How to Use the Blind Review LSAT to Ace Your Exams

blind review lsat feature image of Lady Justice with scalesBlind Review for the LSAT is by far the most practical way to ace your exams.


Because it’s a specific study process that helps you learn from your mistakes.

That way, as you continue to practice, you’ll soon have all the correct answers at your fingertips.

This means you’ll sit for the exam itself in a relaxed manner.

And you’ll have the confidence it takes to pass.

Even better:

The exercise will give you training that leads to even greater professionalism further on in your career.

Ready to use Blind Review for maximum results?

Let’s dive in!

What Is the Blind Review LSAT?

When it comes to the LSAT, the blind review process involves a detail-oriented approach that helps you reflect on your performance in a way that helps improve your scores.

The LSAT itself is a standardized test for ensuring that you have what it takes to enter and succeed in law school. That means, having a process for excelling is a good thing that helps ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure by entering law school without the necessary readiness.

Importantly, you need to take each Blind Review test by emulating the same test conditions you would have in the exam itself. This means giving yourself the same amount of time and unbiased objectivity around your answers.

It is a dynamic approach that exercises your analytical thinking skills and will help you internalize the actual meaning of the law. Not just the words from memorizing entire sections of law.

Does the Blind Review Method Actually Work?

Now that you know what this review method is, you might be wondering how effective it is.

Let’s call a spade a spade:

Every single accelerated learning technique is only as good as the person using it decides to focus on the nuances that make them work.

There’s no getting around this rule. So I suggest that if you’re going to use Blind Review, use it well. Otherwise, there’s no point in blaming the technique.

This is especially true in the law, where attention to detail is the key.

How to Use the Blind Review Method to Study for the LSAT in 6 Steps

Now let’s turn to how to use this self-testing method and get the most out of it.

The details and nuances matter, so please make sure to apply each one.

One: Get to Know the Territory First

The LSAT is primarily a self-study project. The first step is to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the exam itself.

To do that, here are my best LSAT prep tips.

By knowing as much as possible what you’re getting into, you’ll be to follow the next tip effectively.A phone sits on top of a study planner on a table beside a laptop. Keeping a rigorous study schedule will help you focus on studying.

Two: Establish and Follow a Study Schedule

This step should be self-evident. However, many people put this essential law school tip aside and favor partying over studying.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to succeed without scheduling, so I suggest you figure out what’s involved with the exam and then get an exact schedule outlined in a physical calendar.

Along with this essential study, I suggest identifying several study places where you focus best. That way, you’ll maximize the study time you’ve scheduled by always practicing for LSAT in optimal environments.

Three: Focus On Developing The Big Skills

As you take test exams with the clock on, practice:

  • Reading for the main ideas and the logic underlying them
  • Recognizing question patterns
  • Practicing your deduction and other reasoning skills
  • Distinguishing between assumptions and reasonable arguments that follow logically
  • Spotting flaws in arguments
  • Improving your overall reading comprehension
  • Your written responses

As you go through these steps, it’s important not to get emotional. Always remember that you’re assessing yourself in an unbiased way.

If you notice that you’ve missed an assumption or incorrectly interpreted it, simply get curious and think about how to correct the error.

Although there’s more science than art to the practice, by practicing critical distance to each of these skills, you’ll soon perform better and better on your test exams.long hair blue shirt woman is thinking

Four: Flag Questions You Don’t Understand

One main benefit of blind review practice for your LSAT is that you can practice organizing your time.

Although different people need to consider their own preferences, it’s generally good to spend the most amount of time on:

  • Questions weighted most heavily
  • Questions you need more time to reflect on

As you practice, make sure to pay special attention to starting on the most challenging questions as you spend less time on areas you’re more familiar with or otherwise prioritize or deprioritize questions of varying difficulty.

There’s a potential catch in doing this, but overall, you’ll become much more skilled at making sure you don’t leave the most important questions until the end. You want maximum comfort while dealing with the most challenging parts of the exam.

Five: Master the Most Important Aspects of Your Memory

Many legal professionals use memory techniques, especially during law school.

When prepping for the LSAT, spaced repetition is one of the most important. It will help you enter the most important information into long-term memory faster.

The key techniques that support spaced repetition are incredibly diverse and include:

There are, of course, other memory strategies to explore. But in my experience with helping many clients in the law, these have been the most important.

Six: Analyze and Analyze Again

As I just discussed, spaced repetition is the key.

You want to continue analyzing your answers repeatedly until you develop 100% certainty that you have given the best possible answers.

It’s important to understand that although the bulk of this activity needs to be done on your own, there is a place for peer review.

Make sure to get someone else to discuss your answers with, and if you can’t do that, seek professional guidance. It will be worth the investment.

And if you need more help with the memory improvement part of the process, please register for my free course here:

Free Memory Improvement Course

It will help you master the most important aspects of using memory techniques for massive success on any exam, including passing the bar.

Much of the rest comes done to looking at as many critical thinking examples as possible and completing thinking exercises related to the LSAT.

Again, the key is to be thorough. Detail-oriented. Like the legal professional you hope to become.

You probably already know just how essential it is for us to have top-notch legal professionals to help ensure freedom flourishes.

So I commend you for being a serious legal student and wish you tremendous success!

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