How to Protect Your Memory Goals From Kryptonite

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Image to illustrate the kryptonite effect of activities that harm memoryIt’s true. There is kryptonite for memory.

It’s lurking around every corner, trying to destroy your memory improvement goals.

And most of it has little to do with mindset or memory directly.

It usually has to do with things that impede memory on a biological level:

1. Diet. Research suggests that too many carbs can really bog the brain down. They also say that tofu messes with the mind if taken excessively. It’s hard to imagine eating too much of the stuff, but apparently it has been linked with dementia.

The solution? Eat these foods that improve memory.

Simply by making a few dietary changes, you can heal your brain. The sharper you feel, the more you pay attention to information. (More on that in a second.)

2. Smoking. Of course, it is in the nature of an addiction that one never forgets to satisfy the cravings, but demonstrable research exists that shows a connection between nicotine consumption and depleted memory.

Solution? Let memory training help you stop smoking.

3. Pain, especially chronic pain. This point leads us back to yesterday’s reference to Harry Lorayne, who said that we often don’t remember things because we didn’t adequately pay attention to them in the first place. Suffering is bound to reduce one’s focus and create distraction from memorization.

How to fix it? I talk about a number of ways in my mega-list of 21 study tips. They’re all based on my own fight to reduce chronic pain from my psoriatic arthritis.

4. Thyroid disorders. Memory regulating hormones go way down if you experience issues with your thyroid. It’s best to keep on top of this kind of issue anyway, but especially for the purposes of hanging on to all those precious memories, but in the recent past and the far.

Check out this memory loss story for clues on what you might do to eliminate this problem. Whereas we often think about adding foods to help us remember more, sometimes it’s about what we can take away.

5. Sleep. Even the slightest bit of exhaustion can reduce recall. It also interferes with the kind of conceptualization we use to build and populate our Memory Palaces using the Magnetic Memory Method.

Sleep is one of the easiest things to fix. Mind you, it’s still a work in progress for me, as I’m sure it is for most people:

One incredible way to get more rest is meditation for concentration and memory.

I’ve found that memorizing lines of scripture makes meditation even more powerful.

There are more forms of Magnetic Memorization Kryptonite lurking around, so let me know if you think of any and I’ll talk about them in a future blog post.

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