Arthur Worsley On Getting Traction And Discovering Your Why

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Arthur Worsley feature imageIt is no secret that we are all constantly in a state of self-examination.

While some people may be more “self-aware” than others, no matter where you are on the spectrum, there is a constant need, a persistent desire to “Know Thyself.” 

The greatest task in that knowing, above all else, may be the biggest question, and, more complicated therefore, to answer, the question of “Why?”

Today, more than ever perhaps, we are being challenged to slow down, to examine our priorities, to reflect on who we are and what motivates us.

Whether that is an intentional choice, or the current state of the world has given you the gift of more time in the form of working from home and eliminating your commute, or governmental measures have encouraged a “safer at home” mindset, now is no better time for working towards that answer.

My guest today is Arthur Worsley. He is the man behind The Art of Living blog, the author of the TRACKTION Planner, and the Moments app. He is an entrepreneur, graduate of Oxford where he studied psychology, philosophy, and physiology. 

Anthony Metivier with Tracktion Planner from Arthur Worsley Art of Living

Thumbs up for the Tracktion Planner!

We discuss his mission of guiding others to find their motivation, through practical, executable, analog tools.

Arthur provides a real, honest look at a difficult situation that became his catalyst for self-discovery, and, through coaching, and his own journey, the roadblocks that others faced that were similar, and how they, and you, in turn, can also overcome them.

He even shares his own experience with answering that big question of “Why?” as he applied for Oxford. In his words, it was “terrifying” to see one’s future residing in such an empty space. The question of why was intentional, providing a blank canvas, open to interpretation.

He learned how to navigate and fill that space for himself, and with the tools and methods he has created, you can also learn to answer that all-important question of “Why?”

If you’re struggling to find your motivation for your everyday….

Or maybe the bigger challenge of your life’s purpose…

Just take note of where you’re starting from.

As you begin to answer that question, and, unavoidably, the others that arise, know you are enough. 

That self-doubt? It can serve you. That questioning is good. That questioning means growth.

And why then wouldn’t we take that opportunity as we ask that very thing of ourselves?

Press play now above to listen in as Arthur shares:

  • How physiology, psychology, and philosophy can not only live in harmony as disciplines, but how they actually, in fact, intersect and can help you improve your focus
  • The evolution of the Pyramid of Needs for modern day society – what’s missing, and why
  • The gap that exists between effort (what you do) and motivation (why you do it)
  • What loss of religion means practically, and the problem that “lack of faith” can create
  • The reason behind the current resurgence of Stoicism, and what questions that philosophy can answer.
  • Why meaning must be found in purpose, and not purpose within meaning
  • The relationship (that’s necessary) between decision making and data collection
  • The pros and cons to the novelty effect
  • The most common reasons planners fail, and how you can overcome them with just a few simple tools
  • The problem with perfectionism and its relationship to procrastination (often related to not having a feedback loop)
  • Why reading isn’t always beneficial – and how you may need to tweak your reading style (were you aware you had one?)
  • How problem solving can be addictive, and what mindset is required to achieve cyclical solutions
  • Why connection is such a critical why – even for an introvert

And even more!

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10 Responses to " Arthur Worsley On Getting Traction And Discovering Your Why "

  1. Adolfo says:

    Wonderful interview and it couldn’t come at a better time! I’ve been trying to manage my many life goals and my momentum has stagnated due to lack of clarity.

    I’m buying the planner today.

    Thanks for a wonderful and informative interview!

  2. Robert Sterbal says:

    What if your reason why doesn’t pay the bills?

    • Thanks for this, Robert.

      My question would be:

      Can you explore the history and circumstances that created a situation in which it is possible to be doing anything but aligning your “why” with something that sustains you? What clues are in that story and the status quo and where is the wiggle room to start making a change?

      You might also consider the truth in the cliche: If the “why” is begin enough, there will be a way.
      Or you can read something like Shoot for the Moon by Richard Wiseman. It has some good, scientifically tested exercises that can help people find the way.

      But even he cannot answer exactly why, even with all of the knowledge needed available in every cell phone, some people still won’t get it done.

      And that circles back to the cliche about the “why” probably not being big enough.

      Does this line of thinking help you out?

    • Arthur says:

      Hey Robert, hope all well! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. What is your why? Can you find anyone in the world who’s making a living from it? And if so, how can you reverse engineer what it would take to get there?

      Paying the bills is very much more often a “What” or “How” problem than a “Why” problem and solving it (without reinventing the wheel) is usually a case of exploring how others have solved (or are solving) the same problem.

      Drop me an email on if you’d rather not share your “Why” publicly.

      Hope that helps! Best, Arthur

  3. Marc says:


    Is Arthur no longer publishing fastertomaster or theartofliving? I tried the links to his page but it doesnt seem that the domain is still active. Is there another way to contact him, read the summaries etc and get a hold on the tracktion planner?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Marc.

      I’ve removed the link now that I’ve confirmed it’s not active. I’ll see if I can get in touch with Arthur, as that is quite unusual given how much he had built out his site.

  4. Isaac says:

    Is there an update on Arthur?

    • None, I’m afraid. I tried emailing him using all the addresses I have and they all bounced.

      I have mocked up a journal of my own, but likely won’t release it. The journal instructions in The Victorious Mind and the Memory Momentum Planner that come with The Memory Connection seem to me more than enough. At least from me, though the future is a big place and it is not possible to predict what will happen.

      In all things, I’m sorry I couldn’t connect with Arthur and please let me know if you get through yourself. Or at least tell him I said hello! 🙂

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