Mastering The Memory Demands Of Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency With Jonathan Levi

What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? And why should memory improvement fans memorize a long list of virtual currencies?

To help answer the question, Jonathan Levi joins me on this episode Magnetic Memory Method Podcast.

And to help us understand why the topic is so challenging for even the smartest learners, we discuss:

* The most important definition of Bitcoin (and probably all new digital currencies to come) and the software involved that you need to understand.

* The truth about fiat currencies and the BIG problems with fractional reserve banking.

* How Jonathan discovered Bitcoin and found cryptocurrency compelling enough to use his SuperLearner skills to learn how to buy Bitcoin stock in an easy and secure way.

* The most popular crypto currencies and why so much terminology is needed to discuss how to buy bitcoins and store them in different kinds of wallets.

* How Jonathan answered the central question: Is Bitcoin mining worth it?

* Why even people in underprivileged countries can buy Bitcoins with a debit card and participate in a democratized currency that will allow them to buy valuable online education programs (like for learning a language).

* The history of money and why everyone interested in this emerging form of currency needs to use their memory to help them learn about it.

* Why bitcoin is a revolution in both commerce and technology the provides a strong alternative to a fiat currency and the current culture of debt.

* Some of the history of money that “rots” as described by Lewis Hyde in The Gift and its relationship to the BlockChain.

* Blockchain technology explained clearly for those who need a “blockchain for dummies” guide to understanding the irreversible functions of mathematics that updates the ledger across the word.

* The special relationship between Internet money like Zcash and intellectual property that can never be copied.

* Why news updates about Bitcoin don’t matter…

* How Filecoin and other services help transfer shares properly and establish proper ownership in the hugest paradigm shift since the introduction of the Internet itself.

* A clear description of the problems being solved by bitcoin miners on the bitcoin market and how this creates tangible value.

* Why mining transactions and rewards take place every ten minutes and yet involve trillions of difficult transactions designed to keep out bad actors.

* Why the brilliant decisions of Satoshi Nakamoto helped make Bitcoin fraud very difficult, if not outright impossible.

* Why credit card charges are so expensive and make Bitcoin value projections climb higher and higher.

* Why every cellphone has the ability to function as its own bank without the need for a third person or elaborate trust structures.

* The future of credit card bonuses, air miles, incentive points, interest and transaction fees in this new era of Internet money.

* Why Bitcoin value is directly linked to a true understanding of democracy.

* The ultimate answer to the question: Is Bitcoin mining worth it?

* Omisego and how serving the unbanked will prove revolutionary for learners around the world.

* Why Copay is the best and most secure wallet to use when learning how to buy Bitcoin.

* The role of transparency in a changing world of privacy and security and the role of anonymity when using these new forms of currency.

* The role of a passwords manager when using Bitcoin and other issues of online security.

* The ultimate question of whether these cryptocurrency solutions are making the world simpler or more complex.

* The number one opportunity with Bitcoin, the number one strength you’ll need and the number one fear each person should have – and how to avoid the need to fear getting involved in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

* How this topic fits into the SuperLearner world overall.

If you’re interested in learning more, click the image below to take a free intro course that will teach you even more:



Jonathan Levi is the host of the wildly popular SuperLearner Academy and host of the Becoming A Superhuman Podcast and Bitcoin for the Masses.

Together, we teach Branding You™: How to Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire. Stay tuned for the 2.0 version of this course coming very soon!

In the meantime, please be sure to educate yourself about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and let the topic serve so you don’t get left behind.

If nothing else, this topic serves as great brain exercise, no matter your age or general interest.

What about you? Excited about the future of money and this interesting learning and memory challenge?

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