but in Mega Memory, everything he promises is right there, ready to be learned.

Richard Osterland And Memory In the World Of Mentalism

From the world of magicians and mentalists, I recommend Richard Osterlind’s Easy to Master Mental Miracles. He uses a pretty simple memory technique, but it’s great to see him perform it and he explains how to use it well.

Derren Brown On How To Remember Anything

Tricks of the Mind is Derren Brown’s third book. It includes a very powerful chapter on memorization that will take you further on your journey as a memory artist.

Classic Memory Improvement Resources From History

I recommend that you read Anne Merritt’s article on vocabulary memorization.

If you’re into the ancients, Aristotle’s writing on Memory and Reminiscence is top notch.

Ad Herennium is also worth checking out. I’ve discussed the memory parts of Rhetorica Ad Herennium in-depth as well.

Thomas Aquinas has a lot to say on memory as well.

Language Learning Memory Resources

If ever you are uncertain of how to pronounce the foreign language words you are memorizing using the Magnetic Memory Method, check out this amazing resource for listening to the pronunciation of native speakers in multiple languages:

Forvo gives you not only one pronunciation, but also pronunciations by different speakers who have uploaded their voices. This means that you get a range of pronunciations and therefore a larger understanding of how the word sounds in different contexts.

Finally, if you find any resources that you think should be included in this list, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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