Advanced Memory Palace Problems & Solutions With Don Michael Vickers

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Don Michael Vickers memory athlete feature imageYou’ve got advanced Memory Palace problems and Don Michael Vickers has got solutions.

In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, we’re diving deep into his impressive memory competition experience.

And together, we discuss the differences between using memory techniques for short-term memory and long-term memory outcomes.

But you might be wondering…

What Kind Of Advanced Memory Palace Problems?

There are a few you might encounter as you use the Memory Palace technique.

These include:

Suggestions From Don Michael Vickers

One thing I love about how Don shares his approach to using memory techniques is that he documents the journey.

You can check out a lot of what he’s doing on his YouTube channel and other media.

But that’s just one level or layer of journaling.

He also journals privately so he can see what’s working and what isn’t.

This is a solid tactic for one big reason:

It’s only through what scientists sometimes call “metacognitive learning recognition” that we can learn as fast as possible. It’s been demonstrated to help us see variables and define new strategies.

Journaling also helps us because it enables deeper levels of reflection than if we were to merely think about our memory improvement activities without writing them down.

How Specifically Does This Help You Solve Advanced Memory Palace Problems?

The answer is easy:

As your perspective widens, you’re able to run new “experiments.”

In other words, every time you use a Memory Palace to memorize anything, you’re experimenting.

If you take the time to observe your results, you can always ask:

  • What went right? And how can it go better?
  • What went wrong? And what needs to improve?
  • What other Memory Palace variations can I try, such as the Massively Distributed Memory Palace described by Richard Rubin

These are the kind of questions that only you can solve and you need to be the scientist in the laboratory of your own mind to do it.

But there’s one more ingredient that I think really shines in this conversation.

Let’s talk about that next:

The Power of Community

You can also see in how Don talks about his interactions with fellow memory competitors like Katie Kermode that hanging out with others who love mnemonic strategies is key.

Communication is yet another level of reflection.

But there’s also the competition aspect.

As Don puts it, memory competitors are a lot friendlier than hockey players. Yet, you still get the chance to really throw down the gloves and test your skills.

I hope you enjoy this discussion with Don and please do follow him on his YouTube channel and social media for more exciting demonstrations and news from his activities in the world of memory competition.

Don Michael Vickers’ YouTube Channel

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Don Michael Vickers’ Tiktok

Important Show Note Regarding The Shadow Memory Technique

There’s a technique known as the Shadow. I heard about it quite some time ago, and Braden Adams has discussed it with us on this previous episode of the MMM Podcast, and on this one.

During this episode, Don and I figured that I probably hadn’t understood the Shadow correctly.

But Ron Johnson from the excellent Craft of Memory Podcast posted this on YouTube below the video version of the interview:

Ron Johnson comment on the Shadow memory technique

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