“New Magnetic Memory Postcard Program Teaches You How To Improve Your Memory 

… Even If You Have No Time”




 From the Desk of:
Anthony Metivier

Magnetic Memory Headquarters
Berlin, Germany



Dear Magnetic Memorizer,

Improving your memory just got easier. And if you’d like some amazing little tips that will give you great results, then The World’s Most Memorable Postcard may be the most important mail you will ever receive.

And by the way,

Yes! I’m really going to personally mail you one of these amazing postcards
each and every month!

But I need to be clear about something before we carry on. Just like all the information I offer you as part of the Magnetic Memory Method, these tips aren’t sit-back-and-do-nothing strategies for improving your memory (at least, not always).

Here’s the thing:

The techniques I’ll be sending you on these postcards work amazingly well for me and I’m convinced that they can help you too.

But I don’t think that everyone who receives these postcards is going to experience results. It’s likely that some people will get no results at all (especially if they ignore the instructions and don’t put the ideas into action).

With that caveat in mind, let’s leap forward so I can tell you about …

Exactly What You’re Gonna Get

Quite frankly, the tips on these postcards aren’t like anything you’ve ever read in the Magnetic Memory Method materials you’re already be familiar with.

These are not elaborate strategies that require a great deal of thought. Just memory tips that you can implement instantly so you can experience results and get things working for you right away.

And it’s easy.

With the information that fits on the back of just one postcard, once a month, you can read it in just a few moments. You’ll immediately “get” what you need to do and be literally dying to share the new idea with your family and friends. Everyone benefits!

And even though I use these techniques and tips all the time as part of my overall memory success strategies and systems,

They Are About MORE than just Memory Improvement

Take what happened to me a few months ago, for example. Not only did one of the tips I’m going to send you improve my memory after just a few weeks of regularly practicing something I should have been doing anyway, but I also saved myself a trip to the dentist!

And then about a month later after using another of these memory improvement tips, I lost five pounds!

And in that same month I experienced an unusual boost in being able to compose music as a direct result of a simple memory exercise!

Like I said …

… there’s more to these postcard-sized tips than just improving your memory.

Each month you’ll find a new Magnetic Memory postcard in your mailbox covered with a powerful memory tip or exercise, including …

  • Fun and interesting facts from the history of memory and outstanding Memorizers.
  • Special links to content not shared with anyone outside of The World’s Most Memorable Postcard monthly subscription.
  • A secret way to instantly use your memory like coffee to wake yourself up in the morning.
  • The nearly psychic (but woo-woo-less and hocus pocus-free way) to help others find the information hovering tortuously on the tip of their tongue (no, this tip does not involve thinking about something else and waiting for it to occur to later).
  • Proven ways to limit the natural – but unwarranted – fear of using our minds at advanced levels.
  • The truth about memory supplements (and what foods really work).
  • … and much, much more!

I know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot of valuable information to stick on the back of a couple of postcards over the course of a year and still have room for the stamps!

But it gets better because you’ll also be getting:

Special Links to Password Protected “Stealth” Memory Trainings

Every postcard will include a special link just for subscribers leading to a member’s area where you’ll enjoy PDFs, audios and special videos loaded with blueprints of the most powerful memory methods ever deployed by humankind.

You’ll instantly know how to use a variety of memory methods beyond mere Memory Palaces as taught and refined by me. Using these simple but effective methods will improve your overall memory skills by 100% … 200% … 300% or more.

The best part about all of this is that I’ve designed The World’s Most Memorable Postcard program …

Specifically For People Who Hate “Working” On Improving Their Memory

If you don’t like “work,” you’re hardly alone. I can barely tolerate it myself!

But that’s why I’ve spent years innovating upon the ancient techniques of memory and developing entirely new approaches that are not to be found anywhere else in the memory literature.

I’ve done all the “work” of figuring out which techniques are effective, experimented to make them even more effective and then clarified everything so that you can proceed based on results.

When You Use The Simple Tips I’ll Be Sending You,
Here Is What Will Happen:

First, you’ll find yourself experiencing unexpected and unusual boosts in your mental clarity. The importance of this to your life cannot be understated because the ability to think better will significantly improve how you approach everything at work, in your relationships and your personal leisure time.

The next thing you’ll discover is that you’ll …

Remember things better!

And you’ll do it without having to convince yourself to “work” hard and implement these tips.

That’s because everything I’ll be sending you is drop dead simple. Everything has been gathered and created with your ease of use in mind. I’ve been perfecting this program for close to a year and it is now currently in motion, sending postcards to members of the Magnetic Memory Family in ever corner of the world.

Here’s What To Do Next

I’m using unique and interesting postcards from Berlin and places that I’ve traveled, a lot of them gathered from German Flohmärkte (Flea Markets) where people often sell postcards preserved from the 50s, 60s and 70s. That means a lot of these postcards were locked behind the Wall, making them very unique indeed. Sometimes I’ll even be writing on the back of an old photograph. I come across these from time to time and they are absolutely marvelous to behold.

Each card you’ll receive is hand-prepared and individually addressed by me and your first card will be mailed the same day.

As soon as your request comes in, I’ll send you your card (unless I’m asleep, in which case I’ll send it after I’ve used the morning memory exercise I use in place of coffee).

You can expect to receive your first postcard in about 7-10 days with a new postcard arriving at regular monthly intervals thereafter.

In case you’re wondering …

There’s No Catch

I know that there are some subscriptions that instantly renew at the end of the year by charging your credit card long after you’ve “forgotten” what the dang magazine is all about.

The World’s Most Memorable Postcard isn’t like this.

There are no hidden fees or forced continuity.

I’ll be literally sending you 12 postcards over the course of a year along with a password to a special member site and once that year is done, I’m hoping that you’ll stick with this highly personalized program for years to come.

But I need you to keep something in mind. It’s a big thing, actually.

Time Is Short And My Best Memory Tips Are Fleeting

Here’s why:

I only have so much time to go around looking for postcards and to handwrite personalized tips. As much as I’d like to do this for the thousands of people who now belong to the Magnetic Memory family, I have to limit this program to the first 31 people who respond.

In all likelihood, The World’s Most Memorable Postcard program is going to sell out immediately.

Why? Because the Magnetic Memory Method has several thousand satisfied readers and video course participants, all of whom will be getting this message at the same time you are.

And the last time I made an offer like this to the Magnetic Memory Family for a limited number of copies of an audiobook available only on CD, these were snapped up in a matter of seconds.

So yes,

Supplies Are Limited. You Need To Claim Your Subscription Now

Once 31 people have subscribed, I’m all out for the rest of the year. I also won’t be taking any orders on hold, even if some people take advantage of …

The Most Magnetic Guarantee In The World

I guarantee that you’re going to love your subscription to the The Most Memorable Postcard In The World Program that I’ll return your investment in full and keep sending you the postcards for the rest of the year anyway.

How’s that for fair?

You don’t have to send the postcards back and you won’t have to give up your password to the special website with exclusive content.

Are some people going to take advantage of this opportunity to rip me off?

Who cares? I’m here to serve.

But …

This Limited Offer Truly Will Disappear Soon So Subscribe Now Before All The Spots Are Gone


Thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anthony Metivier


Here’s a quick review in case you skimmed through the message above:

I’ll be sending you 12 postcards with incredible memory improvement tips that you can apply right away.

You’ll also get access to a special, members only website with supplementary audio and video trainings that aren’t available anywhere else.

Anyhow, this offer is very limited because I’ve only got a certain amount of time set aside to write postcards to the first 31 people who respond.

There are no hidden catches to this offer. You will not be billed again at the end of the first year or any crazy shenanigans like that.

And if you don’t like your subscription to The Most Memorable Postcard In The World, just let me know and I’ll send you your money back. No questions asked.

Click the PayPal button to subscribe now. You’re going to love it.


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