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Ben Cardall headshotBen Cardall’s demonstrations of what Sherlock Holmes would do under real world conditions are legendary.

So too is his book on the key observation and memory techniques you need to pull it all off.

It’s called The Monographs.

To celebrate the upcoming new version of this essential text on deduction, Ben joins me for an expansive conversation. We cover his practice with the Memory Palace technique, critical thinking and other topics.

Then we focus on the most important topic of all: weighing the value of data and deciding what’s worth committing to memory.

Beyond that, we even get into the knotty territory of free will.

For the first time, someone finally gave me a new way to think about this essential philosophical puzzle!

Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ben.

Click play on the video below or the audio player above to enjoy this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method and check out some of the links below for more on Ben and his work.

Who Is Ben Cardall?

In addition to writing The Monographs, Ben’s YouTube channel, The Deductionist provides you with tremendous resources. On it, Ben covers everything from body language to topics of importance to mentalists and magicians.

Ben’s interest in everything from forensics and psychology to hypnosis and his passion for developing memory skills like Sherlock Holmes are infectious. Check out his website for multiple videos and more information.

In terms of his teaching, so many people are excited about his current Kickstarter for The Monographs V2 that it was fulfilled in less than one day. I’ve still only read the first version, but sight unseen am perfectly comfortable recommending it.

Frankly, I fully expect I’ll be adding this new book from Ben to my frequently updated post on the best Memory Palace books.

Anthony Metivier with a copy of The Monographs by Ben Cardall

The Monographs: A Quick Review

When preparing this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, I though I would call The Monographs an “underground classic.”

My research uncovered too many positive reviews to call it “underground,” however. So we’ll have to settle for it being a classic of memory, critical thinking and deduction.

I love how Ben weaves these skills together. Sure, you can focus purely on the Memory Palace technique. He gives you one of the most important tips you’ll ever read.

But it’s really the fusion of memory techniques with observation tactics and thinking strategies that you need in order to order see, hear, feel and think at the highest possible level.

When you can do that, you’ll be able to select the main points from the environment much better. Whether they’re in a book or lingering at the scene of a crime, there’s no point memorizing information if you haven’t prequalified it first.

So if you truly want to think like Sherlock Holmes, you absolutely need Ben’s training material. This book contains practical exercises, background info and the steps that will help you apply the techniques to real world environments.

Enjoy our conversation today and check out either version of The Monographs. You’ll be well rewarded!

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