How to Remember Your Dreams Video Course LogoThe Magnetic Memory Method is here for you to explore every possible aspect of memory – including answer your questions about how to remember your dreams.

If you’ve ever wished that you could recall every minute of the dreams that pass through your mind while sleeping, now is your chance to stop them from flashing by and hold onto them forever.

What You’ll Learn

Learn all the steps to seduce your memory into helping you remember 6-7 (or more) dreams per night.

Use Anthony’s simple morning formula to achieve fantastic dream recall results by creating the perfect “dream incubator” for storing everything so you can easily remember any dream you wish years later.

Discover Anthony’s specific methodology for understanding the critically important topics you’re processing during your sleep so you can fine-tune your daily activities and expand the pleasure you take in life. And you can have it all without the meaningless woo-woo of “New Agey” dream interpretation and other nonsense.

Figure out how to use your dreams to become more visually creative – and if you’re a writer, you’ll discover an endless source of narratives.

Learn Anthony’s simple, but incredibly powerful model, for catching yourself in unhelpful daydreaming.

Create your own personal philosophy on how to live well in this world. Figure out how easy it is to remember your dreams and use them to create the life you really want to live and improve your memory in the process with these practical strategies.

Who Is It For?

This video course is for anyone looking to turn their dreams into “memory wealth.” Many come to dream recall with visionary zeal in the hopes of going lucid night after night. This is NOT the focus of this course.

How to Remember Your Dreams is for you if your key goal is to remember your dreams, explore an alternative form of memory improvement, develop your creativity and live a more interesting life.

What You Get

A thorough, 9-video course with 94-page Ebook. You also get two bonus videos and PDFs. The first teaches what it really means to interpret your dreams and how to do it. In the second bonus, you learn how Anthony uses dream recall skills to write entire novels. A sample novel is available to owners of this course upon request.


“This is an amazing course. I remember more and more of my dreams everyday and they’re so helpful for problem solving. Thanks Anthony!”
– Chazay Sandhriel, Ph.D


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