Delayed Gratification Tips For Memory Training With Matt Dobschuetz

Matt Dobschuetz portrait for Magnetic Memory Method PodcastAll self improvement requires delayed gratification, especially memory training.

Now, I’m going to take you on an 180 degree spin, into the heart of a storm many millions of people face. Particularly men.

You see, I get a lot of private questions from people about memory.

And one of them involves online addiction, particularly around porn.

And that leads to compulsive behaviors, one of them being masturbation, more colorfully known as “fapping.”

Guess what?

Too much of it, especially when you’re wired for hours in front of a screen, definitely robs your memory of energy that could be used for memory training.


There’s no denying that more of this behavior is happening now than ever before.

The good news is that people have become incredibly frank about the problem.

In fact, I often receive this question in my inbox:

“Should I try a no-fap challenge to help me improve my memory?”

To date, I’ve never addressed the question formally.

An instead of taking the stance and saying, “If porn and masturbation is a distraction from your memory training, eliminate it and see what happens,” I decided to call in an expert. 

So let me introduce you to my friend Matt Dobschuetz.

Matt’s the man behind Porn Free Radio and He is a podcast show host, author and recovery coach for men dealing with addictions to pornography with one on one and group coaching through REV Group Coaching, which he founded.

On this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Matt and I discuss the problems porn addiction creates for your memory training progress. 

Memory Vs. Porn Addiction (And How You Can Win)

We cover methods to overcome these memory-robbing impulses, and the science behind why that dependency develops in the first place.

Matt shares his own journey with overcoming porn addiction and we discuss how it relates to memory, and how using memory techniques can help to eliminate porn dependency.

If you struggle with true intimacy with a partner…

If you find yourself gravitating towards masturbation for stress relief …

If your sexual confidence is so low it’s almost nonexistent …

And if you habitually watch pornography and don’t even know why …

This podcast is for you.

Press play now and learn more about:

  • The rise in pornography accessibility with broadband internet and smartphones
  • How erectile dysfunction relates to porn dependency
  • Lack of focus as the result of a pornography habit
  • The true reason behind lack of confidence in the bedroom
  • How the experience of failure with overcoming porn addiction can bleed into everyday areas of life (school, work, and even simple conversations with the potential partners)
  • How to recognize patterns that create opportunities for eliminating porn use and change those destructive patterns to positive growth habits
  • Relating the Challenge-Frustration Curve to breaking the porn addiction cycle
  • How to use memory techniques and exercises to overcome porn dependency and porn habit behaviors
  • What triggers porn addictive behaviors (it’s less automatic than you think)
  • How to deal with triggers and threats when they occur in real-life situations, both head on and through elimination techniques
  • Using self-identification as a means to combat porn habit behaviors
  • Being present and connected as powerful tools for recovery

My biggest takeaway from our interview?

I feel like the issues boils down to an inability to delay gratification. If you’d rather watch this episode of the podcast to discover tips for better strategies, just click play below:

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