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Portrait of Jesse Villalobos Magnetic Memory Method Review and Testimonial

This is perhaps the best Magnetic Memory Method Review online so far:

“The more you try it, the better you do. Every attempt is incrementally better than the last time.”

-Jesse Villalobos

Since constant improvement is what the memory method taught on this website is all about, I was delighted to hear these words from one of our course participants.

Even better:

In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you can hear them directly from Jesse Villalobos too.  

Scroll up and click play. Listen in we talk about:

  • How Jesse based his PAO system on the Major Method for remembering numbers…
  • Jesse’s Magnetic Journey using the PAO system (Person Action Object)…
  • How Jesse used this approach to get a raise and a promotion at his job!

Of the many tips you’ll discover, here’s one of the most important points:

Jesse keeps listening to the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast for motivation week after week. Yes, even though he completed the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

This point is important. Jesse’s approach combines a solid study ethic and continually feeding himself with ideas and inspiration.

And when Jesse started, he was serious about getting results. He wanted to get really good at memorizing numbers.

His success secret?

Taking action!

It’s not just about learning about memory techniques. It’s about applying them in meaningful ways one S.I.P. at a time:


Study memory techniques

Implement memory techniques

Practice memory techniques with information that improves your life

It’s this approach that helped Jesse get the mastery over the Person Action Object (P.A.O.) and Major Method that he wanted. These are the techniques that lead to total success with memorizing any number.

Aside from remembering numbers, Jesse also learned how to remember names and faces. This skill provided other unexpected benefits from memory training that Jesse hadn’t even anticipated!

If you’ve been looking for an extra bit of insight about how the Magnetic Memory Method can help you, try Jessie’s advice:

Just dive into learning and using memory techniques.

Download this episode and learn from Jesse’s experiences and insights. You’ll learn exactly how improving his memory has helped his personal confidence and well-being.

Press play now and you’ll discover:

  • How memory techniques help Jesse in his work. It involves remembering a lot of numbers.
  • Why using memory techniques is an “out of body experience.”
  • Jesse’s feeling about how he gains more energy than he burns using memory strategies.
  • Mnemonic examples of a well-functioning Person-Action-Object system to memorize numbers based on the Major Method.
  • The process of how Jesse created his Magnetic Memory Palace Network and how it all works in detail.
  • The importance of drawing your Memory Palaces for total success.
  • How Jesse handles problems with ghosting or the Ugly Sister Effect.
  • How Jesse discovered the Magnetic Memory Method and what it has brought to him both personally and professionally.
  • How Jesse got a raise and promotion. By demonstrating competence, his co-workers started perceiving him as an expert thanks to Magnetic Memory Palaces and memory techniques.
  • A family-related memory issue that encourages Jessie to keep his mind active.
  • The positive influence of listening to Magnetic Memory Method Podcast over time.
  • Jesse’s perspective on avoiding perfectionism and still getting the most out of his sensory memory.
  • Other memory improvement books and courses that really impacted Jesse. 

Do you have questions about how the Magnetic Memory Method can help you perform better at your work?

Do you want more answers to your questions about mnemonics?

If so, please dive into the episode and learn more about how you can get on a call with me. If you want me to help you transform into a walking, talking mnemonics dictionary, I’d like to help.


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