Marek Kasperski on Tony Buzan’s Legacy And Mind Map Mastery

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Marek Kasperski feature imageEver heard of a note taking technique that involves vibrant colors and keywords and asked yourself…

What on earth is this mindmapping stuff all about?

I used to ask myself that question too.

Then, one day I started to dig into the topic seriously.

I soon discovered that Tony Buzan had developed a number of laws for mapping the mind well.

So well in fact that he claimed it could to “radiant” thinking.

Sadly, Tony Buzan has left fans of accelerated learning for the great Memory Palace in the sky.

But we’re very fortunate that Marek Kasperski has picked up the mantle.

Thanks to his valiant efforts, we have an incredibly talented instructor who will be taking Tony Buzan’s unique views on mind mapping as a learning, creativity and memory tool into the future.

About Marek Kasperski

Marek Kasperski is Vice President of the Tony Buzan Company.

He’s committed to helping you achieve your highest ideals through memory techniques, mind maps and a wide variety of mental techniques that have been proven time and time again to work.

All you have to do?

Show up and work with the techniques.

Marek is also the Global Chief Arbiter and president of G.O.M.S.A. (Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters) where you can learn more about one of the incredible competitions you can take part in and how to qualify to compete.

Visit for more information about this unique set of skills and learning techniques like the Memory Palace.

You won’t regret it!

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