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On Shadows of Ideas Scott Gosnell translation second edition coverScott Gosnell’s translations of the memory improvement books of Giordano Bruno are legendary.

They have enabled English readers around the world to access some of the richest ideas for using the Memory Palace technique around.

Now, Scott is launching a revised and updated edition of his first translation:

On the Shadows of Ideas.

Frankly, this is the most important Kickstarter campaign I’ve ever seen.

Why support it?

A few reasons.

First, this incredible book will help you understand the classic method of loci in a deeper way.

If you want to explore the Renaissance approach and learn more about using a memory wheel, On the Shadows of Ideas is essential reading.

Even better:

You’ll discover an incredible way to apply it to reflecting on life’s many challenges.

It’s an epic book, and the best part is that supporters of the current Kickstarter campaign can also sign up to get all of Scott’s Bruno translations.

You can also get access to a course that Scott is putting together – a learning experience I’m tremendously excited about!

In this interview, Scott and I dive deeper into the ideas in this book and the implications for your practice with mnemonics.

We also discuss the production of this kind of educational material from Bruno’s era to our own, its challenges and the wide open potentialities.

To support the Kickstarter campaign, check out the trailer video and select your support level.

If you have any questions, you can find Scott:

More On Giordano Bruno on the MMM Podcast

Scott and I have discussed Bruno’s memory works a few times before:

Enjoy this episode and I look forward to seeing you with your copy of this new edition!

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