Improve My Memory And Get Free Donuts!

elephant_thumb-150x150In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you’ll learn about how to get fat off of all the free donuts you can stuff in your Magnetic little belly (or big belly as the case soon shall be …)

Plus, I want to show you a number of Memory Palaces created by Magnetic Memory Method readers and course participants.

Incredible Images That Show You Exactly How You Can Build Your Own Rome Of Memory In A Single Day!

So read every word on this page, watch each and every video from beginning to end and listen to the entire podcast.

First up …

A Killer Resource For Becoming A SuperHuman!

Not so long ago, I interviewed the great Jonathan Levi, a fellow instructor over at Udemy and now podcaster extraordinaire. He interviewed me in an hour long session that covers all kinds of memory topics that you’re going to want to listen to right away and then subscribe to the Becoming Superhuman Podcast.

What you’ll learn in this special Magnetic Memory Method interview includes:

* How to reduce stress with mnemonics …

* Fundamental principles of memory and how I improve my memory every day …

* How to increase memory power simply by understanding what noripinephrine is … and then acting according to its whims! …

* Memory improvement tips for overcoming the “primacy effect” like a sabre-toothed tiger glides through the jungles of forgetfulness …

* How to improve short term memory by understanding the Method of Loci and creating top-notch, bulletproof and 100% Magnetic Memory Palaces …

* … and much, much more!

Next up …

The Unbelievable Secret To Getting Free Donuts While You Relieve Boredom At Work And Get Really, Really Fat!

It was just another Magnetic day here at the Magnetic Memory Method headquarters until I opened my email and a subject line leapt out at me …

Thanks for the Donuts!

And so I asked myself … What manner of spam chicanery is this?

No chicanery at all. Check it out!

Good Morning Anthony!

I am emailing to thank you for the donuts.

As a fun activity and to help take our minds off of work, I made a wager with my fellow office coworkers that I could memorize – verbatim – a chart of makes, submakes, model numbers and letters, RV types, sub-types, and the 2-digit VIN identifier of 83 RVs as produced by our company.

Again, this was for fun and by no means a testament to memorizing things “verbatim.”

If I lost, I would buy the office donuts. If I won, the office would by donuts and I could have as many as would be considered gluttonous.

Though this apparently seemed to them a silly bet that I could never win, I did warn the office that I was quite confident in my ability to do this. So, after a 2-week study window and a 20-question “test” (plus many shouts of random VIN IDs from the non-believers) I received enough donuts to move my belt out a notch.

Again, !!THANKS!! For the donuts and I’m sure you will be happy to know I passed your information out to everyone as a gift for their participation.


Matt Simon

And because this email comes with an amazing graph of what Matt memorized … I made a video for you so you can see it!

Next up …

A Memory Palace Made Of BEAR MACE!

Okay, not really, but check this Memory Palace sent to us by the amazing actor Matt Newby who has a hilarious produce spoof over at

He writes:

Hey Anthony!

Wanted to share with you some things!

First when I started keeping a memory journal I found myself not wanting to open it because well I guess it just looked boring to me … nothing to exciting about a green composition book. So I printed out of retro futuristic designs and things this resulting in

Now I want to open it!

Second I’ve been doing cards using the Person Action Object method and an 18 room Memory Palace I built in Minecraft.

Between Dec when it started and today I’ve done it 17 times with an average time memorized 12min and an average time recalled 9min missing about 4 on average.

I feel like I’ve hit an “OK plateau”. Do you think I haven’t done it enough times to feel that way yet? I’ve done a lot of work with the PAO method. I got your book last night about cards and I feel like I’ve done so much work with the PAO I don’t want to switch methods just yet. I did however love the idea of breaking it down into 4 sets good way to make it seem easier!

I will get this down to 1 minute! Do you have any drills I could do? Should I try other methods?

You da main man with da plan!


PS I’m an actor I loved your last podcast!

Having come this far, I thought …

Why Not Show You Some More Amazing Memory Palaces Created By People Just Like You?

Why not, indeed?

Here’s one by a young person in grade school sent to me by her teacher (with the permission of the parents, of course).

Here’s another presented by a Magnetic Memory Method course participant down in Australia:

And to close off this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, let’s look inside one of my very own Memory Palaces!

So, I hope you enjoyed this episode.

But even if you hated it … what are you waiting for?

Get out there and build some Memory Palaces so that you can memorize anything you please!

Further Resources Mentioned In The Podcast

Jonathan Levi talks about Becoming A Superlearner.

My take on the Person Action Object method … and serial killers!

Tap the Mind Of A Ten Year-Old Memory Palace Master for more information on using Minecraft as a Memory Palace generator.

Magnetic Memory Method Interview with Marc Shannon who talks about How to Remember Anything.

The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

Method of Loci article on Wikipedia.

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    Hello! I recently tried to send a message to learnandmemoriz[email protected] but I was sent a message back that I entered the incorrect address. Is there a way to access the correct spelling of the address?

    Thanks for your time and teachings!

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