The Memory Journal For Competition and Developing Mnemonic Systems For Learning With Johannes Mallow

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Memory Athlete Johannes MallowHave you ever set your mind on accomplishing something big?

Johannes Mallow did.

After seeing memory techniques demonstrated on German television, he decided he would do more than merely learn them.

He committed to conquering the most challenging memory competitions on the planet.

And despite all the odds, including battling against a physical condition…

Mallow made it happen.

And today he uses his status as a world renowned memory athlete and memory expert to help others.

He’s an incredible promotor of memory sports and has helped many people experience the power of their minds.

In this exclusive interview, Mallow shares some of the lesser-known secrets of how to develop the memory systems needed to succeed.

The Role Of The Memory Journal In Memory Sports And Long Term Learning

One of the most important tools you can use when learning memory techniques is the memory journal.

Listen in as Johannes Mallow shares tips and tricks around getting one started and using it to optimize your memory skills over time.

These are tips you’ll wish you’d had years ago!

Johannes Mallow On Practical Memory Techniques

One thing I appreciate highly in Johannes’ approach to teaching memory skills is clarity.

See, a lot of memory athletes make it seem like how they use mnemonics for competition translates to long term learning gains.

Make no mistake:

The techniques are definitely related.

But you need a bit more in order to form long-term memories, such as active recall.

This is so refreshing to hear!

And all the more so in the context of keeping a Memory Journal.


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