Why Teaching And Teachers Fail You: A Conversation With John Danaher

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John Danaher Feature ImageDon’t you hate it when you learn NOTHING from a course?

Me too. I can’t stand it.

And it’s the teacher’s fault right?

Well… not so fast.

It’s entirely possible that even the best teacher is fighting a tradition and system that’s rigged to fail.

Not only that, but there’s the question of what makes an experience “meaningful” in the first place, let alone educational.

That’s my I’m glad John Danaher had some time to chat about a compelling article he wrote.

It’s called:

“The Trouble with Teaching: Is Teaching a Meaningful Job?”

What I love about this article, and John’s blog overall, is the deep analytical thinking about the topic.

I also really like his book “Automation and Utopia,” but it was this first article that got me hooked on his writing style.

It’s very clean, clear and direct. Sometimes VERY direct at how it demolishes some of our ideals about things like teachers and teaching.

Sure, eschewing the romantic can be painful.

But Radical Honesty is what the MMM Initiative is all about.

So do as I’ve done and follow John on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing he shares.

And please read Automation and Utopia. It’s clear and thought-provoking.

You won’t regret it!

Photo Credit: Aengus McMahon

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