Mnemonics, Language Learning And Virtual Memory Palaces In Discussion With Timothy Moser

Optimized-Dollarphotoclub_94745935In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Timothy Moser of Master of Memory, Accelerated Spanish and Ace Productivity joins us for the second time. If you haven’t heard that first interview, check it out. Timothy’s ideas will make you more productive, especially when it comes to using memory skills.

In this episode, we open the discussion further by talking more specifically about mnemonics and language learning. From there, we move into speculative areas about virtual Memory Palaces and the realities of teaching mnemonics to others. You’ll also learn about:

* Timothy’s emphasis on stressing syllables in order to gain recall boosts when studying foreign languages … and even your own mother tongue.

* Alphabetized Memory Palaces and journeys, including thoughts on how to mix these with Timothy’s Memory Palaces for memorizing parts of speech.

* Why you need to sit down and plot your Memory Palaces in order for them to fully effective.

* The importance of relaxation in using mnemonics.

* The relationship between Mad Libs and language learning. This is an excellent metaphor and way to think about your approach to acquiring new vocabulary using memory skills.

* Why mnemonics are almost always fun (and the main reason they sometimes aren’t).

* The specific way Timothy uses location-based memory strategies from a “functional standpoint”

* Timothy’s patterned Recall Rehearsal and how he reduces revision over time. He’s all about getting the most out of the minimum and he tells you exactly why so you can model the approach.

* How to arrange words for the concept of time in Spanish using a single, theme-based Memory Palace.

* How talking about mnemonics with other people will improve your understanding and use of the techniques.

* The dangers and benefits involved in sharing associative-imagery with others. I’ve written about why mnemonic examples rarely work before, but Timothy has a fresh take on this.

* Why professional mnemonists are opposed to giving examples – and why they are both right and wrong about their resistance in this area.

* Ideas about music mnemonics and different approaches to using them. This is an area where people interested in mnemonics can definitely experiment more and stretch the limits.

* The truth about “virtual” Memory Palaces and how to experiment with them in an informed way. There may not be a right or wrong way when it comes to success with imaginary places to store information in your mind, but certainly some ways are more realistic than others.

* Why real locations are almost always better than invented Memory Palaces and why you should never discount the power of the places you know.

* Why none of us will ever run out of Memory Palaces in our lifetimes and how to overcome Memory Palace “scarcity” (it’s easy).

* The relationship between sex, death, memory skills and video games.

* The right and the wrong way to use rote repetition and the truth about spaced-repetition.

* Why you need to be open to new ideas if you want to succeed with mnemonics.

* Why those who learn about learning leverage the greatest results.

* Why you shouldn’t treat your education as entertainment and why you need to take action in order to get results (we tell you what you should do and it’s probably the only way).

* Own struggles and current projects with memorizing large amounts of information.

* … and much, much more.

This episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast gives you a fascinating look behind the scenes as two thinkers and action-takers in the world of memory skills show you exactly what it takes to get started, keep going and get amazing results. You’ll hear from people actually in the trenches of memory who not only get great results for themselves, but for thousands of other people too.

Further Resources

Timothy has a number of memory courses you can study for free. These include lessons on memorizing a book of the Bible and using mnemonics to help you learn Spanish.

I have several posts on memorizing music. This one was mentioned during the podcast. It’s called Memorize Bach On Bass.

How to Enhance Your Memory With Virtual Memory Palaces.

Scientific article called Building a memory palace in minutes: Equivalent memory performance using virtual versus conventional environments with the Method of Loci.

2 Responses

  1. This approach should replace the typical teaching methods of the educational establishment in the US. Finally a way to learn which is not focused on boring repetition and reading of boring materials. I would have never thought my brain could absorb information so easily and rapidly. It is the “Keys to the Kingdom!”

    1. Agreed on all points. Let’s do all we can to put these keys in the hands of the many.

      Many thanks for checking out this discussion with Timothy Moser and for commenting. That’s a huge part of spreading the good news about memory techniques. 🙂

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