Nelson Dellis On Remember It! And Visual Memory Techniques

Nelson Dellis Featured Image For Remember It Interview Magnetic Memory MethodLooking for visual memory techniques?

And I mean truly visual.

In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Nelson Dellis takes us behind the scenes of his new book, Remember It!

No kidding:

It is the most visual memory improvement book I have ever seen.

Even better, Nelson shares his unique way of using the Memory Palace technique to get the best results for both competition and learning.

All on an incredibly visual basis unlike anything we’ve seen since Bruno’s On the Shadows of the Ideas (and then some).

I really appreciate the visual memory techniques in Nelson’s new book for the way it will help so many people who get lost in the technical details involved in memory techniques.

No one is to blame for that. It does have it’s “cerebral” aspects and we’ve needed people who can teach that.

But never before has someone both exposed the need for visual training we all need and taken so much care and attention into making mnemonic examples truly visual.

Seriously, Remember It! is almost like a visual mnemonics dictionary.

But you might be asking yourself…

Who is This Nelson Dellis Anyway?
Some Kind Of Memory Champion?  


As a matter of fact, yes.

And he’s got some of the best memory improvement tips in town. Here’s a quick summary of some of the best:

Nelson Dellis Magnetic Memory Method Infographic

You see? Nelson’s even inspired me to up my game and get more visual too. Hence this infographic summary. Thanks Nelson!

More Reasons I Find Nelson Dellis Inspiring And Influential
For The Life-Long Study Of Mnemonics

Nelson Dellis is a 4x USA Memory Champion, Memory Athlete, Memory Consultant, Published Author and highly sought-after Keynote Speaker.

Nelson is also the Founder & CEO of Climb For Memory, a non-profit charity that aims to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease research. He does this through mountain climbs all around the world.

Nelson approaches memory techniques scientifically and as part of living a good and healthy life.

If you’d like to learn more of the memory techniques Nelson has crafted for himself and how imagination can play a big role in your memory improvement, download this podcast now.

No. Wait. First do this:

Order a copy of Nelson’s new book, Remember It!

Oh okay… still not convinced?

Press play now and you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what inspired Nelson to write down his approach to championship-level memory techniques
  • How the visual memory techniques illustrated in Remember It can help you better understand memory techniques
  • How to make use of all your senses for memory improvement
  • The importance of establishing and keeping trust in your memory
  • How physical objects can help your memory
  • Different ways of managing Memory Palaces and making sure they are truly visual
  • The true meaning of “Multiple Memory Palaces” and why you must create a number of them (never rely on just one)
  • How to use the “Body Peg List” in an interesting way
  • How the alphabet can help in remembering
  • Tips on quick memorization for when you just have to Remember It!

If you want to see Remember It and just how visual it is, check out this video:


3 Reasons Nelson’s Visual Memory Techniques Are The Best So Far

Let’s face it:

1. There are thousands of books and programs on memory improvement.

But never before has anyone gone to any great length to make their mnemonic examples leap from the page.

Nelson does.

And this is very powerful because you sense through your eyes what needs to be happening in your mind.

2. Even if you have aphantasia, Nelson’s book will help.

This is because Nelson makes it clear that memory techniques are always visual for all people, and all people are visual. Yes, no matter what.

But he also makes it clear that you need to make your approach multi-sensory.

And he gives you great ways to dive in and experience memory techniques. The visual prompts make it difficult not to want to give them a try.

3. Nelson is aware of the real value of memorization techniques.

It’s not just about winning prizes, learning languages or conquering your exams at school.

It’s about conquering life itself.

And to do that, you’ve got to bring the body and the mind together.


Should You Buy Remember It?

In a word, “yes!”

Remember It will become your go-to book for ideas, inspiration, guidance and strategic know-how.

You’ll discover the best mix of scientifically proven visual memory techniques with practical application in both memory competition and in life.

Grab it from your favorite local or online bookseller now and then reach out and let Nelson know loud and clear that you appreciate with a review on Amazon and a follow across his presence on the web.

Well… What are you waiting for!?!

Get started with these resources now! 🙂

For More On Nelson Dellis:

Nelson Dellis’s website

Remember It on Amazon

Climb for Memory

Nelson Dellis on Twitter

Nelson Dellis on Facebook

Nelson Dellis on YouTube

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Extreme Memory Improvement With Memory Champion Nelson Dellis

6 Responses

  1. Thanks, Anthony Metivier for sharing this interview with Nelson Dellis. Fantastic 50 to 100 Memory Palaces! with more practice (tools) to help us remember more.

    1. My pleasure, Maricela. I appreciate you taking a second to comment and let us both know you appreciated this episode.

      Yes, it’s great to hear from Nelson about the important role multiple Memory Palaces have played for him. All students of the memory improvement tradition need to understand this and make sure they don’t miss out on what proper spatial mapping can do for them when thoroughly exercised.

  2. I listened this morning and went to Barnes and Noble to see the vivid illustrations myself. They said that they didn’t have it and it was out of print so it couldn’t be ordered. 🙁 I put it on my wishlist.

    1. That’s strange, Christy, and sorry to hear that this mega-store is telling you a brand new book is out of print. There must be something awry with their systems because it just came out.

      I haven’t checked, but I’ll bet that you can use the “Look Inside” function on Amazon to see a number of the illustrations that way. Usually they let you look through about 10% of the book.

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