An Abundance Of Powerful “Monkey Mind” Meditation Tips with Ben Fishel

Portrait of Ben Fishel for the Magnetic Memory Method PodcastWe all deal with it. The never ending to-do lists, rushing here, there, and everywhere in our daily lives, like a hamster on a wheel.

From work, to school, family obligations, and social and extracurricular activities we never stop.

But it’s not just our physical bodies that are “all over the place.” It’s our minds as well. It’s like a “monkey mind” is running the show up there!

Unless, of course, you have some of the best monkey mind meditation tips out there.

The kind that show you the way to quiet the noise, perhaps even to silence this uncontrollable, restless mind that haunts our global civilization. 

Think about it…

What if you could exercise self-control mentally in order to make more rational decisions, your best decisions, calmly?

Good news:

You can.

On this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, I sit down with Ben Fishel, author of the upcoming book Project Monkey Mind.

Anthony Metivier with Ben Fishel of
Hanging out with Ben at my favorite Memory Palace, The Menagerie

Ben is a meditation teacher, habitual traveler, and freelance writer.

On his website, Ben Fishel helps people navigate their challenges. Based on work from his prior website, Project Monkey Mind, Ben’s work has been featured on The Huffington Post, HighExistence, Tiny Buddha, and Pick The Brain.

In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, we discuss the problems of the modern day monkey mind and how, through meditation, self-inquiry and self-discovery you can take steps to quiet it.

Ben shares some principles from his soon-to-be released book, especially regarding his Pyramid of Self and the need for knowing one’s self to make a transformation in your life.

Having control over your mind is possible, peace of mind is possible, and mental clarity, calm, and focus are all within your reach. 

To learn how, all you have to do is scroll up, hit play and discover:

  • The difference between real change as compared to our expectations of change
  • Authentic self-help versus spirituality junk and the spiritual junkies it creates
  • The importance of self-inquiry to discover both who you are and who you aren’t
  • How a “hyper-egoic” consciousness due to social media can be detrimental to quieting the self-referential mind
  • The benefits of finding a balance between goals and the karma yoga idea of letting go of outcomes
  • Ben’s Pyramid of Self, a relationship between ego, narratives about yourself, your biology, and higher cause
  • How the ego can provide a false sense of being bulletproof, and the drawbacks to such an attitude
  • Why we should always be skeptical, or critical of gurus as the end all, be all to answering life’s big questions
  • The human condition of coping (or not) with uncertainties
  • How freedom and individual sovereignty are related and how to achieve them
  • How meditation brings a needed silence that doesn’t come to the body naturally

Our Second Monkey Mind Meditation Conversation:

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Anthony, I have watched and enjoyed many of your online videos,and myself having not just aphantasia, but total aphantasia,cavecogs wouldnt be at all of any help.Ive even rubbed my eyes for weeks in the hope that I might see something I could work with, but again with no results.Please could you advice the hundreds of thousands,if not more of us around the globe,as “total aphantasiacs”,what we can do to at the very least to use a memory palace that would work for us. Kindest regards Ian.

    1. Thanks, Ian.

      I now work exclusively one-on-one with aphantasiacs of every kind.

      This is because advice is not the key. Each individual responds better and faster when taken on their own, based on how they describe where they are at.

      Please send me an email if you’d like to arrange a session, and one way or another, I wish you success on your journey.

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