Memorization Technique Secrets: 5 Rarely Known Benefits Of Mnemonics

Diamond to express the rareness of memorization technique benefitsAre you looking for the perfect memorization technique?

And getting frustrated?

Well, don’t blame yourself. Because it is frustrating, isn’t it?

I mean… everywhere you go people are using different terminology.


P.A.O. …

Mind Palace…

Roman Room…

Journey Method…

Mnemonic Peg System…

How Real Are The Promises Of Memorization Techniques
For Students And Mature Learners?


I mean, lets face it:

All those terms sometimes make the whole memory improvement world feel a bit like a hoax.

After all, even if science backs up memory improvement techniques 100%…

Why the heck can’t people get their terms straight!?!

Well, let’s get the painful truth about the world of memorization techniques out of the way:

Whether you want to know how to memorize a speech fast or are desperate for memorization techniques for studying…

You’re going to come across a lot of different terms.

That’s just the way the world of memory improvement. It has been since humans started developing memorization techniques to help them survive.

And it’s getting more complex!

But in reality, a lot of those techniques are essentially the same

Each and every one has a location-based element in one way or another.

That means that all memorization techniques are spatial.

And as Thales, the first person in the West to be considered a philosopher and scientist in the same body, said:

Megiston topos hapanta gar chorei

(Space is ultimate for it contains all things)

That’s the very cool thing about the discoveries here at the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast.

Once you understand this and practice with memorization techniques from this basis, your results will accelerate.

And the complexity eases down, even if there will still be ins and outs to consider.

And if you’re interested in more about the history of where mnemonics come from to help humans deal with complexity and how they used space to do it, please check out Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code.

Just as we do here on this blog nearly every week, Lynne’s book will show you exactly how learning these techniques will help you deal with extreme complexity in modern life.

My course which you can subscribe to at the bottom of this post will take you through everything too. It’s free.

For now, let’s persist and do our best to get past all the confusing terminology.

Let’s talk instead about the…


5 Little-Known Benefits Of Using The Best
Memorization Technique Of Them All


Ultimately, what will help most people is the Magnetic Memory Palace.

At the end of this post, you’ll get an opportunity to learn how to create one of these for free, along with the best terminology we’ve got.

Forbidden City Memory Palace

No more “method of loci” or other confusing terms. Again, the truth is that the linking method and the peg method and the Roman Room, the Major System and all the rest…

You can use them all at the same time in a Magnetic Memory Palace.

And if you know the benefits of learning to do so…

Any overwhelm you face will be easy to handle.

Plus, you can experience these 5 benefits, starting with…


1. Use Fast Memorization Techniques To Make Learning Fun!


I get email every day from people who find learning a real challenge.

Some of them are struggling to learn and remember very boring topics.

That’s a real problem too because when you’re bored…

Your progress slows to a crawl.

Yet, when you have the right memorization technique for the job, things not only get faster…

The memorization techniques for studying you use make everything more interesting.

And more fun.

The Best Memorization Techniques Rapidly Increase Focus And Concentration


Why A Memory Method Is Better Than A Memory System Featured Image

Especially when you know how to to improve focus and concentration with a memorization technique like the Magnetic Memory Palace.

Of course, it helps too if you know about motivation in learn, such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Basically, you just have to make sure that you’re always dangling a carrot in front of you instead of threatening yourself with a stick.

Don’t believe me? Self punishment is a real issue when it comes to memory. Please avoid it at all costs.


2. Memorization Techniques For Exams Reduce Stress


Imagine walking into an exam that you know you will pass with 100% certainty.

It’s totally possible if you have the right memory techniques on your side.

And in this episode about Giordano Bruno, Scott Gosnell talks about how you can create a Memory Palace out of the examination room itself.

Giordano Bruno Statue of Mnemonist and Memory Palace Innovator With Anthony Metivier

The stress reduction isn’t just about memorization techniques for college students either.

Many adults face certification exams at different points in their career.

And when you’re working full time, the stress on your memory can be huge. (And if you suffer Manic Depression like I did during university, these memory improvement tips for the Manic Depressive University Student will be especially helpful.)

For that reason, it totally makes sense to have the best memorization technique on the planet ready to go.


3. Using Effective Memorization Techniques
Create Long-Term Brain Health


Use it or lose it.

We hear the phrase all the time.

But how many of us actively complete brain exercises? (No, not the Cogmed variety, but real brain exercises.)

And more than just real brain fitness. Do you do it…


Whether you’re getting a brain workout from visual memorization techniques or memorization techniques for actors (because remembering cool lines from movies helps), regularity matters.

Sunglasses reflecting a scholarly bookshelf

Or as one of the supporters of the Magnetic Memory Method once said (Howdy, Alex!):

Use the right memorization technique for the job or go H.O.M.E.

The acronym stands for:





And let me tell you, if you want to know how to remember things you read or learn a new language, you’ll want to get started right away.

After all, the more you learn, the more you can learn.

And if you, like me, want to be sharper as a whistle in your old age, the time to start using the best memorization techniques on the planet is not now…

It’s right now.


4. The Right Memorization Technique Can Help You
Scratch That Language Off Your Bucket List


Sure, memory exercises are fun. They can perhaps even stave off Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

But knowing another language can also help. There’s even proof that bilingualism is a brain and memory health strategy.

Not only is language learning an ongoing source of mental fitness, but you get the benefits of more socialization.

You can literally meet more people and get to know them more deeply.

This exposure to people enriches the brain with chemicals.

Bilingualism Magnetic Memory Method Podcast

The other cool thing about the Memory Palace technique I suggest you learn and use involves the organized approach you can take.

I realize this is going to sound counterintuitive, but here’s the thing:

Language learning experts and polyglots like my friend Olly Richards are right.

They advise that you always learn words in phrases. Or at least think intelligently about the question, single words or full sentences?


Why Memorizing Words Is A Skill Instead Of Phrases Matters


But from the perspective of mnemonics – and especially the Magnetic Memory Method – this is right only after you know how to memorize individual words.

If you can’t do that, then memorizing entire phrases will be too complicated (at first).

You’ll be trying to build the house of your fluency from the roof down. You need to build up your memory skills from the foundations instead.

This fact is why my international bestselling course is called How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language.

Not “the phrases” of any language.

Start with the foundations of individual words and you will quickly learn to memorize entire phrases.

Not only that, but you’ll learn to memorize any grammar rules you wish, including conjugation rules.

But you need a memory method willing to tell the truth.

And that truth involves mastering the basics first before going for gold.

Once that’s established, you really can experience massive boosts in fluency and learn entire phrases on demand.

If you’re skeptic, that’s a good thing. I’ve got two more resources for you:

First: Here are 15 Reasons Why Learning A Language Is Good For Your Brain.

Second: Here’s a live stream replay where you can watch me memorizing Chinese song lyrics in real time in front of an audience:


Anyone can do this and I would love if I could inspire you in this way, so give it a view. And please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re there if you’d like to join me on a future live stream.

I really put my butt on the line to demonstrate for you exactly how these techniques work. And as you’ll see – I felt VERY good when I pulled off the challenge.

Wouldn’t you like to feel good like that too?


5. The Right Memorization Technique For The Job Eliminates Fear


Let’s face it:

Students suffer from examination phobia.

Language learners quake in their boots when they get the chance to speak with a native.

Doctors make mistakes with patient names that kill.

And so on.

The reality is that no one has to suffer from the fears of making mistakes.

Yes, sometimes they happen. That’s just part of reality.

Memory Destroying Foods - and What To Eat Instead

But the benefits of good memory with the right memorization technique can reduce mistakes dramatically.

Especially when people use their knowledge to remember to sleep, eat well and keep hydrated.

Memory techniques really are about more than just learning faster.

They’re about improving every aspect of your life and creating balance.



And ultimately, competence and control over your destiny.


How To Deal With The Global Abundance Of Memorization Techniques


Yes, there are a lot of terms out there as more and more people teach their favorite memorization technique.

But try not to get lost in the terminology.

Just find memory training and memory improvement courses you resonate with and trust.

Give those memory experts your attention.

Follow the instructions and recommendations.


You’ll be amazed by the memory improvement you experience.


You’ll be thrilled by the additional benefits using memory techniques brings.

Are you ready to be thrilled? Let me know in the discussion area below and then grab the Magnetic Memory Method Improvement Kit to get started today!
Magnetic Memory Method Free Memory Improvement Kit

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