How To Memorize 50 Spanish Provinces On Your First Go

provincias-de-espac3b1aIn this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, Daniel Welsch discusses in detail how he memorized all 50 Spanish provinces using his first Memory Palace in one go. Amazing results anyone can achieve any place, at any age and at any time.

Yes, even if you’re a Spanish speaker:

Listen to this interview now and you’ll also learn:

* How to make great leaps towards fluency even without traveling to a new country. (Though you should definitely experience as many different countries as you possibly can!)

* The facts about how people have always been holistically and organically learning languages (and how you can put these simple principles to work for yourself).

* The importance of looking at art in order to improve your visual memory. (This simple discussion is worth the time you’ll spend listening to this podcast on its own).

* How to visualize for success during a job interview – especially when the interview is not in your first language! Daniel’s thoughts on this will raise your game.

* How Daniel memorized all 50 of the provinces of Spain using a simple Memory Palace.

* How to “think” visually even if you can’t “see” in your imagination.

* The specific time investment he needed to accomplish this feat of memory – which was surprisingly little!

* Detailed notes on exactly how much work is involved in using the Magnetic Memory Method – and the painful alternative.

* How Daniel memorized hundreds of years of monarchs using a new Memory Palace.

* Why memorization is nothing more than a confidence game and how to get a quick victory in order to build your belief in yourself along with determination, tenacity and the daring courage we all need to develop new skills.

* Why you need to start your journey as an advanced Memorizer with things that interest you before diving into complex and abstract information.

* Why visualizing spelling is a great introduction to the technique. You’ve been looking at printed letters your entire life, after all!

* Why the most powerful writing you can do takes less than 59 seconds – assuming you do the recommended exercise by hand (no typing).

* Daniel’s immediate discouragement with using the Magnetic Memory Method, the joke surrounding it and how he overcame the frustration using a codfish and blood sausage.

* Why using a Memory Palaces is really no different than playing a game.

* The controversy with mnemonic examples and why even things that make no sense for you can still teach you how to use the Magnetic Memory Method (and any form of mnemonics) so long as you take action.

* Why everyone has imaginative ability and why you’re doing it whether you realize it or not.

* Why you should stop worrying about the sex and violence elements of memory skills and start loving the results of memorizing and recalling just about anything you want.

* How working with a Memory Palace according to the Magnetic Memory Method will defeat the serial positioning effect, the primacy effect and the forgetting curve each and every time that you properly use Magnetic Recall Rehearsal.

* How memory skills relate to the fear of losing your time, money and sanity and how to ease this unconscious fear using Memory Palaces.

* Why focusing on vocabulary can give you amazing advantages in terms of guessing what’s going on while traveling – though there is no getting past the “Tarzan stage” without grammar.

*  The number one reason why “poor learners” fail to improve and what to do in order to overcome any negative thinking you may have about your abilities to pick up new knowledge and skills.

* … and much, much more.

Tune in now to this special episode of the Magnetic Memory Method and learn just how little it takes to experience massive success with your memory.

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