How To Memorize Like Sherlock Holmes With A Mind Palace

Image of a detective to express skepticism about the Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace conceptAdmit it. You’ve wished you had a Mind Palace like Sherlock Holmes.

And I get a ton of questions about how to memorize just like this famous detective in his Mind Palace.

But here’s the thing about that famous Sherlock Holmes Mind Palace scene:

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Sherlock Holmes Is Not Remembering Anything Useful!


It’s true.

The cool factor is there – no doubt about it.

But you’re a real human being.

That means you’re looking for real Memory Palace (or Mind Palace) examples. Like this one:

Image of a Memory Palace drawing by Anthony Metivier

Yeah, I know.

Not nearly as sexy as what you seen in the series.

But the truth is that real memory abilities, like the kind people like Derren Brown demonstrate along with memory champions like Mark Channon and Alex Mullen

You Need To Draw Them If You Want To Pimp
Your Memory And Make It Sizzle


Because let’s face it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could turn your brain into a Mind Palace App?

Or “pimp your memory,” as some people have put it?

Well, you can. And you should.

But you’ve got to stop fantasizing about being some kind of Sherlock Holmes. Take this free memory improvement course and kit instead:

Free Memory Palace Memory Improvement Course

And if you’re going to sink time into Sherlock Holmes on Netflix, then you’ll want to know how to increase your memory abilities while watching a long form series without expecting it to do the work for you.

And that means creating a Memory Palace. In fact, you want to create an entire network of them.

Is a Memory Palace different than a Mind Palace?

You Better Believe It 


In fact, as the Germans say, you can take poison on it (du kannst Gift darauf nehmen).

Just look at the difference in terminology.

First off, where the heck is the word “memory” in “Mind Palace”?

Seriously …

You need Sherlock’s mythical magnifying glass to find it!

Not only that, but we’re not talking about using your mind at large.

No. We’re talking about a laser-targeted use of Memory.

And not just any kind of memory. Memory matched with the Magnetic Modes, a full range of sensory perception. Like this:

Magnetic Memory Method Magnetic Modes And Magnetic Imagery Infographic For Powerful Memory Palace creation


When you understand how all this works, along with some Memory Palace Science, you’ll be in a good position to leave old Sherlock Holmes in the dust with his silly Mind Palace technique.


Not Yet Convinced Of The Power Of  A Memory Palace
Instead Of A Mind Palace? 


I can’t say I blame you.

It does sound like semantics, after all.

But the truth is that the terminology we use does matter. In fact, it’s an important part of these 3 Powerful Memory Training Techniques From Around The World.

And please don’t forget that the Memory Palace applies to your quest to get good at remembering numbers:

… Not to mention learning how to improve vocabulary with mnemonic examples from someone who loves memory techniques:

Yes, it truly does matter what terms we use. The right terms for memory improvement make all the difference in the world.

So… What Kind Of Mind Palace Do You Prefer? 


A memory improvement construct based on a fantasy character who never existed?

Or a real memory tool like the Memory Palace based on what real people use in the real world?

Let me know and please take full advantage of the reality of memory training. It’s far more powerful than any fiction will ever produce!

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