The Most Controversial Language Learning Technique In The World

Shout_Zone_(3700860387)In this week’s episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you’ll learn:

* Why David Mansaray’s Language is Culture Podcast (now sadly defunct) is one of the finest language learning resources you’ll ever find online.

* Why the idea that mnemonics are artificial is a dangerous meme (and how to stop worrying about the natural/artificial division and start loving all learning methods).

* Exactly how and when to use rote learning to achieve your goals in ways that won’t bore you to death and fritter away your energy when you could be using lightning-fast memory techniques.

* Why Memory Palaces are the ultimate solution for memorizing foreign language vocabulary if nothing else works.

* The most powerful way to think about context and language learning and how to unleash its power.

* Why the number 13 is so awesome for overcoming any fears you might have.

* The REAL reason you need to go to the library and stop trying to learn everything online.

* Exactly why “natural” language learning involves more artificial means than any other language learning technique.

* Why NOT using index cards and paper for rote-learning and using memory techniques instead can reduce emissions and save the planet.

* The precise relationship between memory techniques and martial arts and how to make sure you can find the balance between them (even when you’re not in a fighting mood).

* Why using the associative-imagery involved in mnemonics will never confuse you or make you juggle your thoughts any more than you’re already juggling them anyway.

* Why you never need to spend time on “renovating” Memory Palaces.

* How to assess critical comments and book reviews you read online and think for yourself about language learning and mnemonics.

* Why you need to fly in the face of authority in order to make strides in your language learning efforts.

* Why authority is a thing of the past and how to make sure you’re listening to the right people who are teaching the right things.

* … and much, much more.

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2 Responses to " The Most Controversial Language Learning Technique In The World "

  1. Richard Gilzean says:

    Have just listened to your interview with David Mansaray and while most of what you chatted about is familiar to me (and I whole heartedly agree with), it was interesting to hear you talk about the benefit of memory palaces being able to accomodate other memory techniques.
    As you know I’m learning German and I recently mentioned to you that I was starting to use beer crates in which to place additional words rather than trying to fit them into stations that have already been filled. What I decided was to use the link / peg memory technique for 10 words in each crate. Seems to be working fine at present.
    I don’t have much to say in regard to the skeptics and memorisation naysayers. Opinions are like navels…everybody’s got one. I suppose the Internet makes everyone even more of an authority these days and it’s just soooo easy to be swayed by a well-crafted argument that has not an jot of evidence to substantiate the individuals point of view. Just spend five minutes reading the comments page on the major newspapers; a sad admixture of lame humour and/or anonymous ad hominem attacks.
    I like to think that I appreciate that any discipline worthy of the name requires desire, focus, application, time and probably other qualities which will come after I’ve finished this post.

    So kudos to you Anthony for your valuable contribution to the human condition!

    Stay well, do good work, and keep in touch.

    (P.S. Yes, I already have the Udemy course)

    • It’s amazing what you can do when you work with other memory techniques inside of Memory Palaces. Locations seem to be the most unlikely information to be forgotten. We might forget where are keys are, for example, but we rarely forget all the potential places they could be as we hunt around for them.

      Some of those other qualities that didn’t come to your mind probably include persistence, determination, hunger and the positive longing for change and the fulfillment of the need for mastery over memory. 🙂

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