The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan

Complete the Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan to embark on a no-holds-barred journey through everything you need to know about using memory techniques.

You’ll learn the most streamlined and useful way to create a “Memory Palace” to store information in your mind and turn it into knowledge that you can access when you need it.

You’ll discover the power of “Magnetic Imagery” and how to use “Recall Rehearsal” to make any information stick permanently in your mind.

You’ll receive these results because the MMM Masterplan includes the most-prized secrets of learning vast amounts of information quickly. You really can make any learning project fast, fun and endlessly valuable to your studies or professional career. All you need is the world’s best memory improvement training that can show you how to memorize anything.

What Will You Learn In This Exclusive Memory Course?

  • Blueprinting Your Magnetic Memory Palace Network For Mastering Any Topic
  • Instantly Boosting Your Intelligence And Social Capital With PROVEN Mental Memory Secrets
  • Increasing The Speed Of Learning Dramatically
  • Creating Long Term Memories That Lead To Knowledge And Professionalism In Any Field
  • Breaking Through Any Barriers Stopping You From Learning Anything You Want
  • Gaining Every Competitive Advantage Using These Simple Memory Mastery Secrets

Anyone who wants to gain a truly unfair competitive advantage in their studies or profession needs to master their memory. This world class memory improvement course will show you how.

What You Get

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan is delivered to you in a compact video course with MP3s and exercises that deliver the most important skills you need to master your memory. Once you complete the core course, you’ll use the Exercises to grow your skills and the MMM Study Plan to “choose your own adventure” throughout the rest of the MMM Masterclass.


7 videos with accompanying MP3s, PDF slides and worksheets. Includes bonus Memory Palace Walkthrough videos and exclusive “Meditation Memory Palace Maximizer” MP3s.


“As always, I am glad and overflowing with gratitude to the Magnetic Memory Method.
For example, the meditation audios in the Masterplan course are extremely powerful.

I always listen to them until I fall a sleep at night. I noticed that they helped me recall more vividly. They also eased my anxiety.

You have enabled me to see life in a different spectrum. I’d love to thank you in person.”
– Jessica Villanueva

The Masterplan Is Available Exclusively in the MMM Masterclass
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  • Recite poetry, jokes, and even long speeches word-for-word
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Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, names, music, poetry and more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

Dr. Metivier holds a Ph.D. in Humanities from York University and has been featured in Forbes, Viva Magazine, Fluent in 3 Months, Daily Stoic, Learning How to Learn and he has delivered one of the most popular TEDx Talks on memory improvement.

His most popular books include, The Victorious Mind and… Read More

Anthony Metivier taught as a professor at: