Dr. Jim Samuels Talks About How to Reduce Stress With Mnemonics

Jim Samuels Author of Re-Mind Yourself Better Memory Lower StressIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Dr. Jim Samuels talks about how to use mnemonics to lower stress and eliminate negative memories from your life.

As the author of Re-Mind Yourself: Better Memory, Lower Stress, Dr. Samuels is the inventor of Re-Minding™, a mnemonic method for releasing stress.

In this compelling interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to make sure that your memory serves you reliably, accurately and for the long haul.
  • How to enhance your memory so that it gives you an advantage over your former self.
  • The connection between memory, stress and depression and how to use memory to eliminate these negative states from your life.
  • Dr. Samuels’ take on Harry Lorayne and the most important contribution Lorayne has made to the field of memory techniques.
  • The theory of “time binding” and how the context in which statements are made can add to the power of your mnemonic linking and visualization efforts.
  • How to use the numbers 1-12 as a special kind of Memory Palace where numbers are represented by objects (something you can also use to memorize spellings.
  • An amazing way you can use mnemonics to reduce any stress you may be feeling about your daily to-do lists.
  • How to use a simple act of measuring to improve the results you get when using the power of your mind to memorize information.
  • The three “dramatic” stages of fatigue and exactly how deadly they can be to your memory.
  • Why you need to use the first mnemonic images that “spring” to your mind so that they’ll “spring” back in when you need them later.
  • The amazing power of “reframing” to change the quality of your memories so that you can increase the quality of your experiences.
  • How to overcome “rogue” or disturbing memories using mnemonics and remove the trouble they bring into your life.
  • How to use “cartoon level” images to completely erase negative memories, release stress and improve performance in everything you do. (This is kind of like a guided visualization you create on the fly, exclusively for your own personal use.)
  • The important power of becoming the “cause” of your memories, instead of the “effect” of your memories.
  • Exactly how to get yourself to “play” with mental imagery in order to create mnemonics, even if you’re a “serious” adult who normally doesn’t spend time making crazy and exaggerated images in your imagination.
  • How to use mnemonic devices, even if you’re not a visual person.
  • When to know that memory training is nothing you should be bothering with (it’s rare, but possible that you simply don’t need to improve your ability to recall information).
  • Dr. Samuels’ views on memory competitions and why we need to get past the idea that these people are extraordinary beings so that we can all experience the benefits of mnemonics.
  • Dr. Samuel’s take on the history of Memory Palaces and why we learn the alphabet as a song.
  • Why rote learning trains your brain to detect unpleasant patterns and reject boring learning experiences.
  • How to use the “Clear-Capable-Confident” formula in order to master any subject or area of expertise.
  • How to use memory techniques to get out of any argument – or at least feel tremendously relaxed so that the feeling of conflict just melts away.
  • Why Dr. Samuels says that using mnemonics is “breathtakingly fast” compared to writing.
  • “Evidence-based confidence” and why you need to develop it.
  • The techniques, tactics, strategies and philosophy behind both Martial Arts and mnemonics.
  • The importance of remembering your goals and memorizing your new year’s resolutions.
  • Why stress comes primarily for memory and how to use memory to reduce it.
  • And much, much more …

Please enjoy this valuable interview and get in touch with either myself or Dr. Samuels if you have any questions.

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4 Responses

  1. Many thanks for organising this interesting and useful podcast. While I don’t believe that I suffer from any really obvious / debilitating rogue memories, I do experience stress-related negative thoughts and memories, as no doubt we all do. Although I have managed to more or less deal with these unpleasant events as they arise, it is great to learn about these easy to apply behavioural modification strategies and in so develop a trained memory in order to subdue the rogue ones. I now have Dr Samuels’ book on my Kindle and will return to the ideas he discussed in the interview. Hell, why not just memorise it! My particular OMG moment was the idea of memorising your goals and milestones as a way staying focused.

    Once again Anthony, thanks for your efforts.

    1. I’m glad you liked this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Richard!

      Yes, memorizing goals is a great strategy. I think you’re really going to love the other ideas in Re-Mind Yourself as well. It’s a brilliant book and very unique in the memory improvement field.

  2. This was a fascinating episode of your podcast and I found myself replaying passages again and again (partly because I was driving).
    He really is a very interesting guy. Must admit though I was hugely disappointed with his website and the low quality of it. I feel it does him a disservice.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Tony.

      I’ll pass your thoughts on to Dr. Samuels. I’m sure he’ll be enthused to learn that you replayed parts of the article and about your concern regarding his site. There’s always so much to do when you’re helping people with memory troubles, that it can be a challenge keeping your website updated and memorable. I’ve only recently updated this site myself to keep up with the times. 🙂

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