MMMP 006: How To Master Your Highly Targeted Memorization Goals

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TheMagneticMemoryMethodPodcast2150x150Are you learning a language and struggling to pick which words and phrases to learn?

In Episode Six of The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast, you’ll learn the number one way to discover the words you’ll need to experience boosts in fluency quickly.

That way you can enjoy targeted conversations in your dream language when using mnemonics.

Knowing how to pick the right vocabulary is a critical skill because so many people overwhelm themselves.

They chase after words they don’t actually need at the moment.

Or they overwhelm themselves by turning language learning into some kind of numbers game.

Neither strategy works, and the reason they can’t work is simple:

  • If you memorize vocabulary you don’t need to use, you’re sure to forget it
  • If you constantly tell yourself about how many thousands of words you need to learn, you’ll frustrate yourself

But if you really want to become fluent in a language, you have to change how you think.

You need to create targeted learning “missions” and focus on the vocabulary you’re actually going to use immediately.

You need to use numbers in your favor, and not against yourself. For example, you can use the power of small numbers to create a simple Memory Palace. Focus just on filling one Memory Palace and before you know it, you’ll have ten new words, then twenty, thirty, etc.

Rest assured, frequency lists can be helpful along the way.

But they are not the holy grail.

The real magic happens when you get deeply involved in the planning and consistent execution.

I hope this episode of the show helps you out and I look forward to hearing from you with questions for future episodes of the show!

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