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What would you give if you could have the world’s best mentor accessible at any time?

I’m talking about catering to your every need …

So you can accomplish a specific goal

… and in a way that fits that mentor inside your pocket?

To be honest with you, at first I didn’t believe it was possible.

But guess what?

I’ve got …


Good News For Students & Educators!


In this episode of the Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, let me introduce you to the incredible thought leader and digital innovator, Edan Kertis.

But first … here’s a limited time opportunity:

If you’d like to shape the creation of the first Magnetic Memory Method memory coaching app (it will be in the form of a MyQuest!), please fill out this MMM App Survey (the link will open in a new tab).

Edan and I thank you for taking the time to letting us know how we can help you and your memory further by guiding the creation of this memory improvement app.

Now then, you might be asking yourself …


Hold up, there! What is a “MyQuest?”



As the co-founder and CEO of MyQuest, Edan is helping educators create “Quests” for learners.

That means no more boring video courses that forget about you after you register.

No more books that don’t even know you exist.

No more teachers who can’t provide you the accountability you need to succeed.

When it comes to MyQuest’s powerful platform, Edan and his team have made it possible for mentors to create educational journeys that help students learn through gamified, step-by-step missions and levels.

The best part?

MyQuest allows educators to lead a community towards a common goal while still addressing the needs of the individual learner.


How On Earth Is This Possible?


As a software engineer, Edan has helped surgeons plan surgeries better. It’s clear how his experiences with Brainlab have paved the way for even bigger accomplishments when it comes to learning how to learn.

And in this exclusive interview (scroll up and hit ‘play’ to listen), you’ll learn all about how Edan came up with the idea for MyQuest, including:

⇒ Edan’s personal “Quest for Enlightenment” to expand his mind and experience self-development.

⇒ The “butterfly effect” and how small actions can influence others all around the world.

⇒ Why happiness is really all about what you remember.

⇒ Why everything with MyQuest is action-based with missions instead of lessons

⇒ Why you need to manage the level of challenge so that you’re always stretching, but never overextended so far that frustration holds you back.

⇒ Why how we frame our educational experiences with story and metaphor matters.

⇒ Why you need to spend time enjoying random thoughts and “doing nothing” in order to increase your productivity.

⇒ The power of “digital fasting” for completing any learning goal.

⇒ The importance of reporting on your progress with peers for accountability.

⇒ The dual role of push notifications in order to ensure your teachers don’t forget about you and you don’t forget about them.

⇒ How you can easily create your own app as a mentor and help thousands of people achieve their goals.

⇒ Why traveling is like meditation.

⇒ How to find what feels right inside – despite anything society might be telling you about what counts as “normal.”

… and much, much more! 🙂


What’s Your Quest? 


As a Magnetic Memory Method Podcast listener, please let me know what you’d like to learn the most. What skill would make the biggest difference in your life? What habits do you think you’ll need to master in order to achieve the outcomes you seek?

Let’s face it:

Like is like a game. And the best way to play the game is to play the kind of games that you want to be invited to play again.


But There Will Be Obstacles! 


What would a game be if there weren’t obstacles to overcome and puzzles to solve?

I’m excited that Edan and MyQuest are doing so much to create learning innovations that help educators create structured, yet responsive learning experiences that help learners accomplish their goals.

Let’s all help MyQuest accomplish their quest by sharing this post and engaging in the discussion. Look forward to hearing from you!

For more information about MyQuest, creating your own app using their educational technology and Edan Kertis, please visit:

Edan Kertis on LinkedIn

MyQuest on Twitter

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  1. Zachary Mungai says:

    This is a great learning revolution. Happy to be a part of it!

  2. Brandon says:

    This app sounds amazing! Do you have any idea when the app may come out?

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