Memory Athlete Braden Adams On The Benefits Of Memory Competition

Portrait of Memory Athlete Braden Adams with a deck of cardsMemory competition is one way to train your brain and keep your mind sharp.

And who best to talk about how the benefits you can expect from joining a competition than one of the most disciplined students and trainees of memory?

My guest today is fellow Canadian Braden Adams from Chilliwack, BC.

Braden is the cofounder and board member of the Canadian Mind Sports Association on top of being an accomplished memory athlete himself.

He is a multi-time Memory Champion including wins like the  2018 CMSA’s National Memory Champion and the 2018 IAM Canadian Memory Champion.

On this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Braden shares his personal memory journey, beginning purely by chance, and evolving into an absolute passion for mental athleticism.

Braden shares his tips and secrets to his success that just may have you interested in going toe to toe with one of the world’s premiere memory athletes.

Just press play now and you’ll learn all about:

  • The (perhaps unintended) introduction to memory techniques that (probably) 80 to 90 percent of memory athletes in the last decade share
  • Which book may be the most polarizing in the memory world
  • Why memory competitions aren’t as intimidating as you may think
  • How to prepare for “real life” memory challenges in environments that are less than ideal
  • The two-fold benefit to competing in memory sports
  • How memory techniques can help even those with a naturally good memory
  • Why memory training is not so different from drinking water or hitting the gym
  • The way to maximize your time to get the most out of memory exercise
  • How a beloved TV sitcom can help you to remember more than you thought possible
  • The reason magicians make great memory competitors (hint: it’s in an unassuming prop)
  • Why we cannot place limits on our memory

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Ready to enter a competition? Read more about the Canadian Mind Sports Association’s 2019 National Memory Championship or check out Art of Memory’s current memory competitions list

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