How to Memorize 70 Decks of Playing Cards For Charity: A Memory Training Convo with Braden Adams

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Braden Adams with 70 decks of playing cardsImagine memorizing 70 decks of playing cards to raise money for Alzheimer’s. 

Not just to fund research into curing the disease, but also to support front line workers who help care for the victims of this cruel disease. 

Well, that’s the goal memory athlete Braden Adams set for himself. 

Think about this for a second: That’s 70 times 52…

3640 cards, all shuffled up.

That’s a lot of Memory Palace prep and Braden and I dig into that topic, including the “Shadow” technique used for encoding the cards – a powerful way of applying mnemonic tacts you’re not going to miss. 

I haven’t developed the Shadow for myself (yet), but rest assured it’s much more robust than this technique for memorizing a deck of playing cards.

But it’s the meaning of Braden’s mission I want to focus on above all.

It is incredible.


Because memorizing cards is a perfectly aligned symbol for the battle against conditions like Alzheimer’s.

After all, the disease mixes up your thoughts and memories, but when you have the kind of memory skills Braden has developed for yourself, no matter how shuffled those cards get, you can still lay everything out in perfect order. 

To train, Braden has been using the International Association of Memory software and live streaming the journey to 70 decks on Twitch. 

I wanted to learn more about this training journey and help spread the word about his mission.

His tips on creating a proper Memory Palace are golden.

And as we speak, people have already been donating to the cause! 

If you’d like to toss in a few Magnetic clams, as I’ve done myself, you’ll find the donation link in the description or can simply type this handy link I’ve created for the cause.

But you can also consider donating to any Alzheimer’s charity near you during this drive. 

You can also watch Braden memorize and recall the decks live on August 28th on his stream by visiting his Twitch page.

Until the event takes place, if you like digging deep into the nitty gritty about how memory techniques work and how you can use them to complete MASSIVE memory projects like memorizing 70 decks of cards, I think you’re going to love this discussion.

For another interview with Braden, here’s the last time he was on the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast.

It’s also a great conversation packed with valuable info!

For more on Braden, follow him on:

Braden’s Twitter

Braden on Instagram


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