Luca Lampariello Talks About Language As A Net

Luca Lampariello Magnetic Memory Method Podcast InterviewIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you’ll hear from language learning expert, Luca Lampariello.

In this thrilling, 45-minute interview, you’ll learn:

* Why fluency is really nothing more than the capacity to assemble the pieces of a language together.

* How to think of language as a net (so that you can go fishing for phrases).

* The epiphany the point where the language is engrained in your brain.

* Why just a couple of books is more than enough when studying a new language.

* Why languages are like a group of friends.

* How the simple act of smiling can deepen your language learning efforts.

* What to do if you find yourself practicing your language with unpleasant people.

* Why learning a language is like courting a lover.

* How to balance quality and quantity when it comes to learning vocabulary.

* Solid tips on using Skype for language learning.

* Why establishing a “time line” is essential to language learning.

* How you can learn up to 40 sentences in just one hour.

* How involving your emotions enhances your learning capacity.

* Why you need to avoid criticism and negative feedback when learning a language.

* How to used spaced-time repetition the right way.

* Luca’s personal experiences with the journey method and the method of loci.

* What Luca learned about mnemonics while studying to be an interpreter.

* How to develop your natural capacity for associating new vocabulary with places and feelings.

* How to vary your activities to maximize your learning curve.

* Why you should think in terms of structures and phrases instead of words.

* The difference between a beginner and an intermediate language learner.

* The number one principle behind all language learning.

* … and much, much more.

Luca’s methods are groundbreaking, riveting and fun. Every day you’re not putting his wisdom to work and studying a foreign language, you’re leaving part of life’s pleasure behind.

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