Phil Chambers Talks About The Outer Limits Of Memory Skills

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Phil Chambers Reigning World Mind Mapping ChampionIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method, we have a special interview with Phil Chambers. Phil is a World Mind Mapping Champion who works closely with the World Memory Championships as a scorer and statistician who does not believe that memory competitors have even come close to reaching their limits.

As a memory skills trainer, Phil is also the founder and managing director of Learning Technologies and author of Brilliant Speed Reading. Amongst other co-authored books, he has written with James Smith How to Remember Equations and Formulae.

Tune in to this episode with Phil Chambers now and learn:

* How Tony Buzan‘s Use Your Head program and Use Your Head Society introduced Phil to Dominic O’Brien and how this led to him competing in the third ever World Memory Championships.

* Why accelerated learning is a “framework” that allows you to learn faster and deeper.

* Why anyone (including you) can use the same techniques that memory champions take to competitive extremes and use them to increase your productivity and social success in every day life.

* The two major aspects of learning and studying that most students get wrong … and how to get both of these right.

* How to build a structural foundation in your memory when studying for exams.

* Why the non-linear thinking possibilities of mind maps can revolutionize how you learn, remember and recall information while also creating new insights and knowledge.

Image with gold fish and elephants promoting Phil Chambers' memory improvement websit

* How Phil recommends students use index cards in combination with mind maps in order to see connections in powerful ways that will advance your success in high school or university beyond your wildest dreams.

* Why Phil prefers journeys based upon real locations rather than fictional Memory Palaces – and an explanation of exactly why Memory Palaces and journeys are both the same and different.

* The exact difference between semantic memory and memories based on experience and how memory techniques allow you to transform semantic memories into experienced memories with ease so that even the most abstract material becomes much more memorable.

* How an understanding of the psychology of memory can help you come up with your own memory techniques – or at least hack the classical principles so that they suit your own personal learning style with greater precision.

* Phil’s thoughts on the “upper-limit” of exactly how much we can remember and how Memory Champions are constantly pushing themselves to reach new heights and achieving new levels year after year as the national and global memory competitions continue offering memory athletes the opportunity to stretch their skills.

Phil Chambers with Tony Buzan

Phil Chambers with Tony Buzan

* How competitors like Ben Pridmore have changed the Major Method so that it can compress three digits and are working now even on four digits to increase the amount of information that can be memorized.

* Why the only real limit to card memorization is how quickly you can move your hands and how this memory skill will move beyond the matter of physical dexterity using technology to increase the speed of card retention and recall in what is now being called an “extreme sport.”

* A range of techniques that people who feel non-visual can use to increase their ability to use memory techniques grounded in associative-imagery.

* Why Dominic O’Brien‘s habit of daydreaming provided the source of him becoming a World Memory Champion eight-times over.

* A quote from Leonardo Da Vinci that will deeply improve your imagination within seconds.

* Why even in our age of technology, we can still benefit from having improved memory skills.

* Why the human brain scores way greater in the creativity department than what a computer will likely ever achieve.

* The two major mistakes that would-be memorizers make that causes them frustration to the point of giving up – and exactly how to overcome both of them.

* How to overcome any difficulties with memory techniques by starting with those strategies that give you an instant ability to memorize material without hassle (you’ll learn exactly what these are).

* Why someone with a “bad memory” who uses memory techniques will still have a better memory than even someone who seems to have been born with superior memory skills.

* … and much, much more!

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Anthony Metivier is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry and much more in ways that are easy, elegant, effective and fun.

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  1. Edwin Martinez says:

    All this information is teasing my brain to no end. I hope to memorize every bit to my mind for the benefit of myself and others. Thank you for each idea written with the intent of building a lifetime full of ready to keep brain cells that are full by every excise given here.

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