The Greek Alphabet Is Easy To Memorize (Audio and Video)

Dear Memorizers,

I started working on Greek and guess where I began?
Greek alphabet keyboardThat’s right. With the old fashioned Alpha and Omega.

But I went a little hog wild this time, creating both an audio and video version. You can download the Mp3 above or watch as we wind our way through my Memory Palace and the mnemonic imagery I used to memorize each letter of the Greek alphabet.

And yes, coupon code “greek” might just still be up for grabs when you want to get started on memorizing vocabulary after mastering the alphabet. This online language learning course will show you how.

Until next time, dear Memorizers, help someone else learn about Memory Palaces and mnemonics. Teaching is one of the best ways to really solidify the methods for yourself and to make the world a better place all in the same stroke. The more we can memorize, the more we can learn. And the more we can learn, the more we can memorize. It’s a perfect circle, so step inside and let’s widen it together.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Thank you it helped me to know the Greek alphabet. I want to learn more how can do it and where can I get the video. Thanks

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