Timothy Moser Talks About Memory Skills and Productivity

Portrait of Timothy MoserIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you’ll hear from Timothy Moser, the man behind The major theme of the interview is how memory techniques relate to productivity and in addition to Timothy’s fascinating thoughts about the history of mnemonic strategies and memory techniques, you’ll learn:

* Why mnemonics is neither cheating nor a cheap trick.

* How memory skills can help you deal with the massive amounts information on the Internet.

* Why Timothy hates Qwerty keyboards and how mnemonics might have a competitor when it comes to learning a new keyboard system.

* Timothy’s history with graduated intervals (and what graduated intervals are).

* The difference between learning and association and why the latter may be a more powerful way to think about education.

* The best way to learn and memorize song lyrics.

* Why the mind “likes” to remember music and how to use music to memorize foreign language vocabulary.

* How to get a “compound effect” when using music to memorize information and information to memorize music.

* Why everyone can be a “grand” master of memory (even if you have to take the “grand” part away).

* How to be proactive about the things you naturally remember so that you can link them to pieces of information that your brain doesn’t latch onto so easily.

* Why you should engage in all your activities based on results, rather than on the time you spend.

* Why mnemonics allow you to spend more time reading and thinking instead of losing time on rote learning.

* Why you should pay attention to stressed syllables when memorizing foreign language vocabulary so that you mind can take care of the rest (kind of like letting it “fill in the blanks” so that you don’t have to work so hard).

*  Timothy’s simple, three-part solution to the problem of teaching mnemonics through examples and how to find the right “starting point” so you can smoothly sail through the seas of mnemonics and other memory skills.

* How to get the “bigger picture” when memorizing textbook material so you don’t have to worry about memorizing every little detail verbatim.

* The best foods to eat so that your mind is clear and your memory is ready for mnemonic activity at the highest possible level.

* Why Memory Palaces can be used by everyone, no matter how rich or poor your are and no matter where in the world you live.

* Why both the deep history and the recent past of memory techniques are an important part of your journey into enhanced memory abilities as you learn new things.

* Why memory tactics fell out of favor in the 18th century, but are coming back to help us all as part of a Mnemonic Renaissance thanks to the Internet.

* Why education and fun can be one and the same thing so that people of any age can enjoy the learning process and use the natural abilities of their minds to enjoy their lives and their minds at a very high level.

* Why you are unlikely to drop your brain on the sidewalk, but should be prepared with memory skills for the day that your smart phone crashes.

* How you can use memory skills not just to memorize a bunch of facts, but connect those facts to a larger picture of knowledge so that you develop critical thinking skills as part of your memory improvement project.

* Why you need to be willing to test out new mnemonic approaches and test them to find out which ones work best for you.

* Exactly what to do if you’re not a visual person and still want to use mnemonics by “segmenting” pictures.

This is an exciting interview packed with ideas that you can use immediately to start using your mind with greater productivity starting today.

Before you go, check out this additional interview with Timothy here on the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast:

Mnemonics, Language Learning And Virtual Memory Palaces In Discussion With Timothy Moser

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