How Writing Protects Your Mind & Builds Memory with Essay Founder Julian Peterson

Julian Peterson, founderHave you ever been frustrated by having to copy and paste sentences in an essay or book you’re writing…

Thousands of times?

Or how about spending hours of your time only to realize that your ideas weren’t even remotely thought out?

I’ve been there!

I’ve also noticed dozens of times that my paragraphs come out in first draft in suboptimal order. That’s the reason they need so much re-ordering in the first place.

And constantly needed to shift things around is another reason why using all those finicky keyboard commands can get so tiring.

Yet, there’s a paradox.

As writers, we have every reason to want to manually write and revise our texts. It’s just part of great writing gets done.

Heck, it’s even how serviceable writing gets done.

Enter, founded by Julian Peterson.

It’s addresses a few key issues I’ve never found in any other writing app (and I’ve tried tons).

The best part? Julian is open and receptive to all kinds of ideas from users as Essay grows.

More About Essay

You can start an free trial here.

As I mentioned in the podcast, I think it’s one of the most interesting online writing apps out there (and I’ve tried a ton).

Essay’s focus on getting you to craft compelling ideas is so key, especially in our era where everyone is competing for attention.

The writing area is also uncluttered and conducive to focus. I think the platform has a big future, especially with its committed focus on writers who want to write for themselves.

Sure, technologies like chatGPT can be useful for some things, as I discovered with my AI language learning experiment. But at the end of the day, I think we all need to get behind software innovators that promote and train human competence.

More About Julian Peterson

You can find Julian on Instagram, X, YouTube and music platforms like Bandcamp and Spotify.

Keep an eye out for his music and maybe even a chance to see him live sometime soon!

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