Jonathan Levi On ADD, Education And His TEDTalk Memory Palace

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Optimized-11856260_10104505646784533_4608229342249143478_oThis Insanely Smart Guy Teaches You How To Learn Anything At Record Speed – Including Learning How To Engineer Your Own Body. Tap The Mental And Physical Wellness Secrets Of SuperLearner Jonathan Levi.


In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method podcast, the host of the Becoming Superhuman podcast and the bestselling Become a SuperLearner video course and book shares a ton of actionable knowledge with you about learning quickly, efficiently and in ways that honor your memory instead of taxing it.

In this incredible hour, you’ll learn:

* The importance of developing your visual memory.

* How the process of using a Memory Palace can change over time – and become even more powerful when you have the best practices under your belt.

* How to create a powerful Memory Palace – even if it’s just minutes before giving a major presentation.

* How to use the most shocking locations in your personal history to memorize anything (graphic content).

* Why it’s never acceptable – and also never necessary – to have crappy grades in school.

* How Jonathan deals with ADD, both with and without medication.

* How to cope with listening to boring lectures.

* Why traditional education needs to change and what the future of education will look like.

* How to speed up the slow pace of learning as an independent learner on the road to autodidacticism.

* How to use stories in order to memorize and make what you have to say memorable.

* The magical power of tension and distress when learning, memorizing and recalling information.

* How to deal with feeling uneasy about things you don’t want to do and why this kind of action creates such powerful results.

* Why people don’t use memory techniques, even if they’ve mastered them.

* The connection between slouching and bad memory habits.

* How to build confidence in your memory for better conversations and social performance in practical situations.

* How to shape the muscle of your mind in order to increase raw memory ability.

* How to make using mnemonics second-nature.

* How to safely do N=1 experiments on yourself (and why self-experimentation may be the most important activity you ever engage in).

* The danger of doing exercises that aren’t optimized for endocrine.

* The rampant evils of estrogen in everything from your food to your cologne.

* Why there is no such thing as being in the “normal range” and why you need to go much deeper when exploring your own health.

* How to be more attractive to the opposite sex – even if you’re a weird and introverted memory enthusiast.

* Why you have a moral obligation to share what you know with the world.

* Jonathan’s core values and why you shouldn’t waste your memory on appointments and other small details.

* How to create deep knowledge in ways that create dense connections between the neurons in your brain.

* How to harness the power of dual-coding in your use of memory techniques.

* How to share your knowledge ethically as you navigate the changing educational landscape in the 21st century.

* … and much, much more!

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