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Portrait of Sunil Khatri for Memory Palace Mastery interview on Magnetic Memory Method PodcastDo you find memory techniques like the Memory Palace daunting?

Not sure where to begin with your Magnetic Imagery?

And are you having a hard time getting creative and wish you could just leave the “heavy lifting” to the experts?

Believe me, it’s not just you.

I receive so many emails from students of memory and lifelong learners just like you.

People searching for help…

Asking for mnemonic examples…

Guidance that will make creating and using their Memory Palaces easier…

Tips that will turn the average imagination into a fast-acting mnemonics dictionary.

Need A “Hand Up” With Memory Palace Creation

While I still believe you learn the most by doing it yourself by creating your own Memory Palaces and “00-99 P.A.O.” from “scratch,” I understand that people sometimes need a “hand up” to get started.

In fact, I’ve learned over the years that for some people, personal guidance is a key element. That’s why I created the MMM Memory Dojo.  It’s a weekly option for MMM Masterclass members who need additional help with priming their minds for committing information to memory using memory techniques.

And since this option only has the value its members bring, I’m delighted to have some of the best and brightest thinkers about memory techniques participating in the Memory Dojo week after week.

On today’s episode of the Magnetic Memory Method podcast, my long-time student, Sunil Khatri, shares his experiences of progressing from a beginner memory pupil with a desire to learn Korean and Japanese, to a visionary app-builder, seeking to help students more easily develop and visualize spatial memory.

Just check out his concept for a Memory Palace memory training app that will help you memorize the Periodic Table of Elements:

Now, you may remember Sunil’s name, as he has guest-hosted the podcast before, detailing his Speech Success Story.

And if you are searching for an inspirational success story to motivate you to start creating your own victories in memory improvement, or perhaps need a bit of guidance, Sunil’s experience is brimming with answers.

Press play above now to hear Sunil and I share:

  • How to make a great first (and lasting) impression on others by remembering their names
  • How to use everyday surroundings in new ways to create memory palace networks
  • The potential of apps as legitimate memory training tools
  • All the most important details of Sunil’s massive success with learning Japanese using mnemonics
  • Why you need a flexible memory method
  • The truth about Using Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig for language learning
  • How to develop memory reserve with memory techniques and language learning
  • Writing as a study technique to commit terms to memory
  • The importance of group discussions in experiencing success with mnemonics
  • How virtual reality may be the future of memory techniques

EPISODE BONUS: Exciting Bridging Figure Mnemonic Example

It turns out that Sunil is also a pretty adventurous guy.

When he sent me this image I instantly realized he is now a great Bridging Figure:

Picture of Sunil Khatri Skydiving Useful for a Mnemonic Example Bridging Figur

Any time you can use images like these of people you know, you’re already using memory techniques better.


Because this image of Sunil skydiving is naturally exaggerated.

It’s also colorful, large in the frame, and indicates a lot of speed.

Keep an eye out for images of your friends and actors like these!

And as if this bonus from Sunil wasn’t enough, check out these…

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  1. Maricela says:

    Thank you Anthony Metivier and Sunil Khatri for sharing Memory information. Wow! I realize that there is too much fun out there to learn, share, enjoy and know.

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