Memneon Creator Stephen Turnbull Talks About the Metaphors Of Memory

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mzl_slleqwtmIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Stephen Turnbull talks about Memneon, a fast-paced, exciting and tense memory game. Tune in to the Podcast now and learn:

* Exactly how and why games like Memneon and Rubik’s Cube involve memory.

* The role of pattern recognition, how this relates to memory as well as to the controversial concept of right and left brain cognition processes.

* How the London Tube map and Scrabble relate to the complexity of location-based memory strategies.

* The relationship between brain games, memory and education.

* Why you can learn from games even if the specific objective of a particular game itself is not focused on education you about something, (i.e. like Minecraft).

* The potential dangers of a world in which the raison d’etre of learning has become completely tied to gaming.

* Why the actor, polyglot and author Stephen Fry went “delightfully dotty” after playing Stephen Turnbull’s Memneon game.

* The relationship between the spatial-location memory challenges of Memneon, chess and the World Memory Championships in terms of high-value memory training and memory drills.

* How Bubblingo (currently in development) will use interactive, tagged video to help you learn a language.

* The different metaphors that have been used to describe memory and how the brain does and doesn’t function like a computer when it comes to concepts like neuroplasticity.

* How memory champions are working to use a Memory Palace and other mnemonic strategies to give them a competitive edge on the game.

* … and much, much more.Stephen Turnbull, Creator of Memneon

As the CEO of Alchemista, Stephen Turnbull has demonstrated with Memneon that something as simple as an idea can truly be turned into gold.

His background in Media Studies and Teacher Training, also includes a history of making short films. Combined, these experiences have enabled him to combine logistical creativity with a strong visual game that brings a riveting user experience together with learning.

Have a look at the Memneon game here in this great YouTube video:

Further resources and reading:

Memneon on iTunes

Wikipedia page on Memory

Minecraft homepage – and for more on the use of Minecraft in memory work, be sure to check out the previous Magnetic Memory Method Podcast episode, Tap the Mind of a Ten Year Old Memory Palace Master.

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