The Greek Alphabet Is Easy To Memorize (Audio and Video)

Memorizing the Greek alphabet is not that difficult.

In fact, one of my students, Kevin Wax, wrote to me that:

With your incredible help, I’ve been able to memorize the Greek alphabet (words and symbols) front words and backwards in about 3 or 4 total hours of work.

I was very worried as I tackled this project, but your techniques were so very helpful.

That’s right. He did it in just 3-4 hours.

Personally, I wouldn’t call the process “work,” but I’m just glad that Kevin got it done.

If memory serves, he was memorizing scripture at the time, something many of my students want to do.

And the Magnetic Memory Method is proven to help with that.

Just check out what Jeannie Koh had to say in her testimonial after taking my course:

Jeannie Koh Magnetic Memory Method Review for Bible Memorization

So that you can experience similar results, here’s what’s very new:

I went a little hog wild this time, creating both an audio and video version of the same suggestions I gave both Kevin and Jeannie.

You can download the Mp3 above or watch as we wind our way through my Memory Palace and the mnemonic imagery I used to memorize each letter of the Greek alphabet. Here’s the video:

Want more on how to master the alphabet in any language? This online memory improvement course will show you how.

The key is to develop your mnemonic systems and use a bit of abstract thinking along with the best possible memory techniques.

For example, for the letter aleph, consider using a famous person named Al, such as Weird Al Yankovich or Al Gore.

You’ll also want to read Greek as often as possible. As you do, memorize interesting vocabulary. Spell the words out after you’ve memorized them and mentally rotate each Greek letter in your mind. This process is as useful with Greek as it is with Hindi.

To take things to the next level, consider learning the pegword method. This mnemonic technique will give you an image for each letter of the alphabet, making memorizing new words in Greek easier yet.

If you ever have questions, feel free to post them below, or get in touch using the contact page.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Thank you it helped me to know the Greek alphabet. I want to learn more how can do it and where can I get the video. Thanks

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