Luca Lampariello Talks About Language As A Net

Luca Lampariello Magnetic Memory Method Podcast InterviewIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you’ll hear from language learning expert, Luca Lampariello.

Luca has mastered many languages, but in terms of passing certifications and, more importantly, speaking with joy.

It’s the pleasure above all that inspires so many language learners around the world.

And, of course, that outcome is only made possible by having the right strategies for developing fluency.

That’s why you’re in luck today!

In this thrilling, 45-minute interview with one of the world’s most accomplished polyglots, you’ll learn:

* Why fluency is really nothing more than the capacity to assemble the pieces of a language together.

* How to think of language as a net (so that you can go fishing for phrases).

* The epiphany the point where the language is engrained in your brain.

* Why just a couple of books is more than enough when studying a new language.

* Why languages are like a group of friends.

* How the simple act of smiling can deepen your language learning efforts.

* What to do if you find yourself practicing your language with unpleasant people.

* Why learning a language is like courting a lover.

* How to balance quality and quantity when it comes to learning vocabulary.

* Solid tips on using Skype or Zoom for language learning.

* Why establishing a “time line” is essential to language learning.

* How you can learn up to 40 sentences in just one hour.

* How involving your emotions enhances your learning capacity.

* Why you need to avoid criticism and negative feedback when learning a language.

* How to used spaced-time repetition the right way.

* Luca’s personal experiences with the journey method and the method of loci.

* What Luca learned about mnemonics while studying to be an interpreter.

* How to develop your natural capacity for associating new vocabulary with places and feelings.

* How to vary your activities to maximize your learning curve.

* Why you should think in terms of structures and phrases instead of words.

* The difference between a beginner and an intermediate language learner.

* The number one principle behind all language learning.

* … and much, much more.

Luca Lampariello and Anthony Metivier in Rome

Luca Lampariello and Anthony Metivier in Rome

Luca’s language learning methods are groundbreaking, riveting and fun. Every day you’re not putting his wisdom to work and studying a foreign language, you’re leaving part of life’s pleasure behind.

For more incredible tips from Luca, please listen to our follow-up conversation next.

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