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Portrait of Lev Goldentouch, creator of Key to StudyHow many books have you read this year?

What about time spent reading news articles, magazines, or journals?

The numbers are shockingly low.

24 percent of adults surveyed hadn’t even read part of a book last year.

Even more surprising, in 2017, people in the U.S. over age 15 only spent, on average, 16.8 minutes a day reading for pleasure, or not required for work or school.

It seems a bit surreal doesn’t it?

Before television, radio, and, most recently, the smartphone, reading was one’s primary source of both entertainment and a source of news.

If you wanted to stay up to date on current events you picked up a newspaper. If you were looking for a way to escape the day to day humdrum of life you picked up you searched out your favorite author’s newest work of fiction.

It’s astounding to me that reading as a whole has declined so much. It’s no secret that reading is a great method of mental stimulation, stress reducer, and obvious knowledge booster and vocabulary expander

The benefits to reading expand far beyond these named few and even boast a benefit that may surprise you…the simple act of reading can improve your memory.

Well, don’t fret. Because…

Lev Goldentouch Has The “Key To Study” That Helps People Read More… Faster!

My guest today is Lev Goldentouch.

He is an author, machine learning and information expert, as well as a lifehacker and technology guru. Through his blog, Key to Study, Lev teaches eager students his methods for improving their reading speed, retention, and therefore, their memory.

I know his skills in a more personal way too. We even share a cafe Memory Palace!

Anthony Metivier and Lev Goldentouch in a Tel Aviv Memory Palace

Dr. Lev Goldentouch and Dr. Anthony Metivier in Tel Aviv

So here’s why this interview is so important for you to hear:

If you want to remember more of what you read with less effort…

If you’ve tried other methods to improve your memory, relying too much on apps programs, and are looking for a change…

If you have a desire to transform your life by picking up a good book…

You’ve come to the right place. This podcast is a real page turner.

It’s as simple as clicking the play button above to discover:

  • The difference between a memory expert, a speed reading expert, and a machine learning expert
  • The overlooked way that people can forget things they would have liked to have remembered (Note: developing some dual-handedness skills can help too)
  • How to compare and contrast the different kinds of reading
  • Why actually having an interest in a subject is an important prerequisite to reading
  • The secret to becoming both more creative and spontaneous (it may surprise you)
  • How visualization is a universal tool, even for those blind since birth
  • Why your goals should meet certain criteria in order for you to be able to achieve them
  • The reason to copy a teacher and not a god or fictional character
  • The power of dancing to improve your memory
  • How it is possible to shape your future and to overcome bad fortune
  • What style of teaching makes a teacher the most effective

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast and please consider investing in Lev’s complete training course. If you struggle with getting through learning materials, here’s how to complete a memory course rapidly.

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