When Trying To Memorize Pronunciation Is Not Enough

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Memory Palace and PronunciationWorried about how you’re going to improve your pronunciation?

Check out this fantastic discussion from two of my friends.

The video is from from language learning expert Luca Lampariello and general learning wizard David Mansaray.

These guys are well worth subscribing to, listening to and reading as much as you can because they are masterful language learners. They also generate a lot of discussion with little points and details that you will pick up some great tips from.

In other words, this is one of those run-don’t-walk-type-deals where you’re missing out if you’re not jumping in.

Have a watch and then check out my summary and commentary on the video below.

If you haven’t got 15 minutes to watch, I’ll tell you in brief what’s it’s all about. These two language fanatics suggest that in order to perfect pronunciation we’ve got to:

* Pay attention to the small details of sound in our target language

* Look for patterns

* See sentences as a whole before studying the parts

* Stop worrying about how difficult a language like French is to learn

* Realize that words are not always pronounced the same way. Pronunciation can change not only when meaning changes, but depending on when, where and why the word lands in the sentence (the Rome example is priceless!)

* Choose a book that shows the rhythm and the stress of our target language

* Study how our own mother tongue works (see all of the above).

But the most amazing tip in this video is this:

* Record yourself.

I think that’s a brilliant tip.

I’ll admit that I’ve never done it intentionally, but I’ve heard myself being interviewed several times in German, and it taught me a lot about how I pronounce the words of this beautiful language.

It taught me how to make sure that my German pronunciation is beautiful too.

And the guys in the video are right. When you hear yourself on a recording, you get a whole new perspective.

It’s almost like being able to walk around your own voice in 3D.

Of course, what these fine folks in the video aren’t talking about is how to memorize all those words.

But as you know, I’ve got you covered with the most important tips you need in the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

That’s all for today, dear Memorizers.

Until next time, speak some memorized foreign language vocabulary out loud then teach someone else what you’ve learned about Memory Palaces. Teaching a skill is one of the best ways to learn it and helping people improve their memory is one of the best ways we can make the world a better place. The more we remember, the more we can remember. And the more we learn, the more we can learn.

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