15 Ways Your Home Is Crushing your Memory

Image of home to illustrate a concept in memory being crushed by poor managementHome is where the heart is, right?

Judging by my inbox and all the pains and frustrations with memory I hear …

Maybe not.

I mean, think about it:

You pour all that hard-earned money into rent or your mortgage, and yet …

You’re Living In A Memory-Toxic Dump!


It really doesn’t matter how much you like your home. If you don’t set it up for memory success and sufficient memory care home solutions, you’re leading yourself down a path of mental destruction.

And yes, there are things worse than Alzheimer’s.

Such as letting another moment slip by without the extraordinary powers available to you now for improving your memory based on Memory Palace Science.

In addition to all the memory techniques you can learn here on the site, here are 15 more ways that your home is crushing your memory. Avoid these issues and your memory abilities will soar.


1. Your Fridge Is Filled With Memory Destroying Foods


Here’s a rule of thumb you must not forget:

If it comes with a list of ingredients, it’s probably wrecking your brain.

I know it’s hard these days. Almost everything comes wrapped in plastic and there are additives in everything.

Heck, you can’t even trust your local farmer’s market.

But sticking with foods that improve memory isn’t hard. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things you can do.

And yes, it’s the one time Magnetic Memory Method fans know I think it’s okay to memorize your shopping list.

So drop the sauces and start eating well. Your brain and memory will thank you for it.


2. No Mat, No Enlightenment, No Memory Improvement


Getting sick of hearing about meditation?


In study after study, scientists keeps piling on all the benefits of meditation for your memory. And the good news is that memory is good for all kinds of other life areas too.

Don’t believe me? Just listen:


3. No Dedicated Study And Memory Location


People say they want to get smarter, but do they act like it?

Just take a look around your own home and point to all the places you go to FOCUS.

If you can’t even come up with one, then you and your memory are in trouble.

Don’t you think it’s time to fix it?


4. How Scribbling Can Save The Life Of Your Memory


Once you have a place to focus in, it’s good to have rituals. My morning rituals for Mandarin have changed a bit since I first shared them, but the basics are the same.

And a huge part of getting my language learning done involves having an if-this-then-that chain of events.

To help, I’m currently using The Mastery Journal, which is John Lee Dumas’ follow-up to the excellent Freedom Journal.

Why not just use an app?

Digital amnesia, for one thing. It’s killing your memory and your brain.

Kind of like reading from screens is sucking your brain dry of the life it used to have.


5. Not Enough Dead Weight


Two words.

More books.

Real books.

It’s true:

People can’t remember nearly as much of what they read from a digital device as they can from physical books.


I have a lot of pet theories, but the important thing is that you make sure you’ve got physical books in your home. Even if it’s just a couple, so long as you actually read them, you’ll be doing your memory and brain a favor.


6. Not Enough Playful Romance (And Yes, Sex)


If you want to keep your brain and memory healthy, you’ve got to do it.


But more than just get physical with your partner, you’ve got to be romantic and make love in memorable ways.


Ask questions.


Remind your lover of the things you remember and prove that the past of your relationship matters.

Because it does matter, doesn’t it?

And if you can’t imagine it mattering, maybe you need to get checked out for aphantasia.


7. Too Much Idiot Box


Okay, everybody knows the truth here:

TV has gotten better. And you can improve your memory by watching long form series and making a network of Memory Palaces from them.

But here’s the thing:

No matter how good TV gets, it’s still twitchy.

Instead of helping you extend your attention span, it’s constantly shrinking it.

Not only that, you’re continually being exposed to bad news that create the perception of a negative world.

Well, guess what?

That world doesn’t actually exist.

And if you don’t believe me, just read The Better Angels Of Our Nature by Stephen Pinker.

‘nuff said.


8. Too Many Interruptions From Mobile Devices


If the TV isn’t interrupting your attention, instant notifications from a dozen or more less than useful apps are probably yapping at you.

Seriously, does the latest post on Facebook really matter that much to you? Wouldn’t you rather be experiencing the benefits of learning a new language instead?

Listen, I use social media too, but there’s a time and place for it and the home isn’t one of them. Try digital fasting and use social media only when you’re out at a cafe or some other place.

My prediction:

You’ll enjoy where you live more than you ever imagined possible.


9. No Wheels, No Memory Skills


Crazy, but true. I know all kinds of people who prefer driving to work when they could ride.

A bike. They’re not only great exercise, but you can use bikes as Memory Palaces too.

And driving instead of cycling means a few things:

You’re robbing yourself of exercise while polluting the environment.

You’re also robbing yourself of experiencing the world at a deeply infinite level.

You see more when you go slower and that means you have more interesting thoughts to think.

Plus, you’ll discover you have more Memory Palace options in your environment than you ever realized before. These will come in handy when you know how to improve memory for studying.


10. Only One Language Spoken At Home


This one’s a kicker.

Far too many people live monolingual lives.

Worse, they’ve hypnotized themselves into thinking that learning another language is hard.

It costs time, energy and maybe a bit of money. No doubt about it.

But hard?

That’s just negative self-hypnosis.

Check out The Big Five Of Language Learning and put this nonsense about language learning being difficult to rest.

Your home will become so much more vibrant when you have multiple languages flowing through it.

And that can’t help but be super-healthy for your memory and your brain.

11. Clutter, Clutter Everywhere And Not A Thought To Think


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve got a fair amount of clutter around me a lot of the time.

But I also spend a few moments every morning clearing it up too. It’s written into my Mastery Journal as part of my morning routine.

And not just the clutter around my physical desk. I spend at least 5-10 minutes arranging the files on my desktop into folders too.

It does a lot to create focus and peace of mind, not to mention a heightened ability to find things fast.


12. No Musical Instruments


Like language learning, studying music is incredible for your memory.

Not only that, but you can explore music and mnemonics together in many fascinating ways.

Plus, you’re already probably familiar with the music mnemonics they teach in schools.

Why not revive them and put them to some use?


13. Not Using Your Home As A University Campus


Did you know that you can get university level certifications for free?

Welcome to the wonderful world of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). For more information about these, check out my interview with Barbara Oakley.

Why should you listen to what she has to say about Massive Open Online Courses?


She’s the creator behind the biggest MOOC in the world!

She’s also the author of several great books, including the wonderful Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential.

That library I was suggesting you should build in order to ensure that your home stops crushing your memory?

Add MindShift to it.


14. Not Teaching The Kids How To Use A Memory Palace
(And Then More Than One Memory Palace)


If there’s one crime against humanity that gets the hounds of hell howling louder than any other, it’s this one.

Memory improvement techniques for kids are easy to teach and do so much good for everyone in your home.

Whether it’s learning history, the multiplication table, or just the simple ability to memorize the names of new people, your kids will be much more delightful to be around if you give them the gift of memory.

And let’s be clear:

Introducing your kids to memory techniques shouldn’t be done on a whim. It’s kind of like a Martial Art, especially if you do it the Magnetic Memory Method way.

They don’t call me the Bruce Lee of Memory for nothing, after all.

One of the key reasons for this honor stems from the MMM’s concentration on making meditation part of the memory process.

And meditation, provided it’s free from dogma and mythology, is very likely good for your kids and their memory too.


15. Not Using Your Home As A Memory Palace


Of all the ways your home is crushing your memory, the quickest thing you can do to break the trend is the easiest:

Turn your home into a Memory Palace!

Not only is Memory Palace creation one of the best brain exercises on the planet, but it does something remarkable:

It instantly quadruples the value of your home!


Because now instead of just living in the place, you can use it to learn, remember and recall anything.

And that’s more valuable than anything else in the world.


16. You’re Not Using The Solution!


But then again …

… if you haven’t given memory techniques a try, you wouldn’t know.

That makes me sad, so let me extend this simple invitation.

Grab my FREE Memory Improvement Kit now and start the process immediately. You’ll learn how to create a Memory Palace in 4 simple steps.

After that, you’ll be amazed by all the wonderful things you can do with the simple power of your natural imagination.

Have fun and keep me posted on your progress.

Talk soon!


Anthony Metivier

4 Responses to " 15 Ways Your Home Is Crushing your Memory "

  1. Bill says:

    Quite Interesting stuff Anthony. I will start writing to you in German if that is okay with you. I can always write it in German and then in English as well if you want. This way I can keep up with my German language. It is my 2nd language after all. Thanks for making that suggestion!

    • Thanks for letting me know you liked this, Bill.

      For communicating in German, why not use the Magnetic Memory Method Learn German Memory Hacks group? Let’s share the fun with people who need the practice and I’m always delighted to talk about memory techniques auf Deutsch.

      In fact, we’re getting closer and closer to having the German version of this site so that German speakers with limited or no English skills can also get a handle on these techniques.

      Thanks as always for your interest and support and talk soon! 🙂

  2. Essay Camp says:

    Thanks for useful tips! Diet and meditation are new for me. I’ll try them! But it’s diffiult to obey all these rules. Everybody should choose some the most important. For example, playing musical instrument is not mine but learning different languages is very good for me and I love it!

    • Great point about picking just one or two of these that fit, Victoria. I would only suggest that we always need a level of challenge, so having at least one thing outside of our comfort zone is also important in order to encourage growth. 🙂

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