Did This Memory Champion Just Use “Remote Viewing” To Read My Mind?

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Nelson Dellis headshot for podcast about his remote viewing experimentNelson Dellis is a highly accomplished memory champion, author, YouTuber and all around great guy.

But please get ready to dive deep into new territory, a topic I never expected to address.

That’s because I never saw Nelson’s interest in the world of remote viewing and other psychic phenomena coming.

Yet here we are discussing experiences that have Nelson thinking that the definition of memory needs to be changed.

These are heady ideas for which there are no easy answers. But I’m confident you’ll enjoy the ideas we unpack in this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast.

Here’s what you’ll discover as we search for a logical explanation to some of Nelson’s recent experiences with remote viewing and ponder the possibility that the citizens of the world might be witnessing a cognitive revolution as we speak.

Who Is Nelson Dellis?

Now, if you’re hitting this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast cold, you might not have heard of Nelson before.

He is a five time USA Memory Champion and author of Remember It! and Memory Superpowers.

Nelson runs an amazing and unique YouTube channel where he goes far beyond merely talking about memory techniques.

Plus, he always pushes the limits. These include memory adventures around the world and his success with breaking world records. Nelson even involves his family in some of his video lessons.

Enjoy this episode and feel free to follow up with these additional episodes and people who came up during the show:

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