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harry lorayne headshotHere’s an interesting question I received about the professionalism of memory expert Harry Lorayne.

As long time readers of this blog know, I had the honor of interviewing him privately some months ago.

Plus, I’ve learned a ton from him about both memory techniques and card magic.

Which leads us to today’s question:

What do you think about Dominic O’Brien, f.e. did you read his books? 

Harry Lorayne seems to be a Card-Artist and a magician, I don’t know if he really is a professional concerning learning ‘academic’ content. Please correct me if I am wrong…

I’m an amateur miracle worker myself with a pack of cards and I have a BA, two MAs and a PhD … so I don’t know how being a magician could possibly limit one’s ability to effectively teach other people how to learn.

Lorayne is also a pioneer and well-worth studying. Here’s my full profile on Harry Lorayne and his career.

Not only that, but Lorayne has been a great demonstrator of memory and accelerated learning techniques.

His willingness to get out there and show the techniques in action makes him far finer a teacher than someone who only writes about a method. No one serious about mnemonics can afford to ignore his massive contribution to the field of memory techniques.

In fact, when I met Tony Buzan, he told me how important Lorayne had been in helping him understand memory techniques.

Tony Buzan with Anthony Metivier and Phil Chambers

Tony Buzan with Anthony Metivier and Phil Chambers

Dominic O’Brien is absolutely worth reading as well. O’Brien comes from the World Memory Championship platform and much of his teaching is systematic in that regard. If you haven’t explored the Dominic System, you’re missing out on something truly special.

In sum…

No one serious about mnemonics should go long without reading both of them.

Why You Need to Read Both Harry Lorayne And Dominic O’Brien

The truth is that anyone who wants to get good at mnemonics needs to read as many writers on mnemonics as they possibly can. It’s like getting good at golf or card tricks. No one book or training video is going to give you expertise. You need to see the same “trick” or “move” executed from multiple angles and in multiple hands.

Same thing goes with mnemonics and memory techniques.

You need to see the same universal principles executed by multiple minds in order to get the fullest possible picture, or “bird’s eye view.”

Then put the techniques into practice. This is the fastest path to experiencing the power of accelerated learning.

What Makes the Magnetic Memory Method Unique?

As far as I can tell, no one else in the world of memory techniques is talking about “Bridging Figures,” “Word Division” and “Compounding” strategies. All of these approaches and strategies are available to you now in the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass.

These are radical new innovations that get people huge results, especially when it comes to memorizing material like foreign language vocabulary and specialized terminology, such as in law and medicine.

But as comprehensive as I try to be, no one person or group of persons will ever be enough.

That’s why I always try to educate readers of the Magnetic Memory Newsletter about everything out there in the world of memorization techniques that I’ve been able to learn.

Having read this, I hope that you are now ready to leap forward and get really serious about building a successful memorization system for yourself for so that you can learn a new language and recall its vocabulary with ease.

How to Improve Your Memory: The Exact Steps

Here’s what you can do right now.

Over the years, I’ve developed a complete, practical and language-learning oriented memorization program containing great ideas you can use immediately to improve your vocabulary memorization skills and speak more fluently as a result.

In my full home study program, which I call “How to Learn and Memorize the Vocabulary of Any Language,” you get more than 4 solid hours of video training and more than 400 pages of training.

It also includes checklists and worksheets to increase your vocabulary in any language you may be studying and boost your fluency (you can apply it to the terminology of any field too.

In this course you learn the best ways to build Memory Palaces for learning and memorizing foreign language vocabulary using as simple, three-step formula.

You’ll learn a simple method for memorizing the genders and cases of different words.

You’ll learn the most important words to focus on so that your boosts in vocabulary are meaningful and instantly useful in conversations.

You’ll learn to systematically divide words into component parts so that you’ll not only know what each words mean after you’ve learned them, but ultimately be able to guess what new words probably mean, even if you haven’t heard them before.

You’ll learn how to put together a knockout vocabulary memorization schedule that will give you dozens of new words every time you practice.

Above all, you’ll learn how to make memorizing foreign language vocabulary automatic, thrilling and fun.

… and much, much more.

Please check out my video memory courses today. Watch the promo videos and the free lessons they contains and then join the course and start benefiting right away:

Magnetic Memory Method Free Memory Improvement Course

I personally guarantee that you will be delighted with this program, and that it will help you memorize dozens of words every time you study. Try it for an entire 30 days. If you’re not satisfied for any reasons, I insist that you send it back to me for a full refund.

The Magnetic Memory Method has been used by thousands of language learners, many of whom previously considered themselves the owners of a bad memory. They’ve made real strides in acquiring new languages based on the advanced memorization skills they learned from my method.

Remember, anything someone else has done can be done by you just as well. You just need someone to show you how.

This powerful memory training will give you a series of step by step formulas to build a successful network of Memory Palaces that will allow you to memorize and recall literally any information you can think of at will.

And if Memory Palaces aren’t right for you, check out these 7 Powerful Mind Mapping Examples. You can learn in multiple ways that improve memory beside traditional mnemonics.

Thanks for your question and feel free to get in touch at any time.

2 Responses to " Defending Memory Expert Harry Lorayne And Dominic O’Brien "

  1. nzò says:

    Hi, can you suggest what a beginner should study first, a Lorayne’s book or one by O’Brien’? I’m searching for a book that is possibly structured as a course or a scheduled program with exercises, because I struggle with procrastination and perfectionism I’m likely to waste time by doing planning, scheduling, preparation, without even start and procrastinating endlessly (and I literally mean endlessly, as I was able to waste all my life and sadly fail all my purposes due to this behavior)

    • Thanks for this question.

      I’m not aware of books by either of Lorayne or O’Brien with strategies for dealing with procrastination.

      I suggest you look up my training on YouTube about creating a vision statement for improving your memory or get The Victorious Mind: How to Master Memory, Meditation and Mental Well-Being.

      Ultimately, you would do well to consider learning how to create your own program for success after tackling the current mental state you mention. Having a plan from others isn’t nearly as powerful as building your own, and it’s helping people with this skill that I focus on.

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